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Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.08.15 17:09:00 - [1]

Edited by: Revan Neferis on 15/08/2011 17:23:36
In times of political delights and the thrills of wars once again I'm reminded that the Universe strives for equilibrium, and time must be shared and dedicated to other areas of life which also makes us capsuleers still human in whatever sense we want to be.

This week I was reminded that years ago something very important happened, which became a tradition to many of us.
Time has always been so relative to me and so contrary to what others tend to think of it that it never really stroke me the fact that it has been around 2191 days since Jacqueline and I first announced our commitment as lovers to the public with the famous of the First Resort Parties, the Arabian Nights.
On that occasion, during the toasts and heat of the festivities, I had promised to make such celebration year after year, while our love would last. I still smile when one of our enemies at those times issued his famous sentence:

"I'm thinking of putting up a betting pool to see who can guess how long this will last. Anyone interested? I'm personally hovering around 2-3 months."

My response to that was "Time will tell" and I must confess that if i would have taken the bet, the card: " years and ongoing" would have been the last of my choices. My relationship with Jade is one of the true unexpected miracles of this Universe, very contrary to all my orderly senses and my somehow distaste for long time attachments. But love came and dictated its rules above all, and here we are , 2191 nights later still together, still in love and still ready to celebrate another public cycle.

The Universe has changed a lot since our first night and so have we, as capsuleers navigating through these waves of time itself. On my side, I have seen countless wars, I have created them, lost count of how many deaths I have been responsible for in the process of working the engines of wars to the point it ceased to matter. Wars became just matters of harvesting resources, drying them and passing to the next victim.
In turn, Eve became much more political, with the decrease of good political leaders, the scope of influence of those holding it became enormous. Suddenly the wars were not only made at space anymore but also with influence on markets and associations.
Finances started to be the determinant point of the matter and the high circles of influence in New Eden dominated by those who could fast reach the trillion mark on their wallets.

All this was called "natural evolution" and its on this new scenario that Jacqueline and I find ourselves celebrating again a new season of our love.
The first of my parties occurred in times where ideals and dreams were still the highlight of our lives: we were both revolutionaries, I had just raised against the Empire on the famous Amarrian civil wars or Verisum wars as it became known and Jade was very engaged on her fight against Caldari State.
Yet, we found not only time but will to pursue our passions and desires side by side.

Nowadays, we find ourselves celebrating in a very foreign Universe from the one we first kissed, I'm not the revolutionary anymore and time has made me a banker, a power broker in an Universe where my decisions are coldly calculated and motivated not by idealism but Power, Isk and associations alone.
In the process, I have lost the capacity to be impressed by things that once caused me awe, we all remember our first battleship and our first wars and first 100 billion, and first titan and first time we conquered a Tech moon but after the process of novelty ends, just the repetition of the mechanical process remains to be done.

Yet, as I find myself on that cold, calculated office playing chess with the Universe and smoking expensive cigars with my investors and watching the profits of war on the emotionless monitors dictating only numbers, all the perfect mechanics of my Universe crumbles still as my lover enters the office.

Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.08.15 17:10:00 - [2]

Edited by: Revan Neferis on 15/08/2011 17:48:26
It is one of the single moments when numbers starts to fade and I feel something beating inside my chest that i could swear it wasn't there before. People know it as "Heart" on its most poetic terms. Jacqueline seems to be the only capsuleer in this Universe who I still can look at and see with eyes of emotion. She moves me and she is the only link between me and anything remaining slightly human inside.
She disturbs me and saves me at the time.
And so this cosmic dance continues on and on as if the Universe itself has dictated it shall remain so for eternity.

At our last meeting this Friday at the Opera, one of my investors raised the question " and why do any of us need a heart in the Universe we live nowadays, controlled just by number assessments " and although I can't point him an objective answer as to why, I do know that these single moments that I feel it beating at the presence of my lover still dictates my very will to experience life as it is and the main core, major motivation of everything I still do in this Universe.

At one of her communications here my lover used the following sentence to express her feelings:

"I would kill for this love. I would murder, I would steal, and I would wreck and destroy or raise miracles of my hands and voice without qualm or question. I am lost, I am adrift; I am without a home or destination. I dream of the double-helix of stars in pain and torments without number yet still and endlessly, without sleep or redemption, I love.
Love that transformed, love that burned, love that tormented and despoiled, inspired and revealed, and love that would change me beyond shadowed wonder
To heaven and hell for eternity and beyond
my angel and my devil, my love and my muse

Revan Neferis"

Looking back at that sentence, I feel that I never really gave to it the propper reply as the poetic context escaped me, but now I have seen what it really means and I can say for sure that it's mutual , always have been.

My time right now is quite hectic with too many dealings planetside to allow me a huge party preparation as it has been the tradition of our years celebration. To adapt to this still not letting the tradition pass undone, I'll invite you to an informal celebration to be conducted within the Opera Underground VIP area where we will spend some time together reminding us that we can still breathe a little fresh air of humanity in celebrations of something else that does not involve deaths and isk at the end of the day.

Guest list will be announced at our mail lists and I'll personally send you an invitation too. Party will be closed doors, you will receive your pass security card together with your invitation and Your pass security card will come with a personal gift, a Bhaalgorn battleship class to be given to each of my guests named " Eternity " in celebration to love that can never fade, and a reminder that some things are constant in this Universe.

I'll see you soon.

Revan Neferis
Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign
Sani Sabik

Valerie Valate
Church of The Crimson Saviour
Posted - 2011.08.15 17:34:00 - [3]

congratulations on the longevity of your relationship.

Xavier Fate
Eleutherian Guard
Posted - 2011.08.15 18:47:00 - [4]

I congratulate you on your continuing relationship.

it is nice to see something happy posted here in the IGS. The constant drone of repeated arguments tends to become rather dull to read over.

Many happy returns to both you and yours.

General Stargazer
Posted - 2011.08.15 19:48:00 - [5]

Edited by: General Stargazer on 15/08/2011 19:58:37
Congratulations Revan, this is something any pilot should be proud of, as well as one of those momments to look back on as a happy thought.

I also celebrate my anniversaries in such fashion and wish you many great memories for your party as well as your continued existence, together.

Triskelion Ouroboros
Posted - 2011.08.15 20:29:00 - [6]

Edited by: Qansh on 15/08/2011 20:51:43
Edited by: Qansh on 15/08/2011 20:51:16
Since I first saw that the two of you were together, I knew that I had found the perfect expression of the Pillars of Being. Seriously.

So, please allow me to stand up, somewhat drunken and wobbly, and exclaim --

"O ye Twin Warriors of Command and Judgement, I, in my dubious role as nobody-in-particular, do hereby dub thee

'[la-de-dah-de-nah-nah-nah] the World!' and 'Who the Hell are You?'!"

(Now if there were only some way for me to sign on to both of you without tearing myself apart... and god-forbid that the equilibrium you represent ever itself falls apart).


P.S., I think this is my roundabout, much too abstract, occasional-philosopher's way of saying congratulations. You guys rock.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2011.08.16 00:20:00 - [7]

Under a flint-grey sky pocked with darkening clouds an immortal is bleeding to death. Civilian clothing tattered by pursuit and flechette rounds, she breathes quickly, hyperventilating in reaction to the medical nanotechnology struggling to repair the flesh damage while viral counteragents fight a hundred rearguard actions against the spreading biowar contagion beachheads from each point of deadly impact.

Implants are already compromised, mind-state crystal spiked “unrecoverable” and the green-eyed fugitive has the distinct impression the semi-AI diagnostic nodes in custom genetics are refusing to meet her virtual gaze as they mumble meaningless statistics and critical path failures as the invading protean-icosahedral structures inhibit repair functionality across all biomorphic spectrums.

Rolling painfully unto her back she looks across the street and grits her teeth to stifle a very human cry of pain noting the singularly ineffective medi-coagulation around multiple flechette wounds to the belly and thighs drenching the emerald kakeeda-silk sari beneath the antique freespacer flight jacket as her lips mouth urgent whispered commands:

“orbital relay diagnostic”
“no function”
“tight beam emergency beacon”
“power loss”
“quantum entanglement key”

Breathing harder now she continues to subvocalise crisis codes and secondary memstate keys:

“backup status parallel?”
“isolate prime mindstate”
“update prime state to quarantine spike”
“insufficient power”
“prepare core wipe and reset ...”
“cancel cancel”

Eyes flicker back down the street across the industrial district in the gathering darkness, no city lights as yet. The viral-seed-needles inside her body are hot-wires, agonizing and only partially damped by the combat endorphin/psychotropic’s coursing erratically from dying glands. This is impossible. No contact with the ship or black cell command and control, no tight beam, quantum backup disabled.

This is it, she’s really going to die here, right on this street shot down by StatePro bullyboys breaking up the Space and Freedom Party meeting an hour earlier. How very mundane. End singular fork/reset core, blackness and void.

“Prepare core wipe and reset...”

She can’t see the stars. That’s no way to check out.

It was a routine contact mission. Meet and greet, fraternal associations, handshakes with the grassroots and baseline party members. Duureanta colony, Harroule IV had fallen to Heth’s militias a month ago and Fraction Black Cells were working with local Space and Freedom party to build momentum for resistance on the ground. Everything went to plan, at first. Bright-eyed insurgents and Intaki independence leaders, khuska-farmers and factory workers of Vaashnapoor city met and pledged comradely oaths. We supplied them with logistics and communications technology, firearms and triage-tech, covert orbital relays and tactical consultancy.

Then the raid: airburst electo-magnetic pulse to disrupt link to orbit; a company of StatePro shock troops who shouldn’t even have been on-world, and a massacre of lightly-armed civilians and party workers with indiscriminate firing into the crowds careless of collateral mortality. And then it really began to feel personal with vat-grown biowar viral munitions customized to shut down quantum key recognition at the genetic level...

In other words, an assassination.

“Prepare core wipe and reset.”

It’s easy to die. Trigger the chemical bomb in the forebrain and end it all. Sure these memories are lost but somewhere in space a dozen light-years away your clade-sister will awaken and external continuity ensured. This branch of the tree is lost, but immortality continues.


It’s not so easy to die without a word.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2011.08.16 00:20:00 - [8]

She reaches down across her body damp with blood and brings up the slim firearm to sight along the street. Holo-readout confirms 95% charge and a copious stock of slicer resin. As an anti-personal weapon it’s stylish and handy, but of only limited use against powered combat armour truth be told. But better gleaming impracticality and poetic chutzpah than dying in pool of one’s corroding inner organs right?

“Who am I kidding? I really don’t want to die.”

Nothing, no movement; just distant explosions from the warehouse district – it seems the invaders are not having it all their own way tonight. But still no stars, just ambivalent encroaching darkness and no tight-beam stabbing down from orbit to rush this broken body into medical-gel and nanotech salvation, still, one can always hope.

“Public Galnet, Summit.”

She almost laughs at the impulse but the pain in her breached chest cavity sets her coughing up blood as knuckles whiten on the trigger-guard for long moments before the endorphine glands catch up with demand and delirious release lets her drift above agonizing centrist perceptions for a dozen heartbeats.

“2191 and counting – Reven Neferis”

She listens, simple broadcast, public no encryption. And somewhere else in space her lover speaks of ancient times and wars and parties and hope and wonder. Arabian Nights and celebrations, betting pools and wonder and strangeness and under these darkening skies bleeding out to a lonely death she still feels the kinship and love for her distant demigod.

And yes, much has changed. For many wars did become devalued and crass, politics for the sake of venal profits, ideals surrendered, dreams stripped down and rendered for raw materials and influence itself irrelevant as the ambitions of immortals were squandered and reduced to the visions of quarrelling, squabbling children fighting over toys in the sandbox.

Financial domination and natural evolution and the death of revolutions, listening now to Lady Revan speaking of how she lost her revolution and grew bored of everything but the heart-dead investors and talking heads and cruel ghosts of corporate autocracy that played games of vicious deceit for no purpose whatsoever.

“Prepare core wipe and reset.”

Maybe I should die. This universe is corrupted and venal, full of half-alive things that can scarcely perceive the beauty and originality and wonder of life and freedom. Perhaps the custom viral-forms and cascade cancers spreading from the flechette wounds are a mercy.

“Prepare core wipe and reset.”
“Confirm Y/N?”

But even in these moments of pain and defeat. Waiting for a surer death, I know she is more than she admits to herself. She is not dead to beauty and freedom. She is no creature of mock-finance and corporate-boasting. She is not the monster of chrome and metal, not the archetype of sneering-rich monocle-wearing plutocrat incapable of feeling or dreams. I know better. I have seen this woman in her loneliness and her fears and her moments of loss and distance and I have tasted her tears and kissed the life back into her eyes and tasted the breath of one is so much more than petty-isk-broker to the idealistically-bankrupt.

“Confirm Y/N?”
“Warning viral contagion will impact core systems architecture in 90 seconds.”
“Confirm Y/N?”

I would kill for this love, I would murder, and so would she.
I would steal and wreck and destroy and so we have.
I would raise miracles just to see them reflected in her eyes.
Love and the double helix of stars, dreams without sleep or redemption, transformation, torment, inspiration and revelation, shadowed wonder and the heaven and hell of muse and yearning combined.

Jade Constantine
Jericho Fraction
The Star Fraction
Posted - 2011.08.16 00:22:00 - [9]

I smile (painfully) as my limbs begin to seize up in the necrotic-paralysis of invading contaminants and my medical diagnostics inform of imminent renal system collapse while presenting first order assessment of RNA cytoplasmic attack vectors.

I file the data by reflex but realize it will be gone with the rest of my personality in 60 seconds.

“Prepare core wipe and reset.”
“Confirm Y/N?”

I can’t help but laugh again, doubling up now in agony muted beneath the endorphin-rush of final-release subdermal glands as I see my lover promise Bhaalgorn class battleships to the guests for celebration like so many cocktail glasses from the bar. What I wouldn’t give right now for the sight of such a ship descending from the stratosphere with landing craft beneath the blaze of area laser weaponry.

My angel and my devil, the woman I love and yearn for, and the symbol of all in this galaxy I oppose. For me the worlds of high finance and power politics and dry motivations rustling archly across dry hearts and artificial eyes mean nothing. I love those eyes when they have wept for me. I love that heart when it beats and when the laughter comes rich and honest and human.

I want to dance across the skies of Pleides with this woman. If only I could see a single star with my eyes right now.

“System compromised”
“Integrity failing”
“Prepare core wipe and reset.”
“Confirm Y/N?”

I can’t even feel my fingers and the gun falls from my grip as my thoughts are lighter than air and eyes roll back in their sockets and I seem to see myself perspective removed, laying in a spreading pool of contaminated blood breeding swift generations of statepro trademarked assault viroforms.

2191 days makes six years and means we met a year before we met my love, perhaps we did. Perhaps we met in dreams and our dreams made reality fold and obey our innermost desires and yearnings. I always loved your insanity with numbers and resolute refusal to obey the order of logic.

In truth you never stopped being a revolutionary in your way and I wonder if that is my salvation by strange adventure. So yes 2191 days it is. And a toast to our love and kiss to you wherever you are my perilous desire.

“Confirm Y/N”

And there at last I see the first star of the evening above Vaashnapoor; bright and clear reflecting the last rays of the sunlight in the ionosphere almost as if it’s descending to take my last breath away to you.

“Confirmation denied.”


Executive Officer Reporting –

“JFS Cassini” – Loki Class Strategic Cruiser
Harroule System – Harroule IV – 00:10 local time

+++ Operative located/recovered/in medical stasis
+++ Genoform compromised/transferred to intensive care for transport to Black Plan.
+++ Hostile Presence CRD 2204:0312 recommends infowar protocols/disruption.
+++ Note. QuKey failure, Subspace Ent failure. No tight beam signal. Operative located via fluidcom router backtrace. “sometimes posting on galnet is good for the health”. /exec LsN.

Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.08.16 04:52:00 - [10]

Originally by: Valerie Valate
congratulations on the longevity of your relationship.

Appreciated Lady.

Revan Neferis
Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign
Sani Sabik

Michael Bross
Masuat'aa Matari
Posted - 2011.08.16 05:22:00 - [11]

Lady Neferis, Ms. Constantine,

My congratulations to you on your time together. It warms the heart to see two friends so happy in each others company. I wish you another six years of such bliss. There is only one happiness in life, to love and to be loved.

Nakal Ashera
Posted - 2011.08.16 06:54:00 - [12]

My commendations on your enduring relationship in spite of changing times.

It is said that love is selfish, and indeed, this is a great truth; No other force saps so greatly from ones contribution to a greater good, or evil, or any cause one might take up. And yet, it is often forgotten that it gives back in turn, adding - or merely creating the illusion of - meaning, where none overwise exists. And more then that, it is a great anchor, that keep one bound to ones pursuits, rather then slowly drifting further and further from them.

Though logic dictates that the eternity you hope for will eventually prove fleeting, I nonetheless hope that you may continue to enjoy your love for as long as your fortunes permit you to do so.

Revan Neferis
Propaganda Due
Posted - 2011.08.16 10:57:00 - [13]

Edited by: Revan Neferis on 16/08/2011 11:10:05
Originally by: Xavier Fate
I congratulate you on your continuing relationship.

it is nice to see something happy posted here in the IGS. The constant drone of repeated arguments tends to become rather dull to read over.

Many happy returns to both you and yours.

Appreciated Mr Xavier, we must never diverge focus of what really matter to us.
Business at space can revolve around pure daily routines but there is so much more to life and those of us who can experience it should never forget to celebrate it too.

Revan Neferis
Thrice-Illustrious Sovereign
Sani Sabik


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