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Death Wish.
Posted - 2011.08.15 22:06:00 - [31]

I am all in for some homebase advantages for good standings but puting any significant penalties for lack of them or bad standings would be dumb due to nature of 0.0.Its not uncommon for player/corp/alliance to move across entire EVE on a very short notice.

Ambassador Hound
Posted - 2011.08.15 22:54:00 - [32]

One thing to keep in mind for NPC nullsec; is that arguably, belt ratting is now one of the most dangerous form of money making in 0.0.

With anoms; you at least have to run your anom scanner or drop probes to find them. With belts it's straight to them.

Risk vs reward really should see a big increase to plain old belt ratting. Also as the rat grades scale with truesec it reinforces the 'good space' differentiator approach.

Posted - 2011.08.16 01:13:00 - [33]

Problem with NPC Space is there's no point to staying in it -- especially if anyone and their mother can just gank you down the second you leave a station.

In theory, you could give the various factions their own police force. For example, near where I rat is a few Guristas NPC Sectors of space, including one mission hub area. No one goes up there, cause you'd just get ganked the second you did. And with no SOV, there's no reason to try to clean out the gankers.

What if you had good faction with the Guristas, and upon getting attacked, Guristas sends a few friendly ships over to assist? Similar to how CONCORD protects highsec players. Obviously they wouldn't be as tough as the Big C, but I would imagine even a small fleet of gankers would hesitate in a NPC sector of space knowing that if they attack you, they'd have a small fleet of NPC Battleships and Battlecruisers warping in to defend you.

(Of course, as a Goon, I must point out that we would be ready willing and able to abuse the hell out of this by making a neut alt, getting him to high faction with Guristas, then farming the defensive force that spawns when we have a Rifter shoot a single Newbie gun at the alt. The obvious solution would be to make a limit to the number of things that spawn, or some other downside to intentionally doing this.)

Takashi Halamoto
Mercurialis Inc.
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2011.08.16 11:57:00 - [34]

okay so people have already said mix it up with having a few of the owners peeps around (mainly gates and stations, yep have rats at stations, of the owner but they dont shoot if your at net standing 0 or higher and dont aggress (you do they shoot back though), then make belts and a mix of anoms/plex the enemy like navy factions and such with a few of the owner, so a ninja can fly in and try to get some sweet Dread Guristas stuff but then he aint docking in Venal no sir,

then to fix the standings issue make the inverse of 1/2 your concord standing modify your current standing to the pirate factions, so a -10 cant go in high sec pirate is welcome just about everywhere by the pirate factions, unless he has say -10 to one, as well as the add say the inverse of 1/2 your standing of their enemies

now yes the high sec mission runners who has never shot another player and avoided ****ing off any empire will not be welcome in null npc, GEE NO KIDDING, they shouldnt be, but if you say did the caldari missions that trash your Gallente standings, or took part in FW against the Gallente, the serpentis will be willing to let you in, same as minmatar FW experts can expect to be tolerated by the blood raiders,
and them damn dirty low sec pirates that concord hates? again more welcome in null npc

Posted - 2011.08.16 12:32:00 - [35]

Edited by: glepp on 16/08/2011 12:33:34
NPC nullsec is a great place for small gang pvp and a great area for new alliances to test their mettle. It does need changing a bit though. Here's some suggested ideas:

1. Moneymaking:
Atm there are few really good places to make decent isk in NPC null. Venal stands out with the K3J pocket that has great missioning and that deep pocket in Curse, but apart from that, you're largely dependent on belt ratting (which needs good truesec) or running plexes. For a small alliance, gaining a good isk source in say, Syndicate, is entirely dependent on PLEXing. This can be fixed by introducing a lot more mission agents and fixing non-pirate truesec. Just don't make it any safer.

2. Stations
There are way way too few stations and especially stations with cloning services in NPC null. Syndicate is great because there are so many, but for instance Venal only has three pockets where an alliance can reliably base. More stations with cloning services. GW is just ******ed atm.

3. Conquerable/ownable NPC null.
WTF? No way, that's sov space. Don't do this please, you're just gonna screw over the smaller alliances.

4. Faction standings impacting your services.
Yep, decent idea, but also means that you need to make non-faction rats available either by changing how PLEXes/belts work or by adding more mission agents. You will also make it more difficult for people to move out there if they want to leave their evil highsec carebear ways behind.

If you fix/buff NPC nullsec, i believe you will add a great entry-area for new alliances into null, and you will also buff the small-gang, no Sov part of the game.

Good blog, btw. Looking forward to seeing you work on it.

Death Wish.
Posted - 2011.08.16 13:06:00 - [36]

Its not only related to hisec bears lots of vets living in null could have their npc standings described in this way:

[in Gelt's lair and treasure chamber]
Shad: I'm hiring mercenaries for defense of the planet Akir. But food and shelter are all we can offer in payment. All our wealth is in our culture.
Gelt: I could buy your planet ten times over with what I've gathered in this room: plutonium, cadmium, quanine crystals... I've been very well paid for my work.
Shad: I'm sorry; I've wasted your time...
Gelt: NO... WAIT... Listen to the rest of it. I sleep with my back to the wall, when I CAN sleep. I EAT SERPENTS, seven times a week. There's not a major city in this galaxy where I can show my face, or spend my wealth. Right now, your offer looks very attractive to me... A meal, and a place to hide. Agreed?

Sonya Mag
Posted - 2011.08.16 15:41:00 - [37]

I would add a new design goal for NPC 0.0:

This should be an area of excellence for ratting and missions
- the true sec here should be the best of all 0.0 areas and bounties should be given based on true sec
- There should be here more rats in belts and gates than any other area of 0.0
- Spawn rate in this area of space should be faster than other areas of 0.0
- Faction rats should spawn here more than in other areas of the game
- Agents in this area of space should be the best of the best of the game and pay much more than in empire, LP given should be much more also
(There should be more agents and more missions packages so this can work properly)

-- about the other design goals --

Safeish haven
AGREE -> some ideas:

- If the changes to local go ahead, the new local functionality in NPC 0.0 should be dependent of each player settings to the owner of the region
- Put some guns in the stations in NPC 0.0 just like low sec, it doesn't make sense the station cannot defend itself and its pilots from pilots with no standings that just sit outside camping it all day
- Nobody should be able to anchor bubbles in NPC 0.0, if they want bubbles they should use a proper ship (interdictors)
- No doomsdays in NPC 0.0, owners just like concord doesn’t like them!

Owners should matter
AGREE -> some ideas:

- Allow everybody to dock but people with no standings should pay to dock, the worst the standing the bigger the bill. Zero standings or plus -> its free.
- Only allow access to any service of the station depending of standings, individual ones, depending of the services there should be a minimum standing to access them. (at least you should have standings minimal -2.5 to use medical, at least zero to repair, insure and access LP store, 2.5 to use any industry services and 5 to put a clone)
- Anyone putting a pos in a NPC 0.0 should pay a tax every 14 days or pos goes offline, they cannot claim sov but they are using space that is not theirs so they much pay something to the owner. Everything must cost something here, living for free in space that is not yours is not fair, security and benefits that this area provides should cost something (cost can be mitigated with standing). The bigger the corp or alliance that anchors something the bigger the bill!
- Station hangers should only be rented to a corp or alliance for standings 8 plus. Costs also should be proportional to the size of the corp or alliance.

Story and setting
AGREE -> some ideas:

- First, change the rats for something different than the region owner, it doesn't make sense to shoot the owner of the region. We should see a mix of owner (patrols in station/gates), concord police (as rats) and other enemies (rats). I shoot concord rats and I receive bounties from the owner and respective standings, I shoot anything else Concord pays me and also that is reflected in their standings.
- Owner should only shoot pilots depending of standings of if attacked.
- Stations and gates should have the region owner design/theme inside/outside.
- Every ncp region should have a capital system, well know, offering several stations and services at the core of the region and the true sec should be -1.0
- Every system in an NPC region should be a NAMED system just like empire, with names that reflect the culture and lore of the owner.
- True sec should be variable from the border zones of the region (-0.1) to the region core (-1.0)


Sonya Mag
Posted - 2011.08.16 15:43:00 - [38]


Local connections yield benefits
AGREE -> some ideas:

- Allow only pos to be anchored by a corp or alliance depending of standings. The bigger the POS the more standings you need before you are allowed to anchor. For example a large POS -> 8.0 minimum to anchor.
- Allow moon mining/capital/ship build in pos depending of standings also -> this will keep out big Alliances.
- Allow corps/alliances with 9.0 plus standing to request the owner to jam a system for a fixed period of time for a fee.
- Give pilots better payouts for ratting/missions depending of each user individual standing.
- Also the costs of using services should be reflected depending of the standings. With more standings things should start to cost less
- Station service costs should not be the same than in empire, there are no noobs in NPC 0.0, reflect the prices of all 0.0 services in NPC stations according with the riches that these areas offer to the player and then make discounts based on standings.

Collective admin

This is not sov space, players should submit to the NPC owner rules and play game and that is it. They can mitigate, get better living conditions or access perks by gaining standings/LP. With time they might even be allowed to put poses up, access moons mining, even jam a system, but they should not be allowed to determine politics or admin the region in any kind of way.

AGREE -> some ideas:

- Every station in NPC 0.0 must have medical/cloning facility on the station and agents available or they are useless for pilots/corps wanting to leave empire.
- About clones, there should be a new skill that affects time between jumps to help people to move between stations in NPC 0.0 and empire more often and facilitate living
- Allow people to gain standing up to 0 much more quickly than today, if someone has -10.0 or -5 it will take then a long time to get to zero! this will prevent many players to live here. We need a way to let a player to reach 0 standing in a couple of days of work. (for example why not allow a pilot, just like a corp, to nominate a station as HOME and this action means that the pilot automatically gains some standing against the station owner (from a -10 I jump to -5 or from a -5 I jump to -2.5 and so on stopping at zero, above that is business as usual) and give standing bonus for future missions done to help him get to zero standings faster? PS: to avoid the usual abuse, a pilot can only change its home station once every 7 days and of course all my new home owner enemies will set their standings down accordingly, if I ally to Guristas then Concord should hate me!)
- Create specific social books for each faction buyable in the respective LP store that improves their standings and give me more standing and/or more payouts for ratting/missions in the owner space.

That is it for now…

Association of Commonwealth Enterprises
Posted - 2011.08.16 16:19:00 - [39]

More stations, more agents, more cloning.

I'm curious if it is possible to change how rats work. They should be aggressing based on standings, not whether they are spawned as red crosses or white crosses. I understand this has been a problem with incursions as well. I assume it is an ugly, complete rewrite of piles of code or CCP would have already done it.

Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2011.08.16 18:04:00 - [40]

Edited by: Xiese on 16/08/2011 18:06:49
There are some major problems right now with how NPC's work especially in Null

1 - They allways attack, I lived in Gurista territory so I will use them as an example. Nothing I can do will stop them from attacking my ships. There needs to be some sort of mechanic that allows you to have safe passage in their territory. (simple example, if you have more than a + 2 standing you are safe otherwise you have to bribe an agent to get some time where they won't attack)

2 - That is all there is. You are in Gurista teritory, all you can shoot is Gurista. There is no opposite enemy that you can kill. No concord or Caldari Navy ships out there that would show your support for the Gurista. You need to add some other factions that you can fight to show your support.

Lone Star Exploration
Lone Star Partners
Posted - 2011.08.17 04:07:00 - [41]

Just an Idea
In NPC 0.0 space players are paid by the local pirate faction for shooting down NPC Miners, NPC Transporters, NPC Raters, and even Players of poor faction in Pirate Space.

In Lowsec Players work earning isk shooting NPC rats, people with Low standings. This would be the place for any youngish character who want to earn isk would hunt.

High Sec not much change.

In Player Null sec, isk would not be produced through shooting NPC rats, but those rate would drop tokens, ie property, tags, etc, that could be turned into The major Empire factions, concord.(plus rare loot) --> On Space Boarding NPC space, Tags to be turn supplies

Posted - 2011.08.17 07:24:00 - [42]

Lots of people are suggesting that the local rats should act as concord does in empire - i.e. actively assist players based on standings.

Thats a good feature for Lo Sec but not Null Sec . Null sec is where PvP combat happens. There is no hand holding here. In 0.0 you need to stand on your own feet and there should be no assistance from the game. In return, the standings requirements for structures like POS are eliminated and no docking aggression timers.

Takashi Halamoto
Mercurialis Inc.
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2011.08.17 08:59:00 - [43]

also to sonya,

if npc null became the best payouts, best rats, best loot, best everything,

why own space?
live in npc null, the big alliances would just lock down Venal and Stain and so forth and hold the 'best' space

Npc null should not be the best, it should be better than lowsec to make it

lowsec but they can bubble you, but you get more money,

sov null should be better than npc null to make the alliances want their own space and allow those drifting down from lowsec to acclimatise in npc null

Sonya Mag
Posted - 2011.08.17 11:56:00 - [44]

Edited by: Sonya Mag on 17/08/2011 12:03:23
Originally by: Takashi Halamoto
also to sonya,

if npc null became the best payouts, best rats, best loot, best everything,

why own space?
live in npc null, the big alliances would just lock down Venal and Stain and so forth and hold the 'best' space

Npc null should not be the best, it should be better than lowsec to make it

lowsec but they can bubble you, but you get more money,

sov null should be better than npc null to make the alliances want their own space and allow those drifting down from lowsec to acclimatise in npc null

Just to clarify my idea, when I say that the NPC 0.0 is best, I mean best when we compare to other null sec system that is not NPC, with the same sec status, but only for a small percentage, lets say 25% better.

The difference and the reason why everybody will want to hold sov is that in the sov space you can upgrade the system and make it better than the NPC system as soon you hold sov.

So the key word here for sov holders is system upgrades!

A level 1 upgrade the system should be equal to the equivalent sec status one in npc null sec. At upgrade L2 payouts, spawns and number of rats will be 25% better than the npc and so on until you reach 100% bonus in the sov system with upgrade L5 in comparation with the NPC system.

Of course for this to work, payouts, spawns times and numbers need to dynamic and based on sec status.

One more advantage that sov owners will have is that upgrades will bring static stuff to their systems that should only exist in NPC null sec by random chance, that is, dungeons (heavens, etc), exploration sites, ABC ores sites and complexes.

Takashi Halamoto
Mercurialis Inc.
RAZOR Alliance
Posted - 2011.08.17 13:00:00 - [45]

ahh with that addition okay then objection removed, unclaimed is worse slightly, lvl1 upgrade is equal and at level 5 upgrade you laugh, okay thats a good idea and yeah that would balance nicely i think

Ms Michigan
Aviation Professionals for EVE
Fusion Alliance
Posted - 2011.08.18 01:10:00 - [46]

Edited by: Ms Michigan on 18/08/2011 01:34:19

NPC Nullsec should probably be the NEXT step after low-sec. Great working points CCP. Along those lines - Blood petal had a great post about NPC space. I personally would like to see NULL non-NPC space not have rats as much but be based on exploration and finding sites. Rats would be more of a NPC Null on down thing. After all - how did rats get to null SOV space? Drone regions being the exception.

What I would like to see happen is NPC null sec standings with pirate factions maybe mean something like others pointed out. There should be more stations and more NPC 0.0 so that people can run missions out there and get their standings back up sine pirate standing didn't used to mean anything.

IT should be a good spot to get their pirate loot. Sites that are exploration based should have to be random and scanned down and not this crud that people camp all day and farm every Down time.

Also - NPC null should probably have roaming NPC gangs that if you have bad standing with them or do something to **** on one of their favorites you might take some flak. Like others said - you can't anchor or they will come screw with your POS if you have bad standing? Just for immersion sake ya know?

What about hiring NPC Null sec mercs (i.e. npcs)? Could this be useful. I know one thing I am tired of large corps/alliances dominating it and harrassing others like the guidelines state. I think many others are too. Hot dropageddon sucks. IF you want to do that - go to Null SOV space. Maybe we should make it no capital ships in NPC Null because the owners would get ****ed. Or if you do bring one you get attacked (think concorded) soon by locals.

One BIG problem I see is not enough entrances too! I hate how NPC 0.0 is choke pointed. Let it be easier for people to get out there and test the waters. More NPC stations (in better paint schemes I might add). AGAIN - More and different NPC 0.0. Like some Thukker 0.0 or Republic 0.0 where they run their dirty little secrets and what not (Someone else mentioned this - great idea).

My two cents.

Bob Niac
freelancers inc
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2011.08.18 14:57:00 - [47]

What about incursions?

I mean .. if we can move Sansha's W space (herefore mentioned as 'N' spacto open in specific areas.. like their nullsec station constellations, CCP could scale back incursions and lend the system to other uses. Plus it would be a lore gold mine.

Think about it. Sansha's army had to have based out of somewhere. (we found out all this last year, i know) It had to have been close to his last stand. So in Provi or w/e. So we go TO their base to raid it, or to protect it.

These players reap the rewards for protecting the Nation. Positive standings with the nation will make it easier to access N space. There, they will find stations with agents that require you to gather "resources" or execute the unfaithful, etc. Standard LP store, though it's 0.0 only, so most likely risk/reward comes into play.

Goody-Goodies (but not really):
These guys are out to have some fun PVPing Loyalists and killing the Nation. Loyalists should be warned.. you don't want these guys mucking about. Perhaps CONCORD could support these players by placing agents in space, giving them missions and rewards.

I am kind of suprised. This sounds a lot like Warhammer / DAoC. But I think it could work.

Then adapt the incursion mechanic for Factional Warfare. It just fits better there.

John Nucleus
Posted - 2011.08.18 15:59:00 - [48]

How about adding some volatility to your standings with NPC Owner?

If you do something they like, it boost your standing for a small period of time. If you do something they don't like, it reduce your standing by a large amount for a small period of time. It would work like an aggression timer.

This would allow player with very bad standing to access station service / agents, but they would have to do something for it.

It would mean players with great standing still have to care about their behaviour to avoid ****ing off the owner.

It opens up interesting situation. Attacking someone with a bad standing that is doing a special task for the owner could trigger your "bad standing" timer.

After all, pirate are known for their short tempter, it would make living in NPC Null less static and more "on the edge".

Will Gence
Posted - 2011.08.18 20:55:00 - [49]

I've been in nullsec for more than a year, but before I was a hisec mission runner, producer, inventor, merchant for more than 4 years.
Maybe I'll never wanna go back to hisec again, but the income in hi, low and nullsec should be the same.
This is my favorite vision here in EVE - you can do what you want, the only madness you get, was made from your own decision.

Not where you live should open your own heaven or hell - the way how you live should do this Cool

We should accept that not everyone like pvp, they wanna live in hisec - and these people are a part of EVE too!

The hi, low and nullsec should depend on each other - you wanna built T3-items?
You need things (part 1) only can found by mission runners in hi sec and
things (part 2) from mission runners in low sec and
things (part 3) from nullsec space.
Some subsystems you can built with thess parts (1-3) in hi, some in low, some in nullsec.

One space - in one sandbox.

Mimidae Risk Solutions
Posted - 2011.08.19 07:24:00 - [50]

As long as null sec provides a high level of danger, you're going to be facing an issue with population density.

With very limited points of contact, i.e. stargates, stations, etc. you're talking about a simple math function to realize that before you reach the number of 10 people that aren't affiliated at a station that has no defenses you're going to end up with a slug fest.

The most relevant way to improve that is to increase the points of contact so that people can choose where they interact.

An example of this is simple.

A system with 2 stargates is very easy to camp. A system with 3 stargates just became a whole degree harder to camp properly.

This is more than about more stations, but also about the ability for setting up POS' or smallholdings and using those as bases, feasibly and with some level of investment security. It doesn't really take long to blow a POS up, and with the cost association it becomes unfeasible quickly in NPC space to not only operate it, but to make your money back on return and stop the random very bored roaming gangs from blowing it up. This pushes all contact points to the stations.

2 thoughts.

1. How can you increase the population of each NPC station to support a bigger community? And do you want to do that?

2. How can you create more points of contact for operating from NPC space that lets residents have their cake and eat it too?

Ashina Sito
Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2011.08.19 07:56:00 - [51]

Taken from my CSM Blog

Tuesday, October 27th 2009
12:31 PM
New player/corp entry into 0.0

The primary concept that I would like to put forward as a CSM is a concept that I call Incubator systems. What this concept focuses on is the enabling of new pilots, corporations and alliances to get their feet wet in 0.0 space.

Gone are the days when the server had a population of 3000 to 5000. Space is far more crowded. The organizations in 0.0 are far larger and far more interconnected than they were several years ago. At the same time there is for more complexity required in ships, skills and logistics. This creates an even greater barrier to entry for new pod pilots had a organizations within the game. The Incubator concept would help to solve this issue.

What are we talking about with incubator systems?

When I speak of incubator systems I am talking about systems, constellations and regions. An Incubator system is is a system where all the necessary basic infrastructure exists for a player or corporation or alliance to use as a zero security base. An Incubator system needs a station with these services.

Manufacturing facilities

Clone facilities (this at a minimum)

Refinery services ( and preferably a 50% refined rate)

These services are critically important for new pilot in zero security space. If these facilities are not available then a POS must be dropped. This significantly increases the cost and the risk of a new entity. Additionally, There is no cloning services available in a POS module.

An example of an Incubator region is Syndicate (Incubator regions must always be NPC sovereignty space). It's a larger region with lots of systems and lots of stations. Not all of the stations have the necessary elements to create an Incubator system but, many of them do. What this means is it's very easy for those with little to no 0.0 experience to enter into Syndicate and operate. They may settle in a system or they may hole up in one of the many constellations that serve as Incubator constellations within Syndicate.

Why is this important?

Getting more people at the 0.0 is a good thing. Dominion is designed to try to increase the 0.0 population. Although the new entrants into sovereignty space are facing an uphill battle. By having the NPC regions act as a birthing ground for 0.0 pilots you help to lower the barrier of entry into player sovereignty 0.0 space

Additionally this helps to foster more PVP. If you take a look at Syndicate at any given time on the map. You will see that the number of ships lost, as well as pods, is significantly greater than in player sovereignty space. That means there is actually more player versus player activity going on than those areas that theoretically should have more combat activity. Population density combined with multiple different organizations results in lots of player versus player activity. This translates into lots of experience for the players involved.

Eventually these players see that NPC zero security space simply is just not profitable enough to continue to stay in. After a time they will choose to move into player sovereignty space. That will help increase the population density out there. Instead of those players being cannon fodder to be rolled over by existing alliances in 0.0 space these pilots will be able to competently fight back.

More Incubator systems, constellations and regions will translate into more players in 0.0. Those players in Incubator locations will eventually choose to strike out into player sovereignty space do to the desire for greater income and freedom. This will increase the population of 0.0 as a whole and so will also result in a significant increase in player versus player activity occurring in 0.0. After those starter corporations and alliances have moved on, openings will be made so that even newer groups would be able to step out into 0.0 and fill those empty systems. The cycle will then continue.


Ashina Sito
Center for Advanced Studies
Posted - 2011.08.19 07:58:00 - [52]

There are not enough Incubator regions within Eve. I've been speaking of Syndicate primarily because it's one of the few regions that represent what an Incubator region should be. Ironically, the next best region is actually in player sovereignty space. That region is Providence. CVA should be commended for their efforts. They have gone to great lengths to provide a space which allows for new pilots into 0.0. Providence is very similar to Syndicate when you look at the map. It's protected space with many pilots. Yet in having that large population they give a viable target for raiding parties. This results in a lot of small gang player versus player activity which is highly unusual for player sovereignty space.

Regions to be fixed.

Outer Ring, it needs more stations across the board in those stations should provide enough services to make Outer Ring a functioning incubator region.

Stain is pretty good as it is. It does need a few more stations with cloning services. Adding medical bays to three or four stations within the region would finish it off quite well.

Curse also has a sufficient number of stations with factories but a slightly lagging in medical bays. A few more added to the region would help.

The Great Wildlands. while from a role-playing perspective Thukkers only having a few stations makes sense it does not translate well into an Incubator region. This region falls in the same category as Outer Ring, more stations , more services, more of everything.

In addition to the changes to existing NPC regions it may prove beneficial to add an additional region or two of the NPC sovereignty space. Player sovereignty space has increased in size since the game's inception NPC 0.0 has not. As such an additional region or two may be justified.

El 1974
Posted - 2011.08.19 12:37:00 - [53]

I don't agree that more stations will solve anything. The Great Wildlands is what it is just because it has so few stations. Especially once we get something like 'small holdings' (see other thread), we don't really need more stations, perhaps a few more services the small holdings cannot provide.

I hope that a new sov system will not forget the NPCs and give the rats a chance to claim sov outside their normal regions when players don't chase them out.

Thur Barbek
Posted - 2011.08.19 13:07:00 - [54]

Originally by: El 1974

I hope that a new sov system will not forget the NPCs and give the rats a chance to claim sov outside their normal regions when players don't chase them out.

Pirate faction warfare anyone? >.>

Rionnag Alba
Northern Coalition.
Posted - 2011.08.20 17:19:00 - [55]

do not allow any capital ships in npc 0.0

do not allow pos in npc 0.0

Posted - 2011.08.20 20:02:00 - [56]

Edited by: Dalilus on 20/08/2011 20:14:58
More people like to carebear in high sec than pvp in low or null sec. That's just the way it is. If it were the other way around there would be tons of players in low/null sec and high sec would be a graveyard. Wormhole space is different, one feels "safe" there because while its technically 0.0 one can fly it like high sec.

If CCp wants to lure carebears into low/null sec with the way the game mechanics are set up right now, not gonna happen. For example, why do carebears run such pimped up ships? Believe me, its not for the bling or bragging rights about epeen size, its because you can finish a mission in a fraction of the time. Doing a Blockade in a regular tech 2 fit ship with +3 implants easily takes 2-3 hours but run an all faction fit regular battleship with +5 implants and you can finish the mission including salvaging in an hour or so. Am I going to take a 4+ billion isk BS to lowsec, never mind null sec, sure, righ, dream on. Don't get me started on 10+ billion isk officer fit marauders.

I left my mommie's house many years back and I don't need and FC, corp CEO, or anybody else telling me how to fleet up, what ship to fly, to be online at such and such a time and least of all complain when I choose to make isk instead of going on a roam so I can purchase that Pith-X type shield boost amplifier I need for a battleship. More solo content please, a lot MORE solo content please. Not everyone likes to sit in a circle and circle jerk while saying gf, gf, gf...rawr or whatever.

IMO the way CCP is thinking about implementing NPC nullsec sounds interesting in principle, maybe set it up so that it feels more like wormhole space that regular nullsec? Get rid of local?

Narisa Bithon
The Motley Crew Reborn
Posted - 2011.08.20 21:21:00 - [57]

Edited by: Narisa Bithon on 20/08/2011 21:27:37
Edited by: Narisa Bithon on 20/08/2011 21:26:54
some npc null sec regions need more stations to allow for more smaller entities to exist.

Regions: Great Wildlands & Outer Ring have too few stations.

Adding a few more stations would help smaller alliances build up before they move to to sov 0.0.

Also allow supers to be built in npc 0.0 IF a corp has sufficient standing with the region owner "example have a corp standing of 8.0 with sansha to build supers in stain" this would then allow smaller alliances build up

Perhaps even adding a few new npc 0.0 regions would be good too... have them way out on the edge. maybe remove blood raider's npc controlled systems from delve and give them a whole new region out past delve. The same for serpentis... move them from fountain to a whole new region

Posted - 2011.08.21 16:02:00 - [58]

Edited by: Cearain on 21/08/2011 16:02:38
If they:
1) add allot more npc stations with services

2) add npc null sec regions.

3)Also allow more empire access into npc null sec.

they would make it very hard for a large group to dominate it.

They wouldn't just have to make it so the rewards were worse than in sov null sec.

Posted - 2011.08.21 23:53:00 - [59]

Edited by: banton on 21/08/2011 23:57:05
Edited by: banton on 21/08/2011 23:56:24
May I suggest a Horde culling every once in a while in NPC 0.0 space.
What do i mean; any corp/ Allience, having more than X guys in an NPC 0 a system could be targeted by the NPC's (BLOBS of NPC will attack like in Empire progressing until they are all dead or culling ends.
Cullings happen at random points of less than once per 4 days and not more than 2 times a week.
That will keep the large alliences out. and if they go there, they will keep to small groups.
Also, during a Culling none can dock, undock, or use gates from targeted group for Y time.

Vil Mahona
Posted - 2011.08.22 05:41:00 - [60]

I'd for one as a guy who lives about 1/2 time in NPC 0.0 space would veto the idea that you lose station services if you have bad standings with the NPC. My standings from mission running in high sec have me so bad that I'd have to do hundreds if not thousands of L1 missions to ever get my standing back to a zero. No way I'm ever going to do that kind of grind. Just don't have the play time anymore for it even if I had the will to do it.

More Medical Bays at stations would be nice. for sure more stations in the NPC regions that are lacking in them. Also lower the true sec some. as some of the NPC 0.0 is very uniformly at like a 0.01 to 0.09, Stain is real bad for this, Outer Ring as somewhat the same issue These 2 regions don't connect to high sec at all so both should look somewhat more like Venal than they currently do. Also annoying that most the roid belts in stain have nothing but high sec ores in them. It's 0.0 so should be into the middle ores with some scattered high ends

Like the NPC 0.0 for the fact that has good small fleet pvp so that you can get a gang of 5 to 10 going and do a decent roam and find a fight or hang around one of the various choke points.

So please be careful as to what you do with NPC 0.0 as you could really mess up players ability to even use the space if not careful.

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