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Posted - 2011.08.07 14:26:00 - [1]

Hello CCP.

I am one of the players of EVE online and I would like to aks you some questions, that I would be glad to your response. But let me start from the beginning.

You have done the great game, but I do not have to tell that. You know it. When I compare the very first trailer to today´s, it is really a huge step. Troughout many years, you have improved the gameplay, graphics,.. and all of the "stuff" that makes EVE (and that universe) so awesome.

Well, let me tell you why I am writing to you. All this was really great, until the Incarna expansion.
I know that "walking trough capitan´s quarters" is a stepping stone to the next freatures that you may offer. So, ok, fine. The reason why am I writing this list to you is your improvement of turrets and bays. Everyone must see that you have spent many days of figuring how they could look like, and finally made them that way.
I can honestly say, that you have changed them into something twisted, mostly brownisch colour – they are unknowable. The older models, icons,.. were trully better. You have changed fighting and mining turrets, and this list is "aimed" to the miners, their turrets, icons, but especially their beams.
You have set all the mining beams into single, permanent, blue beam. Well, what were bad on that previous views of beams? You have erased one of the (very few) differences between normal and strip miner.
Their icons have also changed, but not very well. One is able to find just via is´s name, the other does look like an axe.
You have used the older models of beams for a few years, (a few is ironical), and I am wondering what led you to these decisions.

There are my questions:
Would be there a possibility to make the turrets still visible, also from more distance than 250m? In previous versions, there was a button to hide them. By Incarna, you have just permanentlly turn it on.

Would be there (please, at least) a possibility that you change the older beam of strip miner back? Generally beams of miners? (Also the beam of "Miner I",..)

Would be there an option to choose, which icons of items would user use? I mean, that the player would to choose from wider options, like: newer icons for figthing/for weapons, and still use the older icons for mining/miners.

Would be there a possibility to add a button to choose (and switch) between this new station enviroment and that older one? (In order to view the active ship as flying ship in a "room" from above view.)

In the end, I would like to offer you some solutions to my questions.

I have noticed, that during the previous versions, by installing some moduls into ship´s slots, they did affect the look of other things. I am pointing on the fact, that after adding "Mining laser upgrade II" the light around the older skins of "Strip miners" did change. So, what would you think about taking back the older beam (of Strip miners and Miners,... generally) and after that add some effect on the beam or on the asteroid that is being mined (their shade, (a little) colour, very little lightning (very), or just sparkling, or nothing) by depention on the usage of "Mining crystal". On the other hand, your change of beams of mining drones are good. Or if you think something gotta to use blue-whithisch mining beam, let it be them.

Well, I would be really glad if you read this list till here, as much as I would like to read your answers to my questions. I really, really hope that you will care about this.

PS: As you maybe noticed, (maybe not), I have published my first list in the forum ("Changes that came along with Incarna") at This is the very shorten version of it.

Alex Sinai
Mining And Probing Specialists
Posted - 2011.08.07 14:48:00 - [2]

Parially support in part of answers and some changes to be done with mining things. Icons not really important to me I can live with these but if majority want it why not.

Ladies and gentleman why do i get a feeling that entire Incarna thing was outsourced? It have so many inconsistencies with storyline and general look and feel like it was done by totally different dev team.


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