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super sweet pea
Posted - 2011.08.15 06:56:00 - [1]

I see alot of folks talking about Dual Prop...what is it?

VKhaun Vex
Posted - 2011.08.15 07:11:00 - [2]

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A ship equipped with both an afterburner, and a micro warp drive.

Micro warp drives are faster, which allows you to dictate range in an engagement vs enemies using only an afterburner.

Warp Jammers (Which prevent your target from warping) come in two types. One of those types operates at a shorter range, but will prevent a micro warp drive propulsion unit from functioning if you can get close enough to use it. Micro warp drives also cost more capacitor to keep running.

Some ships are better with one or the other. Some ships will equip both to keep their options open in combat.

Edit to add--
You can not run both modules at once, so you don't gain max speed over just a MWD. Equipping a micro warp drive lowers your maximum capacitor, and you'll not get that capacitor back while using the afterburner.

Louis deGuerre
Posted - 2011.08.15 08:34:00 - [3]

Dual props are generally only used on tackler frigates/interceptors.
Use MWD to get close enough to tackle target (web+scram).
If you are faster than the target with AB turn off MWD.
If target uses missiles ALWAYS turn off MWD.
MWD increases your signature dramatically (except interceptor, they get a bonus) which makes missiles hit much harder.
It also makes you easier to hit with guns.
Speed makes you harder to hit and will decrease missile damage (but the signature penalty off MWD is much worse than this bonus).
This also goes the other way around, if you orbit the target fast you will have difficulty hitting him too (except with missiles which always hit if in range).
Note that using MWD will increase your orbiting radius (due to high speed) and makes it easier for the target to make you overshoot and let him get away (especially if he's manual piloting).
Bottom line, orbiting the target at close range, turn off MWD and turn on AB.

VKhaun Vex
Posted - 2011.08.15 09:35:00 - [4]


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