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JaneDoe 121
Posted - 2011.08.09 02:55:00 - [1]

I was wondering about mining in c2/c3.
What kind of pos equipment is necessary and what ships needed (orca and rorqual?). Is it worthwhile? whether ganks etc will kill any profit and time put into this operation. What are options to transfer ore/minerals into wh.
Thanks for answers, and please share some experience here or contact me in-game.

-- searf

The Sekhmet
Posted - 2011.08.09 09:17:00 - [2]

Listen to podcasts like Lost in eve or podded as they focus a lot on wormhole life.

wormhole mining isn't different than anywhere else just with an increased level of danger. What extra things you need depends on your intended timeframe staying there and what you intend to do with the ore mined

Posted - 2011.08.09 11:41:00 - [3]

Mining in wormholes is nice, but not that interesting usually.

-Biggest problem is logistics. Even with an orca and static HS its a lot of work to move it out. The exit will collapse several times for a common deposit spreading your precious ore all over the place. You can refine it at your pos, but you'll take a massive efficiency loss. You can use a Rorqual to compress it and move it out, but building a rorqual and making it actually worth the effort takes a lot of mining.
-Gravimetric sites are uncommon. Though there is a fair amount in theory, they dont spawn in your system untill they despawn somewhere else. This means that someone else must be mining them as well, and not cherry pick ABC's, or they just despawn after a week. And most people don't mine a lot in wormholes, simply because there are more effective ways of making isk in wormholes.
-There isn't much ore in a wormhole site. In the highest classes the biggest gravimetrics can be fairly nice. But in C2/C3 you are looking at maybe 20k ABC rocks, and that's it. Yes you can get arkanor and mercoxit and stuff, but not very much.

Id say mining is nice as extra income when you can't be bothered going for sleepers again, when you can't find good ladar and you still really want to do something.

Fire Starter55
Posted - 2011.08.09 20:34:00 - [4]

Well I have to say the guy above has never mined much in wh's, I lived in a c2 for just over 4 months. We usually had at least 1 grav in our system active at all times. And with 4 hulks in Corp somebody was usually mining at all times. Usually filled 4 Corp hanger arrays with ore a week. So lots of abc's around.

Drahma Daerie
Posted - 2011.08.10 01:54:00 - [5]

1. Yes you need a POS because you want to put the ore somewhere relatively close and return to your barges/exhumers in one cycle.

2. Security is the biggest issue. You cannot succeed mining in a wormhole with less than 6 active characters/players. You need someone to watch the entrance(s) while you mine. This may be up to 5 WH connections at a time.

3. The Grav sites are very large and a complete site will fill 2-3 corporate hangers. If you get a lot of visitors, many grav site spawns, or keep landing in bad locations (like HS islands), you may go a week before you can 'empty' the WH of ore. So have some more hangers in reserve, you can always fill them and offline them.

4. The 'size' of the Grav and Ladar sites are not determined by the WH class. However the larger sites seem to spawn less frequently in the lower class WHs. Given that C1 inhabitants are happy just to have built a battleship or two, not having many Sleeper Battleships to fight is a *good* thing.

5. The biggest issue in WH living I've observed of players is the ability of a player to accept that the WH is *home* and has a despawn 'curfew'. You can go out and roam, but be back before it moves. Not everyone is content to just do what 'luck' spawns in the WH each day (or raiding the connecting WH brings). And all your friends who want to do non-WH stuff need to be content that your WH character will not be part of their fun. Also, don't count on non-WH folks to protect your WH, your WH will be attacked when the entrance is in the one region all your PvP friends have the worst standings with...

6. Do yourself a favor and train some *non-Wormhole* character to do the refining. Then on 'bad' spawn weeks, you can run missions with corps in various parts of EVE to gain 6.68 standing and 0% tax. Then this alt (which now flies an Orca and Freighter) can haul the ore from whereever the WH gang dropped it to where it can be refined and used to make useful things or be sold.

7. Keep in mind that a full-size POS costs 240million+ to run just in fuel. So now maybe you need 4 characters in HS to mine ICE, PI training in the WH, and a refinery in the POS to convert all the LADAR gas to polymers, and.... once you are in, you work to pay the rent.

As others have said, do yourself a favor and listen to the many excellent podcasts and YouTube videos before you spend 1.7 bil on a POS.

Posted - 2011.08.10 03:31:00 - [6]

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JaneDoe 121
Posted - 2011.08.10 03:33:00 - [7]

Edited by: JaneDoe 121 on 10/08/2011 03:35:23
Thanks for the answers guys! keep 'em comin' :D !
I have some touch with wormholes (lived in c2, now running c1) but it's more about doing some big investment including buying WH and building rorqual/carrier inside.

Im thinking of doing some hi-end mining including 10 hulks, and maxed orca or rorqual.
I understand necessity of POS, im already running "recreational wh c1" mostly for PI, but I was thinking of expanding into c2/c3. POS/Rorqual isn't not an issue, I'm more concerned about profitability and safety :o . I don't mind ships being blown down from time, but if the risk is way to high im not sure if it's worthwhile lol!
How the jump clones are working with the clone vat bay... can i in example, plant jump clone at the rorqual, then from the hi-sec station later on jump to that clone at rorqual ? and after 24 hours from the wh, come back to the station in hi-sec by using rorqual vat bay? hmmm?

Drahma Daerie
Posted - 2011.08.10 04:08:00 - [8]

As far as I know, jump clones do not work in Wormholes, because W-space moves independent of k=space (it can't figure out the distance to jump).

High Sec static WHs get *Much* more traffic than Low Sec static ones, but do not have the 'escort through low-sec' need. Days with nobody visiting followed by an almost continuous parade of visitors either looking for sleeper sites, moving stuff from their low-sec WH to HS through the WH or just looking for trouble. Most caravans don't ask in 'local' for safe passage through the WH, they just send in the troups, kill anything outside of a POS and start moving the industrials through.

One other joy of WHs ... the WH cleaning alliances. They look for a juicy WH with lots of loot, pop all the WH - keep the static at the verge of collapse, set up their own POS, and then bubble and attack every POS in the WH looting as they go. Very efficient, very hard to bring aid in from outside (since they will move the WH entrance if threatened). So having someone from corp in the WH 24x7, and a sufficient combat/gunner force inside is also important. Nothing makes you want to review your life in EVE like losing 9 months of work in a day...

Each WH class has a maximum ship mass limit. A C3 allows an Orca but not a Freighter. A C1 is Industrial only. Orca helps, but you cannot repackage the XL ship array after it is built, just use it for mineral storage.

Substantia Nigra
Posted - 2011.08.10 04:13:00 - [9]

IMHO w-space mining, in a well managed system (know and manage the status of all your WHs), is safer than hisec mining. Ive been ganked a few times hisec mining but never in w-space.

My experience is solo / small-group C2/C3/C4 for most of the last couple of years. We never cleared any of our grav sites completely but we did get down to the lowgrade ore in a few using a pair of hulks (or skiffs) and an orca.

We would usually mine when the system was secure, and even then wed have a scanner alt deployed with a deep space probe out all the time. Also, for us, mining was usually the last-resort for when wed cleared all the anoms, radar / mag sites, and gas clouds. The main hassle was the sheer volume of ore / minerals that resulted. In the end we opted for (very lossy) in-system refining rather than compression (need a ship that has to stay with the system if you choose to leave) or hauling out as ore (lots and lots of hauler / orca trips to get it out), but even then large volumes of ore built-up pretty quickly.

Posted - 2011.08.10 05:29:00 - [10]

I jumped into a neighboring C2 once and someone was using harvesters and a Carrier... most amusing thing I have seen.

JaneDoe 121
Posted - 2011.08.12 05:22:00 - [11]

What about use of rorqual, has anybody used rorqual for large scale mining?

Posted - 2011.08.12 20:24:00 - [12]

I just thought I would point out that (iirc) using a large ship assembly array to store your ore is more efficient than using a large number of CHAs. I believe it is at 4 or 5 CHAs that a large ship assembly array becomes more efficient insofar as powergrid and CPU usage are concerned.

Old Rum 11111
Posted - 2011.08.15 19:47:00 - [13]

No rorqual is needed - orca is enough - compare spawn rate of gravs in C2-3 and the production cost of rorqual. :) The main thing is security, so you better have an corp whith 4-5 active members. One big problem - WH has no local, podscan doesn't have enough range, so you can be easily surprised by enemy. And this is the loss of a mining barge. Or exhumer. Even if you mine an arconor for three hours - It will be a negative profit.


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