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Decimat Draconia
BricK sQuAD.
Posted - 2011.08.07 14:47:00 - [1]

Suggest potential discovery of the Milkyway and Earth as an expansion to new Eden.

New race of ships and politics.

A deep deep space exploration through a network of wormholes which can't be populated through current mechanics. Potential for testing new space and ship mechanics (think first/third person motion controlled space flight).

+ expanding the lifetime of the game whilst potentially phasing in a new PVP mechanic.

Lex Xero
Posted - 2011.08.07 18:02:00 - [2]


Would be an interesting idea for like a mega expansion, rediscovering the Milkyway through a new type of wormhole like the one that got us all into New Eden in the first place. I don't know about adding Earth Empire/Federation whatever as playable race, but it would be cool to add a new line of racial ships like the OP mentioned, an Earth Frigates/Cruisers/Battleships etc or something. Might be difficult to come up with a new weapon types for the new ships and then worrying about ship balances, but I think that would be epic and could be done!

I do think CCP should start considering their playerbase again, if they have any desire to keep this game going, which I'm beginning to question as to whether they do or not.

Ice Fire Warriors
Posted - 2011.08.08 05:56:00 - [3]

Edited by: ShahFluffers on 08/08/2011 05:58:27
I'd like to point something out here... according to the lore, when the EVE gate collapsed and stranded/starved all the colonies that would later become the "4 playable races" of New Eden the "Terrans" (see: "Earth People") were FAR more advanced than we are now. The Jovians are the exception, having maintained most (but not all) of their technology after the collapse.

It's taken us a little under 20,000 years from that incident to go from the "dark ages," where we had little technology, to where we are now.

Check out this trailer from a few expansions back... go to 1:27 and see what happens when a battleship fires a modified "Terran" jump drive as a weapon.

Ominous Corp
Posted - 2011.08.09 21:03:00 - [4]

Edited by: Manique on 10/08/2011 06:59:47
Well... If Milkyway dwellers would become something similar to the current Jove role and currently extinct races playable to include Jove aswell :) this would make EVE even more epic but I can't even put my head arround ballancing ships + tech after something like this :).

Definetly something to look into , but maybe in a few years from now.


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