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Nubs Queen
Posted - 2011.08.16 06:24:00 - [1]

Edited by: Nubs Queen on 16/08/2011 06:31:36
I like the idea of squads and fleet bonus going with it but I think there should be more to it too. Like "Flying Formation" with presets.

For example, in good sci-fi movies we see fleets of intercepters hanging around in formations, flying at equal distance, with for example the squad leader leading the flying formation. In Eve it's more like...well...Squad commanders would tell the intercepters, engage this targets, then the pilots decides to do as they please like, well I will keep at range or, I will orbit, approach is kinda messy too... Like there is no organisation...

Even CCP knows a formation should be like in a good sci-Fi movie because even them makes their video teasers with ships that "ARE IN FLYING FORMATION", because it's more realist and spectacular.

So here is the system I suggest, the squad commander choose the presets of the formation for his squad members. For example, he choose how is the formation deployed, giving a form to the formation. He then presets a base speed and trust for ships, controlling the accelerations of the ships. The squad leader should know his squad members, and be able to choose the presets with this knowledge so that everyone can fly in the formation. He should understand also that it will depends of the ship his squad members are flying. So once the squad presets are done, every squad members are free to hit enter formation or leave formation. Once in the formation the squad leader takes control on the squad movements and if a member exit the formation or his trown out of formation(for example the member gets webbed and thus, is physically ejected from the squad flying formation(but he remains on the squad, he just went outside the flying formation)). Each members in the flying formation have control over all their modules, this is not to be controlled by the squad leader. So this add more tactics in the game, you can be in no formation or in formation. Many players are asking for changements into pvp, for example, in the ewarfare, but in my opinion, there is also adjustment to do to take more advantage of remote gang modules like tracking links and shield transporters, e-warfare counter remote eccm, and even new modules that could be likely to be well used into flying formations.

Furthermore, many peoples are also asking for better gang bonuses. You could add skills for these instead of just boosting them. Skill books for Flying Formations. For example, in a kind of formation you get increased effectiveness of some warfare modules or positive remote modules, or boost on agility, tracking speed, etc...

The squad leader could for example learn a skill named "Squad Formation Basics". This skillbook depending on the level of the squad leader would allow the squad leader to use for example a "FORMATION CO-PROCESSOR item that can be loaded with a "FORMATION SCRIPT". This is the module that would allow his squad members to enter formations.

There could then be scripts for interceptor formation, e warfare formation, recon formation.

Each kind of script would then require skill books.

For example: "INTERCEPTOR FORMATIONS" Having a level into this skill would then allow the script to be loaded into the formation CO-Processor and Each level would increased the squad formation bonus by 100%. An exemple of interceptor bonus on a script could be:
"2% agility bonus and 2% warp speed bonus" Such a bonus would perfectly fit the purpose of a squad of interceptor isn't it?


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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