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Zela Kahn
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History of the Kahn.
The Holo-Text of the seers.

Composed and contextualized by Za’he Kahn.
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About the scholar of Kahn.

Za’he Kahn or Zahebolon Kahn in his formal tongue after his re-animation was allowed to be come a scholar who would witnessed the reclamation of the empire from birth. With his brothers he learned from a young age how a true warrior died in battle as the life of the infantrymen was his destiny. His celebrations were cut short the week prior to his departure. While his brothers at arms got that which they wished for so long, to depart on the eve of battle knowing they would fight the second they touched ground. Za’he was made to watch as the few colonies the Kahn had established burned from within. His own direct line perished amidst the violence as their estate was raided by a group of marauders.

Za’he Kahn vowed to record the history of his people ever since.

Vol I
Chapter 888 written and logged upon departure.

In the time of the first Kahn we had been a handful of cultist and cyber geeks, what the men of Earth during the 20th century called Trekkeis. During this time it was not uncommon or unusual to encounter men or women who openly admitted they believed in a higher purpose, a higher god. It was here that the great scientist Harold M. Magnus director of NASA’s D-RAT program (Desert Rat Program) who would play a crucial role in the development and creation of the Kahn legacy gave birth to his theories that would be turned to the Kahn doctrine. While on Star Trek the Kahn were known as menacing tyrannical figures the Kahn of the real had much more sophisticated manners than that of pop culture. It was a matter of time before greater minds sprang up and proclaimed themselves heirs to the Kahn, the day the Earth stood still was not the day aliens invaded from their mother-ship. It was the day we left our home for New Eden. The first true Kahn sailed through the cosmos as the legends of old proclaimed, “In chariots of metals, crafted by the greatest minds did the fire of the sun itself carry us to our new home. There we will be the proud Kahn we once watched on TV.”
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It was said that many wayward souls were brought from old terra and not by accident; they clung to our engines and turbines even after we purged them for their hateful and lust filled sins. It is here our common ancestors departed on their own path to what we know today as the Kahnid of the Amarr Empire and a small cluster of the Jin-Mei of the Gallente Federation. It was then that the age of the great houses came to an abrupt halt just as the councils met to usher forth a new renaissance, the day we made New Eden our home.
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Kahn Noonien Singh was thought to have been only an inaccurate portrayal of our bloodline yet when the fires set ablaze by war in New Eden tyrants like the infamous Kahn unleashed their wrath through violent combat as wave after wave of smugglers, thieves and lawyers took up the banner of the Kahn under the motto “Übermensch” inspired by Nietzshe and the tyrannical Kahn of old Star Trek, as they believed in their mental and physical superiority “The first wall of tyranny” was born and it crushed everything including their own kind until only a few of the pure bloodlines could remember the words of old, let alone speak them. The words the first scientist inscribed on the holo-tags that carried the first “real” Kahn beyond the known universe. The same holo-tags that marked their execution on arrival.

This log and more at our official [LOG]


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