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Arona Tulk
Posted - 2011.08.16 10:56:00 - [1]

Edited by: Arona Tulk on 16/08/2011 10:56:42
93m sp pvp pilot looking for corp.

* intrested in small/medium gang pvp
* corp with decent numbers,and plenty activity in pvp
* specialized pilots in pvp
- space holding entities don't bother/done with sov warfare and cta blobs.

EU timezone

Posted - 2011.08.16 11:04:00 - [2]

Hey Arona

Check us out and if we seem like the kind of thing you are looking for give me a shout in game or here.


Takon Orlani
Excrutiating Dirge
Posted - 2011.08.17 05:19:00 - [3]

Check us out, npc space, always stuff to do.

Nakito Yakiya
Yamagata Syndicate
Posted - 2011.08.17 09:27:00 - [4]

Have a read of our recruitment thread. If your interested then contact Nakito Yakiya. Thanks.

Yamagata Recruitment

Legion of The Damned.
Posted - 2011.08.17 09:56:00 - [5]

hi Arona,

Domination could be what you are after specialist PVP corp (well thats all we do). Consistently the top killing Corp in ALLIANCE, if you can really fly your ships and know how to make full advantage of them we are the corp for you.

Null SEC Syndicate.
PVP Corp.
More Reds than Blues.
Small gangs not blob hate blob dont want to do blob again

Domination pilots are very motivated and highly skilled in SP's and PVP, we are a tight knit group who understand the Team ethos we will bring what the FC requires whether that be a Logistics,HIC, Recon, Ceptor, shield/armor B/C,B/S Captital what ever. We get the that RL must come first and that EVE is after all a game. Domi has very few rules you can pirate or not pirate up to you. All we ask is that when able you fleet up and get in gang. The main focus in Domi is fun and we hate politics.

Drop by in game channel dominate-me if this sounds of interest to you or contact filfius, nomistseb

Alliance KB

Corp Temp KB



Evil Monkey Asylum
Twisted Aggression
Posted - 2011.08.17 10:19:00 - [6]

Could Be For You

Evil Monkey Asylum

Wont hurt for you to take a look

Ministry of Destruction
Posted - 2011.08.17 10:43:00 - [7]

If u want small scale pvp then please consider us.
Ministry of Destruction is active, relaxed, mature and established.
We are low sec Pirates and we arent interested in ever trying to defend systems or deal with politics.


Give us a shout mate

Suleiman Shouaa
The Tuskers
Posted - 2011.08.17 11:17:00 - [8]

Hey Arona, if you're looking for low sec small gang PvP (<10) where we enjoy being outnumbered and outgunned, look no further - The Tuskers are recruiting!

We're a pirate corp based in Verge Vendor and highly active - our killboard speaks for itself! Notice the varied locations of the kills - we heavily prefer roaming rather than sitting on a gate all day - more likely for us to get into challenging fights rather than just ganking people (although that's fun too!).

As an example of what fights you can get into, have a look at this dozy we had a few hours ago. Originally we started off with 9 vs 15 or so, with them having 1 Carrier + 1 Dreadnought as they were bashing a POS. They kept bringing in more guys, eventually another two Carriers so we were forced off the field. Reshipping to a neut heavy setup (3 Curses + 1 Scimitar + rest DPS) we went back in whilst calling any friends we had for more DPS. Lost more ships due to their higher numbers - now 20 or so with several Amarr Battleships.

Eventually, they left the field, fearing a hotdrop since it had been 2 hours since we landed. Many gfs shared around!

For more information, check our recruitment thread here or feel free to join our Public Channel - "The Tuskers Public Channel" and see what we're like.


Akamaru Koragu
Appetite 4 Destruction
Posted - 2011.08.17 12:11:00 - [9]

A4D might be the place for you; we’re a decent sized pvp corp that specialise in small to medium gang warfare. We don't do the blob thing or bother with sov holding. We presently live in curse but will go on 'holidays' if the area gets to blobby or quite.

We have very good logistics and have a well stocked corp market to boot.

We are EU to US time zone (and we have lots of Scots, which can only be a good thing)

Check out our Killboard so see what we've been up to recently

This is our Forum post if you want more information.

You can get in touch by joining our public channel A4D Bar or just convo one of us, if we're not busy killing things we'll be happy to talk to you.


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