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Utremi Fasolasi
La Dolce Vita
Posted - 2011.08.20 19:00:00 - [61]

Originally by: Bloodpetal

I would like to summon upon a Devblog I remember reading about the opportunity for players to create Deadspace complexes for themselves - however I dug through 5 years of devblogs and can't seem to find the damned thing.

So just pretend it existed, and I'm not just crazy.



The ability to setup some kind of Deadspace for yourself would be a "home".

This could become like "space housing", but really it should be something more than that- a place to setup as a hide out, a place to even create player driven challenges and opportunities.

The opportunity to build your own small environment outside of a 15B isk Outpost would be the definition of home.

It can be found, it can be destroyed, but it would be somewhere that even a nomadic person can go, setup a few well tucked away DED spots and then use them as havens. One day he can come back and it has been ransacked and destroyed, etc.

I think the danger here is when you have 10k players in null sec, you're going to get many of them who are just going to do it, and you end up with the space version of urban sprawl. So, limitations must definitely be established, but also the chances for a player to setup a nook and a place to set up a hide out.

This works as content both ways.

I don't think the tools should be competitive with a POS at all. So there should be no "ship maintenance array" or "corporate hangar". A very modestly sized storage facility, enough to hold some ammo, a few tools, and some loot. You don't get to change your fittings in space here.

If Outposts are 100 Story Sky sc****rs, and POS' are Residential Houses, DED Hide Outs are camping tents, and your ship is a winnebago.

Please visit your user settings to re-enable images.

I'm sure the idea was scrapped for very good reasons if the Blog ever existed. I can see many issues with it specifically. However, take a look back and see if there's a way to fit something, that would be simple using existing assets to create this.

I see the same assets being used as from missions - the residential quarters, the ship platform, etc to create player DED sites.

Maybe even have a "mercenary" building that provides some NPCs that can be defensive.

I know it seems a massive difference - but it would add to the ability to flesh out your system to allow more players to operate in that zone and more places for players to hunt others down.

Imagine it this way... now instead of it being, Star, Planets, Moon, Station, Stargates, with a lot of emptiness in between...

Now that space in between becomes a viable environment created by players that provides content for other players, and requires little to no Development time, using basic tools and assets already available.

This sounds awesome, especially like a structure where you can house hired NPC mercenaries to help with defense some, like fighters for a carrier. And a few drone sentries, and maybe it attracts a few rogue drones if you don't keep it inhabited and cleared out, they build up over time, or pirates will move in and take it over. In effect creating deadspace zones of player invested "mission" like or complex content that has to be maintained. It could be fun to probe down and sneak into these and try to steal some of the assets from the players.

Or possibly some systems in a constellation have a limited number of pre-existing deadspaces with gates that can be probed out, and there is a hacking mechanic to access them and gain or retain control. But if you can lock the gate then you can create some kind of sense of "home" within a landscape, with a few spooky cracked rocks or strange old wrecks lying about. The hacking could create a "key". And warnings that someone is attempting to hack in might be involved, etc.

This might fall somewhat under the small holding category too though.

Utremi Fasolasi
La Dolce Vita
Posted - 2011.08.20 19:06:00 - [62]

Originally by: Drizden D'Urden
So mining, solo pve, small gang pvp, large gang pvp, or manufacturing are all mute points

Good post. But. The word you are looking for here is "moot".

Mute said like myoot means unable to speak or silent, Moot means "irrelevant" (USA) or "debatable" (UK).

Bob Niac
freelancers inc
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2011.08.21 17:05:00 - [63]

First .. a few questions.

Are we still at a point where altering game mechanics to include a second or third outpost is not feasible?

What ever happened to the idea of anchoring sentries or NPC "mercs" to structures such as gates and outposts in 0.0?

Personally, to me home is a space that has all I want to be comfortable. If CCP wants 0.0 to feel larger and Alliances to stick to smaller areas, we need to be able to have at least one system where we have a saturation of resources. A capital for the alliance, as it were.

I don't think alliances would be foolish enough to put up multiple stations in any system, but with the supercap situation, I would not be entirely surprised. This should be something special if it gets to TQ. So we need to have a way to de-activate tertiary assets, and to possibly limit it to 1 per constellation.

Wrecking Shots
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2011.08.21 21:03:00 - [64]

I've seen some really cool ideas in this thread for "home". To me home is a captains quarters-like area in a station. Let's say I decide to take up residence in some fairly quiet low sec station. I then click on an option that says this is my home station. This unlocks some features normally not available in the current or near-future CQ. What features? I dunno. Maybe placement of novelty items, wall coverings, etc. Possibly only allow one "home" to be active at any time. Make it so you can discover some decor items in space, some on the regular market through manufacturing and maybe some in the NEX store. Maybe a corpse display case? YARRRR!!

I don't think outposts should be destructible. I like what someone suggested about using NPC's to get your stuff if you get booted from the station. Just in case your "home" happened to be some outpost located in Delve. Interbus, a decent though not prohibitive fee and maybe some mechanic that checks to be sure you're not in that alliance or corp.

Bob Niac
freelancers inc
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2011.08.22 00:28:00 - [65]

Personally, I would rather see a "Secure Courier" option. Something like UPS or FedEX does where you pay a deductible and you insure your shipment.

Posted - 2011.08.22 01:08:00 - [66]

For as long as I have played this game, CCP has been trying to get EVERYBODY into 0.0.
Some players are not interested, I spent 2 1/2 years of my playing time in 0.0 space, and net net, I made nothing and almost left the game as a result of it. Now, I live in a WH with a few close friends, I am happy and love the life style and freedom.
It is not PVP I don't like (but that is an issue for some). It's the big allience politics and my playing style. I like solo or small groups, I started as a miner and was very happy (poor but very happy) in hi-sec.
So first, CCP SOME GUYS LIKE HI-SEC, learn to live with it, and develop content for that as well.
Second, I suggest FREEPORTS in places run by NPC's to allow safe spots to run too when things get crazy.

Dex Nederland
Lai Dai Infinity Systems
Posted - 2011.08.22 04:27:00 - [67]

The following would have impacts beyond creating a feeling of "Home," like rewarding local knowledge, emergent "terrain", rewarding investment with value/control, and rewarding time, localism, thought, investment, & teamwork.

1) Change the directional scanner range dependent on a ship's scan resolution.

2) Only objects within a ship's directional scanner range appear on the overview/screen.

3) Objects have object beacons which can appear on the overview/screen regardless of directional scanner range.

4) Bookmarks are an option to appear on the overview and appear regardless of directional scanner range.

5) Fleets
a) In Fleets, designated Scouts' or Squadron Commanders' directional scan range (which ever is higher) is used for the Wing (to which a Scout is assigned) or Squadron respectively.
b) An object "marked" by another member of the fleet appears on everyone's overview.

6) Sovereignty
a) A system sovereignty holder can set a system's object beacon status to the following settings: Off, Alliance, Standings-Based, All. The TCU must be upgraded with "Beacon Control" upgrade in order to do so (1-time ISK cost).
b) Off: No object beacons transmit their presence and the only way to warp to an object is to get it within your directional scanner range. Systems that no one has sovereignty in default to Off.
c) Alliance: Only those within the alliance can see the object beacons.
d) Standings based: Only those with sufficient standings can see the object beacons.
e) All: Everyone can see all object beacons for which their overview is setup. High-Security and Low-Security space default to All.

This reduces the speed of movement in unfamiliar, unplanned territory. It also rewards teamwork and planning for almost any in-space action. It rewards investment low-end ISK investment in a system. It encourages locals to develop Bookmarks for objects and areas around important objects.

Posted - 2011.08.22 12:20:00 - [68]

You should be able to have your own bar in a nullsec station you own/have an office in.

In fact, perhaps you should be able to upgrade your corp office to be what you like... Could be a public, shaggy bar where your drunkard friends laugh over your latest roam, or some kind of private, heavily secured military complex, complete with maps of the region (Where directors can point and click to make figures and movements... maybe with maquettes to show ship movements (moved around by players, not by server means or anything))

Lots of things can be done to make your home feel like... well, home.


Not exactly for this thing, but still relevant..
I want to be able to do the following with walking in stations:
- Arm wrestling
- Poker

well, u can imagine some other bar games, but poker would be awesome... check out Test Drive Unlimited 2 for inspiration.

Zey Nadar
Unknown Soldiers
Posted - 2011.08.22 13:36:00 - [69]

Originally by: CCP Greyscale
This set of threads exist to collect feedback for the separate parts of the devblog "Nullsec Development: Design Goals", which can be found here.

This thread is about: HOME

Please read the blog and give specific feedback on this area of the blog. The more precise, reasoned and comprehensive you can be, the better we can utilize your feedback Smile

The concept depicted in the paragraph only bring one thing into my mind: NPC station. I want the 'home' to be something I know will be there still when I log back first time after a couple weeks of being busy with IRL work. Permanence creates sense of security. Security is the main thing I want from a home. No matter the size of a nullsec alliance, I will never consider a nullsec outpost to be truly 'a home'.

Bob Niac
freelancers inc
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2011.08.23 04:56:00 - [70]

Edited by: Bob Niac on 23/08/2011 04:58:20
So you are saying you would like CCP to loosen docking restrictions? Let characters dock anywhere? Would be interesting, and would add another level to having to keep the delinquents off one's lawn / doorstep....

Solve a lot of problems, create a whole set of new ones. To be fair, NPC stations still let you dock, even if you are shoot on sight, right?

Zey Nadar
Unknown Soldiers
Posted - 2011.08.23 11:26:00 - [71]

Not really, I dont want the docking restrictions to be removed but rather the systems allowing a way to circumvent them.

And also that the concept of "home" in nullsec is pretty much moot. Even if you might give us some fancy wallpapers for the captain's quarters.. Im pretty sure thats what this topic implies..
A.) If its in exchange for aurum you can stick it where the sun doesn't shine
B.) Because of reasons mentioned in my previous post the nullsec station wont feel like home regardless what you do.

Nasty Pope Holding Corp
Talocan United
Posted - 2011.08.23 13:01:00 - [72]

I'm not sure you can create a sense of 'home' through mechanics.

The idea of 'home' is more of a field than a point - for example for most of us our 'home' consists of our house or flat and then expands out to comprise our local area (neighbourhood, town, district, country and so forth).

Most importantly it comprises of the layers of community in which we exist and socialise.

Having said that I could envisage an EVE where a central Alliance bastion (fort/keep) is surrounded by smaller hamlets that consist of 'smallholdings'. The POS serves this purpose, but not particularly well (being difficult to move, time consuming to set up and fuel) and generally ill suited to the small corp / solo player.


Posted - 2011.08.23 15:32:00 - [73]

Edited by: Meditril on 23/08/2011 15:33:08
Edited by: Meditril on 23/08/2011 15:32:25
Implement an automatic payment mechanism for good standings.

In detail:

  • Allow an alliance to officially announce a price for being marked as blue by them. For example 1 Mio ISK per day per player

  • Allow each player who is neutral to that alliance to apply for being marked as blue.

  • A members of the alliance with the role 'Diplomat' can accept or reject such kind of applications. Alliances can also set auto-accept on if they want.

  • Once such an application is accepted for the player he will be set automatically to blue to the Alliance as long as the contract exists. The player is charged once a day if he enters a low-sec or 0.0 system with an alliance member for the first time. (So he will be not charged if he stays in high-sec.) His contract will be automatically voided if he aggresses an alliance member first.

  • Players can cancel their contract any time.

  • Alliance can cancel the contract only for the next day.

Results of this would be:

  1. Players can easly gain standing towards alliances in 0.0 / low-sec and therefore can work there much easier

  2. Players can feel much saver in 0.0 / low-sec if they have contracts with major local alliances.

  3. Alliances get an easy/hassle-free income for their protection services.

  4. Alliances have an incentive to make their space attractive for renters.

  5. Alliances have an incentive to roam around and secure their space to make sure that people are charged.

Russell Casey
Posted - 2011.08.23 22:13:00 - [74]

Home is where you logoff for the night.Rolling Eyes

Zey Nadar
Unknown Soldiers
Posted - 2011.08.23 22:34:00 - [75]

Originally by: Russell Casey
Home is where you logoff for the night.Rolling Eyes

In your ship? I would like to walk-inside-ship. :D

Sweet Clyde
Test Alliance Please Ignore
Posted - 2011.08.24 23:42:00 - [76]

Every system should have some sort of monument with the system history interactively encoded. It would function like a trophy for the sov holders, "this alliance hold this system from august 8. to september 22." You should be able to click on this monument to access past and present sov data, shown in a neat map style, something like the vérité maps. It should hold a record of the great fleet fights, and people should be able to comment on these and write their annecdotes, moderated perhaps by a voting system like that on and with filtering options to show comments from one side of the battle or the other, such that you can follow your own political interests. I want to feel the history of EVE, that's what makes it interesting, that's the purpose of a single shard server. The history of NOL-M9 for example is great, but not many know it because the resources are so strongly biased and scattered across the web. If you want people to fight over fictive internet space, at least document and exhibit the glory of the victors, in a way that everyone can access and is somewhat politically neutral. In game.

Orin Leo
Posted - 2011.08.25 02:53:00 - [77]

Edited by: Orin Leo on 25/08/2011 02:55:58
Edited by: Orin Leo on 25/08/2011 02:55:35
Since I live in a WH I'd like to see a few things that could make the idea of "Home" even more homey.

1)Customization of POS textures to put a corp logo or "spray" on the side of our POS's and maybe even POS modules.

2)The ability to put multiple POS's on the same moon. Not necessarily within gun range though, that would be defensibly overpowered. It would be awesome to have your buddy's POS within view of your own.

3)Add the ability to land on a planet. What could be more home feeling than setting your feet on solid ground for the first time in EVE?


Khy Delacourt
Posted - 2011.08.25 03:44:00 - [78]

I'd like to add my 2 two cents to the mix. Home like others have said before me implies to alot a safe place of relaxation and comfort.

Now I am a care bear, did about a month in null recently on my main. It was kinda fun and interesting but really wasn't for me. The alliance I had joined was a decent bunch of guys, but I am at heart a solo player. I have toons capable of almost any thing in eve at this point. So I log in when I feel like it, mabey mine or explore, mabey go research something or manu something.

Would I like to spend more time in low and null, sure.

Will I, probably never.

Logistically it is just to damn daunting. First you have to get through the pirate low secs. Avoiding Gate camps and all that fun stuff. As a solo player most likely I will get 3 jumps in before I get gang ****d.

And even if I were to make it to a decent null sec system, what am I going to do. The system is probably already owned and I show up as red. No place to dock or store stuff, no place where I can safely store what I am not willing to risk.

From what I have read and researched you would like more of us to move into low or null and make a home there. But with the huge Alliances, the low sec pirates, and the fact that there is no where for us small and solo players to set up shop. And even if there was, there is no place we can store things without the risk of it being blown to hell or falling behind enemy lines with no way to get it out. HOME in null sec space is just not realistic.

Some people have thrown some very nice ideas that might tempt a player like me. Personal garages and dead space pockets. hiring NPC Mercs to defend your stuff and help against small gangs take advantage of you being by yourself.

But personally, till I know I can at least jump through a gate without landing in a nuet/tackle/gang **** situation. Till I know I can at least dock and undock at a station without being insta-gibbed. You'll drive me out of the game before you drive me out of high sec. I am not asking for a safe null or low sec, I am just asking to be able to go to them without getting gibbed first jump out of empire. At the very least I always thought low sec should have been gate and station Concorded with the belts, anom, planets, moons and dead space pockets as fair game.

And unless you are going to address those issues Home is irrelevent for a large portion of your player base.

Posted - 2011.08.25 08:24:00 - [79]

Edited by: Sjugar on 25/08/2011 08:24:19
I have a bit of trouble with the notion of home.

The reasoning goes a bit like: you conquer a bit of space and call it home.

That's not how it works currently. Currently it goes like: you pay the guy who conquered it a good deal of isk and then you can have some space you can call home. By that time the conquerors have long gone to a new area of conflict.

The people actually living and exploiting those 0.0 systems are not the same as the people taking them.

Cygnet Lythanea
World Welfare Works Association
Posted - 2011.08.25 11:00:00 - [80]

Originally by: banton
For as long as I have played this game, CCP has been trying to get EVERYBODY into 0.0.
Some players are not interested, I spent 2 1/2 years of my playing time in 0.0 space, and net net, I made nothing and almost left the game as a result of it. Now, I live in a WH with a few close friends, I am happy and love the life style and freedom.
It is not PVP I don't like (but that is an issue for some). It's the big allience politics and my playing style. I like solo or small groups, I started as a miner and was very happy (poor but very happy) in hi-sec.
So first, CCP SOME GUYS LIKE HI-SEC, learn to live with it, and develop content for that as well.
Second, I suggest FREEPORTS in places run by NPC's to allow safe spots to run too when things get crazy.


Greyscale, why do the devs always fall back to the 'herd everyone into low/null sec' idea when they hit a creative roadblock? This is the...fifth time, by my count. The carebears, casual players, and about half the alliance players will be opposed to it, the pirates and about half the alliance players will be all for it. I've set up bases in high sec, low sec, null sec, WH space, drone space, and if I could have sailed to Jove Space, I'd probably have had a POS there too at some point.

And I still call high sec 'home'.

There's a basic reason, it's been brought up by about a dozen people so far, but I'll underline it: 'home' is not a war zone. People do not feel 'at home' when, at any time, they could come under fire. Ask any soldier. You might get used to it, in a way, but it ain't home.

For some reason, you seem to think that combat 'stops' in nullsec, that the combat rolls on to some other area. This is laughable. While, yes, if you are alert, quick, lucky, and have a prepared defensive position to fall back to at a moment's notice, you can survive there, for a while, but eventually your number will be up. The only reason that every system in null doesn't glow red is that many of them simply have no one in them other then the occasional CAP of cloaked stealths looking to ruin someone's day or some coverts looking to drop fifty carriers on someone.

While I'm aware that CCP has become concerned at the reduction in pew-pew and the growing population of high sec, this is due to casual gamers. If CCP is smart, they'll create some content aimed at this audience, rather then fall back to the 'herd people into low/null sec' thing again. WTF ever happened to COSMOS? Or Co-Regency? Both those ideas have been rotting on the vine for years now, and CCP has never done anything with them.

You want a way to get people out of (current) high sec?

Implement co-regency: a player corp can hold no more then one star system, but they can enter into a contract with the owning empire to hire navy npc patrols to attack 'criminals' (but not war targets). This gives a safety blanket, but not an invincible one, while at the same time lowsec pirates are harassed, but not instapopped (some sort of time lag, say, five min, unless they attack someone, at which point it's one min). This should have an absurd cost, but one based on how many times per day that the NPCs deploy and how many are blown up: The base rate should be something like 150m per month, with a daily bill based on usage. This lets in smaller corps who want to leave high sec, without the feeling of forcing them at gunpoint, and might give that sense of 'home' you're talking about.

Make it depend on POS towers, like the old sov system. To qualify a corp has to maintain so many of them in system. Maybe at a higher level of investment, a outpost can be built. Something like that.

It would never work in nullsec, though.

Shadow Kingdom
Best Alliance
Posted - 2011.08.25 16:34:00 - [81]

There are no "Homes" in EVE, there are "Bases" where you can store a set of ships, ammo, loot ets, and move your clone near.

These Bases are formed near places of interests of a particular player or corporation.

The requirements are:
- Ability to store your ships, mods, loot, fit and repair them, have a clone there, and be sure they are relatively safe.
- Ability to get to your places of interest as fast as possible. There are 2 main groups of them - ISK income and PVP targets.
- Easy way to move your assets away or restock your supplies. (Logistics)

It's a noobish mistake to consider only 1 system as your "Home". And I think it's a bad idea to make 1 system self sufficient.
I can call 3-4 regions I feel like home. But not a single system. Even if there is only one system suitable as a base for me.

Lady Zarrina
Posted - 2011.08.25 23:37:00 - [82]

I know that living out of a POS or can is NOT home. There is no reason POS living needs to be so bad. Hopefully what ever gets done for null sec "home" does not include POS's in their current form.

Cygnet Lythanea
World Welfare Works Association
Posted - 2011.08.26 03:36:00 - [83]

Originally by: Korvin
There are no "Homes" in EVE, there are "Bases" where you can store a set of ships, ammo, loot ets, and move your clone near.

These Bases are formed near places of interests of a particular player or corporation.

The requirements are:
- Ability to store your ships, mods, loot, fit and repair them, have a clone there, and be sure they are relatively safe.
- Ability to get to your places of interest as fast as possible. There are 2 main groups of them - ISK income and PVP targets.
- Easy way to move your assets away or restock your supplies. (Logistics)

It's a noobish mistake to consider only 1 system as your "Home". And I think it's a bad idea to make 1 system self sufficient.
I can call 3-4 regions I feel like home. But not a single system. Even if there is only one system suitable as a base for me.

Yes, and these bases should be as far away from having fun as possible, and involve several spreadsheets. Sorry, Korvin, the newbish mistake is to configure every thing around those things and not around having a good time. If that's how you roll, I bet you burn out corp members on a pretty regular basis.

I set up POS based on if I find the location's aesthetic pleasing or not. I suppose that would qualify as 'of interest' but probably not in the way you think of it. See, I realize that isk can be made pretty much anywhere in eve, and the places that look 'easy' or 'convenient' are actually no such things, as people are usually more then willing to fight for what they think is an easy ride, even if their actual income would be the same there as someplace else.

I can't say that any of them ever fit all three of your requirements and I would suggest that quite a few older players that are still in game would contest your idea that there are no 'homes' in eve. Over the years I've found a few systems I enjoy setting up shop in and operating in for a while before shifting to a new site to keep things fresh.

Victoe Kenaris
Posted - 2011.08.26 08:07:00 - [84]

Short and sweet here HOME is in direct contradition to the purpose of Null Sec. Home is security and saftey Home is where you feel comforable and can relax. NULL SEC IS FOR PVP Shifting alliances moving borders. If you feel at HOME in NULL SEC your dead and youve already lost it all for the simple reason youve become complacent. Im not saying its impossible but not with a major rewrite of code and concepts for the game.

Consortium of stella Technologies
Posted - 2011.08.26 21:31:00 - [85]

It is a large mobile ship that can house all the requirements of the corp/alliance, modular in design so this thing can be massive - with massive cost to move and maintain the bigger it gets.
Initially it is built in the system, upgradable to have factory slots, clone slots, refinery slots. It can be anchored when deployed and the capabilities include masking technology that make it invisible to sensors/scanners but it can be found and if found, can be taken over and disassembled to add to an existing structure.

The down-side is that the space must be prepared for this structure. This requires team-work of the whole corp/alliance and there should be specialist skills required to assemble components.

All current stations in Eve are turned into hotels - stay and pay per day - this structure is really your corp home.

Posted - 2011.08.26 21:40:00 - [86]

I realize that the idea of a null-sec home would be ideally related mainly to the corp and alliance in which each player participates, but I think that individually-owned homes could be a powerful draw for players to participate in null-sec and create more possibilities for both small-scale combat, investing and industry in null sec.

Anyway, here's my
PROPOSAL for Player-Owned Dwellings

Temba Mapindazi
Posted - 2011.08.27 04:42:00 - [87]

If you really want newer players like myself to find a home in Null sec you have to find a way to filter the larger richer players away from me. Suggestions would be clusters of dead space neighborhoods that could only be accessed via acceleration gates by ships of certain smaller classes where mwd/ ab and warp drives did not function without having a special local code chip on board. It wouldn't stop a determined player from working together with other players from showing up with 15 battle cruisers and battle ships to forcibly evict me from a certain area of null sec but it would make my home safer from the random weekend solo tengu pilot looking for kill mails. Needles to say whenever i left the neighborhood to mine or do missions or exploration i would be less safe but risk is part of this game. Additionally there should always be a random chance to avoid a gank attack, the bigger stealthier ship should not always get the kill regardless of the six years of skill training the pilot has earned. A not killed mail should be posted that counts against the score of predatory pilots. The chances of not getting ganked could be connected to standings in the NPC faction that controls that area of null encouraging players to invest time in their home to increase their survival chances. A major obstacle for newer players is the cold hard fact that you will get killed by all the players with more time in game EVERY time they catch you and we can't even fly a ship that would have a fighting chance against them yet.

Thorian Baalnorn
Posted - 2011.08.27 17:30:00 - [88]

Edited by: Thorian Baalnorn on 27/08/2011 17:32:35
One of the biggest problems i have seen with Eve is a lack of space to make it feel.... spacey. Not in a system but lack of systems. Its hard for the small guys to have their own area of null or even solo in null. You shouldnt be forced into the politiking of large alliances and used as:

1)A grunt in a napfest
2) A source of income (AKA renter)
3) Be vulnerable to the whims of large alliances.

This is Space. Space is nearly infinite but ours hasnt grown in a long time. I think part of the reason why devs havent expanded normal null is because of the way things work in it. All your doing is giving large alliances more territory to control they dont need. And this is the problem. A regions worth is still based on its moon goo content.

But here is the point... an alliance will control a large amount of space for just couple of good moons in a couple of systems to secure that space around those moons.

Everyone should have a shot at 0.0 null ( not WH and sleepers) without having to pay ungodly amounts of isk to large alliances who dont use the space anyway but as a buffer or as a route to their main living area.

I came up with this for a "Home":

***Personal, Corp, Alliance systems.***
When i suggested this before i called them Sanctuaries.These would be like frontier post that are far away from all known space that keep you immune to explored null.

* Personal systems are small systems ( a few planets and a couple of belts) that only that player can access. They are accessed from high sec.( otherwise you run into the same problem of large alliances controlling access to them)
* Corp systems are accessible by people of that corp and set up by the CEO. These are slightly bigger systems with a few more planets and belts starting out. You get one system for your corp per 50 or 100 members.
* Alliance Systems are slightly larger and have the most planets and belts. You get one per 250 or 500 members.

***System features:
*Cannot be accessed by anyone other than who the system is for.
* Has a maintenance fee. This is something paid weekly or bi weekly. Personal systems are cheapest, Alliance the most expensive.
* Systems are optional, you dont have to pay for one( would be kind of like renting an office setup)
* Systems can have everything you can have in a 0.0 nullsec ( A station, POS, etc.) and you can do everything you can in nullsec.
* Systems are highly upgradable but more expensive to upgrade than normal nullsec. You pay to upgrade something that secure.
* Maintenance is base on how much you upgraded the system. A high end system will have a larger fee.
* No ships that cant fit through a normal gate can go their.( if you want a carrier to run your system it has to be built there and once its built there it can never leave.)
*System Upgrades take time, like a couple of years, to fully upgrade.
*Moon goo is limited in amounts( Moons have a chance of spawning a new random resource with a random amount say every 30 days)
* Rats are random factions that randomly change at downtime.

*** Upgrades*****
*System Exploration- Each level adds 1 or 2 planets and 0-10 moons per planet( Both are random chances within a given range). 5 Levels. Resources on both moon and planet are randomly generated. You may get lucky...or not.
*Resource Exploration- Each level adds 2-5 Asteroid belts. Ice belts have a small random chance of being added. 5 levels.
*Rare Resource Exploration- Increases rare mineral content(This is how you go from just veldspar and scordite lets say to your ABC ores). 10 levels.
* Deep Moon Survey- Chance of finding hidden deposits( More likely to find moon goo and larger "veins"). 5 levels
* Deep Planet Survey- Works like Deep Moon. 5 levels.
* Bounty Hunter- Increase the bounty of pirates( This basically is like lowering the true sec in regards to rats). 10 levels.
* Pirate Base - Increase chance of spawning Anomolies and Exploration sites.10 levels.

Thorian Baalnorn
Posted - 2011.08.27 17:37:00 - [89]


The Appealing part of this is you can do everything in game without getting involved in the often annoying politics of large alliances. Which is really a downer. The focus is to much on napfest fighting. With no real place one can go and do the other things in the game without the headache of politics. You can build your own lil mini system with quite a large investment( im thinking the upgrades should cost billions total when all are done) and explore other content of eve without having to ask,beg or buy permission from others only to have all you worked for taken away from you a month later because another napfest decided to doze the area.

While its good in theory i do see some disadvantages of it.

1) Adding a bunch of "personal" type systems and having to keep track of them. I am not for sure how this would affect server performance nor how costly it would be( would have to add more shards but then again systems wouldnt be real active nor would they expect to be real active at any time so you would have a fairly steady and predictable power requirement and could probably fit a large number of systems on a shard)

2) Players using personal type of space instead of "public space" to much. I thought about just limiting space to corps and alliances but then your just going to have people creating characters or using characters for isk making anyway. These would just be in shell corps just so they get the space to use. It is also more likely that people will leave corps and make their own just so they can have a personal system to play in. So just having personal systems seemed like the best idea.

I also try to limit this with system upgrades. Systems should be rather crappy and require a decent investment both in time and isk( remember your paying for the relative safety and seclusion) to make then 1/2 decent. On top of this you will have to finance all your owm structures. including POS and a station( if you want one) and fuel your own stuff. Thus not only do you have time and money in normal management of your carebear activities but you have to pay to upgrade the system to make it decently useful.

On a related note i thought about making wars more personalized and at the same time not allowing you to be perfectly safe. And one way i thought of this was having wardecs that can done on the corp and personal level. Ally vs corp wars would be unaffected. But:

* A corp VS corp war would grant you access to each others home system(s).( If a corp owns more than one system because of its size they are connected by a stargate btw). You would have to pay a fee to enter each others home system during the war. You can only have a max of two corp vs corp wardecs at a time.

* A personal war would grant each indivual access to the others system. You would pay a fee to enter the enemies system. With personal i see people abusing this and using it to rat space other people upgraded. I dont however see a problem with ninja miners because these are fairly easy to kill for even noobish players. So in this case i would propose a 50% excise tax on bounties incurred in the enemy system. On top of this you cannot plant a POS,Station or any other perm sturcture in a enemy system. You can destroy what is there not take it over. Exploration probes also will not function in an enemy system, only combat probes. You can have a total of 3 decs on you and you dec 3 people at a time.

* An alliance vs alliance works like a corp vs corp but on a grander scale. Their is a limit of one wardec alliance allowed in home systems at once. ( no napfesting home systems).

* As far as home systems go. you can only go in enemy systems on the level of wardec in which you have decced the enemy. An alliance wardec does not grant an alliance access to corp systems and vice versa. System assets can be destroyed but systems cannot be taken over. The best you can do here is a scorched earth policy.

Thorian Baalnorn
Posted - 2011.08.27 17:40:00 - [90]

Edited by: Thorian Baalnorn on 27/08/2011 17:55:41


*The cost is 1 mil per person. A person who has access to the corp or Alliance wallet must initate the tranfer to enemy home systems. Cost is based on size of fleet and only 1 enemy fleet allowed in at a time.( thus their is a limit of how many people you can take but not how many can defend as all members of the defending alliance/corp can be in the system at the same time.)

*Their are no sov mechanics in these systems. Starbases( if any) can be destroyed as well.

*Remember you cant bring caps or SC through the gates into enemy home systems. If it wont go through a normal gate( to/ from high sec) it cant enter home systems. But also remember that you can build caps and even supercaps for use inside home systems. In a multi system home area these caps can be jumped between systems. EXample: Your alliance built two supercarriers to help with the defense of your 3 home systems. These SCs can jump between any of the three systems. They just cant ever leave those 3 systems.

* If you stop paying for your system, Your "homestead" will be impounded and you will not be granted access to it or anything stored in it. To regain access you must pay the normal maintenance fee x 1.5 (Thus if your maintenance fee is 10 mil you would have to pay 15 mil to regain access).

*Systems that are not maintained lose their system upgrades overtime. The rate is 3 times as fast as it took to upgrade. Anything currently upgrading will be the first to decline. Then it goes by most expensive( time wise) to upgrade. Systems on inactive accounts lose upgrades at 1/3 the upgrade rate( Thus if it took you a week to upgrade it will take it three weeks to downgrade IF your account is deactivated).

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