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Hida Amoro
Posted - 2011.08.11 15:45:00 - [1]

Edited by: Hida Amoro on 11/08/2011 18:47:00
Need some advise/opinions from you skilling experts. I currently have two separate skill plans mapped in EveMon, one dealing with primarily int/mem skills and the second has primarily per/wil, there is a smattering of int/per and per/mem skills in the two plans but not enough to make much of a difference. The int/mem plan has 34 skills, mapped i27/m21 with +3 implants it will take 52d, 7h to train them all and I am currently mapped for this. The per/wil plan has 31 skills, mapped p27/w21 (after I remap) with +3 implants will take 111d, 16h to complete. I currently have two remaps available on my character.

Now that you have all the details on to my question, should I combine these plans and remap to i21/p27? Sticking with the +3 implants and doing this would require 176d, 20h to complete all 65 skills. However, if I take a bit and train Cybernetics IV then install +4's the same merged plan can be finished in 168d, 9h. Overall, merging the two plans and upgrading the implants will cost me 6.5 additional days to training them separately (including the 1.5d to train cybernetics iv). Although it will take more time it leaves me some flexibility to jump around in my training and raise a gunnery skill if I want instead of a navigation skill. Just jumping over to Weapon Upgrades V with int/mem map will take 9d to complete versus 7d mapped per/will, but under the new plan with +4s the change would be almost negligible.

Thoughts would be welcome.

Edit: correct time for per/wil plan, it should have been 111d not 11d haha.

Fozzy Dorsai
Posted - 2011.08.11 16:42:00 - [2]

While I'm not sure I'd call myself an expert, I will give you my 2-cents.
Think longer term.
You don't get that many remaps (eventually one a year) so you want to use them very wisely. I suggest making on EveMon plan with everything you think you want to do for the rest of your life in it. My guess is that will have skills training for at least two years, likely longer. Sort them in the order that gets you doing the things you want to do in the order you want to do them.
Now, since youa re I/M right now, scoot down the list as many of the P/W skills as you can convince yourself can wait, even though you'd like to have them earlier. Scoot up as many of the favored I/M skills until you have so much of a delay getting to the P/W that you just can't stand it. In doing so you'll have mostly I/M in the front-end. You are, in effect training the I/M you want in the proper order, some P/W you just can't stand to wait for, and some lesser I/M since it will save you so much time now that you've got it mapped.


Fozzy Dorsai
Posted - 2011.08.11 16:55:00 - [3]

Now, you have a fairly well defined line between the above, and the P/W skills you're able to put off. Swapping from your I/M heavy skills to your P/W heavy skills will use up your first remap. Then you shift to training all the P/W skills you've been waiting for and then any P/W skills that you can cram in there while you're mapped in that direction. When that's over you'll still have your nice-to-have I/M skills to train, but probably not that'll be in more of a mix of skills to train. Again, you'll want to have a plan for the next year and then you can use EveMon to see what mix will train the shortest for that year. When in doubt an even I&P will be okay.


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