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Valke Turmanth
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.08.09 12:33:00 - [1]

I've just started to learn about PI, and I think I have the basics of the extraction and production process sorted out in my head. Now I need to understand the figures involved in what I do.

For a basic setup, lets assume I have an ECU with a 1 hour survey, and it's outputting 7,000 units an hour. The ECU is linked to a Launch Pad, which is then linked to my Processor. Both links have not been upgraded. When I click on the ECU and look at the products, I see a quantity, but this number is different from the hourly (and in this case total) output of the ECU. Where does this product quantity come from? I can't seem to match it to any other figure from the ECU.

Am I missing something in my understanding of what my output is and what the Launch Pad can receive?

I understand that I should be making sure that my hourly output isn't too much for the logistical capacity of the link from the ECU, but this quantity of product from the ECU is throwing me.

Sorry if this doesn't make sense, or I'm over simplifying things.

Hope someone can help.

Open Designs
Posted - 2011.08.09 14:22:00 - [2]

some things are a "little" broken with PI.

I think the quantity is how much you'll pull after the full 24 hours (or however long) since you don't get 7k units/hour for the full thing.

first cycle may be 7k, next cycle might be like 6950 (and so on) since the hotspot gets depleted.

Aroky Mabata
Posted - 2011.08.09 16:21:00 - [3]

I've been reading through other PI posts in this forum and seen the same question asked, and different answers given.

The one that came up multiple times though is that the quantity is the maximum quantity of the ECU cycle. it's a little higher than the current cycle output as the salvage head may hit a hot spit and give better output than originally predicted.

I'm not sure if that's the actual truth or not, but it was the best I found.

Anyone else got an opinion on what it is? Is it something I should really care about? Or should I just be looking at the hourly output of the ECU in terms to the number of processors I have, and the thickness of my line from the ECU to the intermediate storage?


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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