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Vetr Saken
Via Silvestris
Posted - 2011.08.10 09:44:00 - [1]

I've just installed an nVidia GTX 460 card, which has (touch wood) solved the lock-up problem I had with my previous ATI. The game itself works great - but I've found I have a problem with the re-customization screen. When I enter the screen I see my character as normal - but after making one or two changes (normally applying different upper clothing, but a couple of times when altering eyes etc) I notice the lighting goes dark, the char's eyes darken, and it all stays that way even if I undo changes.

If I continue to make alterations, the char's eyes eventually disappear, and go white (not like the 'white eyes' setting, but #FFFFFF white); and finally, if I keep changing things after that, hair and clothing disappear and head and body go #000000 black.

The effect persists whether I'm on the editing page or the portrait/photo page, and it appears to hold to snapshots and the preview window. I haven't clicked to accept the setting yet, so I don't know if it persists into the game itself. If I cancel the changes, all's back to normal in the game.

I have updated to the latest drivers, etc, and I wondered if anyone else had had similar problems.

Thanks for your time. Very Happy


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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