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Aicar Leuscirh
The Scope
Posted - 2011.08.10 14:19:00 - [1]

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Stacmon - Under the policies and leadership of President Jacus Roden, numerous corporations in the border areas currently affected by the war with the Caldari State have increasingly taken a more active stance in resisting any foreign intervention by Caldari corporate and military forces. Unlike the passive, and what was widely perceived as ineffectual, administration of former chief executive Souro Foiritan, many business interests have taken the necessary steps to protect their assets from being leveraged upon by Caldari megacorporations should the State impose military control on affected systems.

"Ever since Roden Shipyards was contracted by the Federation Senate to bolster security in Gallentean space, places like the Amevync constellation see regular patrols by Roden paramilitary vessels" said Syvstin Onasent, a manager of Gallentean descent with the Wiyrkomi Corporation in Vlillirier, "They mostly hunt down Serpentis or Gurista marauders, but tensions are rising with the local Wiyrkomi Peace Corps. We won't be surprised to see open warfare between the two should the military situation in this area decline further"

Corporations like FedMart and Astral Mining have contracted numerous private security firms such as Temko or Stacmon Security Solutions to protect local operations in their sectors. Many attribute this to the gradual ease of restrictions on several corporations operating in Federation space, but also to President Roden's policy of industrial reform, which has included increased economic freedoms for businesses across the Federation. Notably, the private fleet presence of Duvolle Laboratories in Heydieles, a main staging area for FDU capsuleer forces, has spiked significantly. Since the outbreak of war in 110 and the gradual migration of militia pilots to the system, local Duvolle operations has shifted to support the various FDU auxiliary operations.

"When the frontier was first occupied, many Gallentean megacorporations were left powerless by Foiritan's "wait-and-see" approach" said Jamiche Ergellon, economic analyst with the Scope, "Even FedMart, the largest retail corporation in the cluster, was left powerless with a mere security strike, and the Quafe-owned Material Acquistion faced a facility annexation. However, with President Roden's policies of greater corporate freedom, including increased paramilitary autonomy, as well as a more direct approach overall, it is clear that the same will probably not happen again"

Local employee response has been overwhelmingly positive, who are content with the increased job security that these moves provide. However, there has been some negative views from those elsewhere in the Federation, who fear that Gallentean megacorporations will soon begin to exploit their increased autonomy outside the contestable zones, in other areas of the country.


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