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Imperial Shipment
Posted - 2011.08.13 08:07:00 - [1]

Great idea, but implementatin is TOTAL SH-IT

- I managed to find music switcher only after a while, otherwise I had to close the web-site, and go to youtube to actually watch videos. Its 1 thing which is MUST on any web-site. If there is in built music - make a fu-king music switch ON/OFF fu-kin obvious and easy to find. Well yes I did managed to find it eventually, but it should be like visually screaming.

- When you open pictures section - the pictures are actually so small you cant read **** on them. I found gonnsmawrm poster intersting and wanted to have a closer look at it, but I could not read the descriptions under the bees because I cant get the full size picture. Who developed this sh-it ?

- Third comment is that site itself is very bulky and heavy, surely some of you with super powerful machines find it easy to use, but thats a 1 law all web designers must obey, that web-site should be readable on any machine and any browser.

Thats all the comments, because after I tried to watch video with that sh-it constantly playing on background and after I tried to actually taking a look at pictures (and could not) - i just closed the web-site because I could not bear this nonsense anymore.

Here is my suggestion for voting - the idea is great, but CCP must drop is retar-ded design and make the one which is actually usable.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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