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Falcon Advanced Industries
Posted - 2011.08.05 18:47:00 - [1]

A few days ago, someone in the Arek’Jaalan project mentioned something called “The Mirror.” Personally, I believe that The Mirror has not had the attention it deserves, and within this document I hope to present several plausible ideas as to the meanings of the contents of the various enclaves and what they may reflect of the Sleepers.

Firstly, the name ‘mirror’ may suggest many different meanings. The most plausible I have heard was that of a server mirror – an up-to-date backup of information. However, upon looking a little more closely at the titles of the enclaves, I believe that this represents a reflection of Sleeper society at a time before their disappearance (at this time strongly believed to be a retreat into a ‘virtual utopia’) and what parts of their society (or at the very least, scientific community) were devoted to what tasks at that time. The fact that physical locations are referenced (library, laboratory, quarantine sector, holding pens) leads me to believe that The Mirror was a research facility replete with a Sleeper population with each name and number in each index representing a research department and the amount of space it maintained within each enclave.

To begin, I will focus on the Archive Enclave.

Falcon Advanced Industries
Posted - 2011.08.05 18:50:00 - [2]

Archive Enclave

1.1-3.3 Digital Backup Library
3.4-3.5 Terran Artifacts
4.1 Theories of the EVE Gate
5.1 Talocan Technology
6.1-6.9 Emergent Ideologies

Sections 1.1 – 3.3 are fairly self-explanatory, as any advanced civilization backs up data on a regular basis. 3.4 – 3.5 suggest that the Sleepers came into contact with Terran artifacts, most likely from New Eden (a theory strengthened by the next section which deals with the EVE gate). Research into the Terrans or the EVE gate suggests that these topics were of some importance to the Sleepers, either for historical / technological significance or as a possible avenue for research into whatever caused the Sleepers to erect quarantine zones (currently presumed to be a plague). As there the index toward Terran artifact research is so small, it seems to indicate that such research wasn’t of great importance, and as such, their idea of a solution to any biological threat had little to do with the Terrans.

Theories into the EVE gate and the small amount of the index given over to it suggest that the EVE gate was a significant scientific curiosity, but not of vast concern to the Sleeper population as a whole, leading me to draw the conclusion that it had little impact on the crisis they faced, yet important enough not to be overshadowed by any threat they encountered.
Talocan technology proves a somewhat sore point. The term ‘technology’ instead of ‘artifacts’ makes me think that the Sleepers had a much deeper understanding of the Talocan than they did of the Terrans. The term “artifacts” implies that what was being studied as a society had ceased or moved on prior to any retrieval of items of interest, while the term “technology” implies that there had been prior contact between living Talocan or Sleepers, or that there was a much, much deeper understanding of the Talocan as a whole (enough to figure out the difference between Talocan technological devices and Talocan paperweights). The need to study such technology implies that there was no co-operation between the Sleepers and Talocan toward common technological goals, either due to warfare, secrecy, mistrust, or the passage of time between the Sleepers encountering any Talocan constructs.

As Sleeper drones have been seen near Talocan structures, I am lead to believe that the Sleepers believed them to be of some value and therefore worthy of preservation. Why that is I do not know, but I think that it is most likely of a scientific purpose, as military action invariably involves the destruction of enemy assets, while science preserves and studies items of interest. Therefore, I find it reasonable to assume that armed conflict did not take place between these civilizations at the time the Sleepers’ mass cryonic program came into effect. I cannot say with any degree of certainty whether or not this is because the Sleepers had prevailed over the Talocan at that time or that warfare never came to pass.

Falcon Advanced Industries
Posted - 2011.08.05 18:52:00 - [3]

Emergent Ideologies presents us with two meanings. The first is the most obvious: Ideology that is emerging, but if we reverse the position of those terms within the sentence, we’re left with the implication of “ideology of the emergent.” Ideology within advanced cultures does not generally tend to waver unless said culture is involved in something that changes the way that the culture thinks, like, I don’t know, a plague. The literal meaning of an ideology is that it regulates the actions of an individual and guides them along modes of behaviour that are deemed acceptable. For large cultures that face crises, radical behavior is to be expected, but their justification in terms of indexed ideologies seems, at least to me, as likely as the next idea I will discuss. The ideologies of the emergent: AI.

Try thinking of it like this: An AI is like a child, only a lot more intelligent and capable. However, children have no ideology of their own, and as such, they are guided by their parents. Without imprinted ideology, an intelligence is free to do as it pleases without regard for its environment. In terms of the Sleeper drones, this could mean that a drone could simply choose to abandon the Sleeper Enclaves leaving them defenceless, attack other drones or the enclaves themselves. Therefore, an AI would be considered rogue without these guiding principles and as such, ideology would be required to be a part of an AI should it come into being in order to follow the directives of its master and to avoid possible subversion.

Communications Enclave

1.0-5.1 Microvirtual Transmission Sensor
5.2-5.5 Sensor Backup Systems
6.0 Operation Servers
7.0 Proliferation News Network Studios
8.0 Detransmission Clusters

The seemingly vast amount of space given to microvirtual transmission sensors suggests that these sensors are set up to detect transmissions of a microvirtual nature and plenty of them. Granted, that’s a ridiculously obvious thing to say, but it gives us context to work with. It also suggests that The Mirror was in constant contact with a transmission source or sources, with detransmission clusters (8.0) copying this data for their own usage (though something to note is the lack of any regard for transmitting data from The Mirror to other points).

The use of the word microvirtual is pivotal to me as a scientist, as there seems to be no accommodation for other forms of communication, such as fluid routers or basic radio waves. I am led to believe that these microvirtual transmissions were the primary method of communication for the society as a whole. With virtual spaces to inhabit, the video screens we see in our quarters or station interiors would seem unfathomably inferior. While we use fluid routers for basic data transmission, the Sleepers must have included virtual reality into every aspect of communications. There would be no need to send and receive messages, video footage or data files when you could interact with another person or persons in a virtual environment and experience a conversation, music, art, literature or a historic event in an interactive environment. The protocols required for such communication would go far beyond anything a simple data network could handle.

While we have seen modified fluid routers in the wrecks of sleeper drones, the lack of the technology on this base indicates that they were not required for the general Sleeper population, and that sleeper drones were not present at The Mirror when it was a research facility. Fluid routers are a great way of transmitting basic data, such as to, from and between Sleeper drones, but a sleeper drone would have no need for microvirtual transmissions, as an AI would not have been brought into being in a body that required constant stimuli like you or I.

Falcon Advanced Industries
Posted - 2011.08.05 18:54:00 - [4]

Sensor backup systems and operations servers are fairly obvious, so I shan’t dwell on them, and as detransmission clusters have been previously discussed I will instead turn my attention to the Proliferation News Network Studios. I find it surprising that this facility had its own news network, and I think that the lack of any direct transmission equipment listed means that this facility only allowed incoming transmissions, with the PNN providing a localized news network. However, quite why a studio is given over to this enterprise is beyond me. Surely, a society so entrenched in virtual realities wouldn’t need physical spaces to report news? Unless the name ‘proliferation’ gives us a clue as to the nature of the news that was being reported, namely news on something that proliferates such as an illness. I cannot draw any conclusions until I have studied what we know of the Sleepers as a society some more.

Medical Enclave

1.0 Emergency
2.0-2.8 Triage
2.9 Stasis
3.0 Quarantine Sector A
4.0 Quarantine Sector B
4.0-9.2 Quarantine Sector C
9.3 Quarantine Sector X

For my analysis, I shall consider the Medical Enclave to be something like a modern hospital, found within any station you care to dock in. All hospitals have emergency wards where patients are given a high priority. The word triage, in its most basic form means ‘to sort.’ The amount of space given to the triage department implied that they received patients who required varying degrees of care and as such, needed to be sorted into different categories. The tiny amount of space given to stasis leaves me to believe that it was used for patients who were in such a terrible state that stasis, rather than possible treatment was their top priority. Another idea is that stasis was given to those deemed irreplaceable and of more importance than the general population.

The quarantine sectors are split into four distinct parts. A, B, C and X. The largest section, C, is most likely where the general population were housed. As sectors A and B are much smaller, I assume that the portions of the population homed there were of more importance to their way of life. Another theory is that sections A, B and C reflect the different stages of the disease the Sleepers were attempting to combat, with the ominous-sounding Sector X given up as a place for either corpse storage for post-mortem experimentation, a place for experimental treatments to be carried out, or a housing area for Sleepers in the terminal stages of the illness.

The presence of a quarantine sector at the research facility leads me to believe that either contracting any plague was unavoidable, or that the research conducted required live tissue samples – or as the medical community refer to them – ill people. It is equally conceivable to me that sectors A,B and C were either representative of different ‘classes’ of Sleepers, or markers of different stages of the illness.

Oruze Enclave

1.0 Solar Engineering
1.1 Photoelectrical Engineering
1.2 Thermovoltaics
1.3 Residential
1.4 Residential

The Oruze Enclave does not concern me greatly, as I am unfamiliar with any of the terms used in the index, but one quote I heard from the Arek’Jaalan discussion caught my attention: “If you weren’t going to be around for a while, what would you use as a power source? Could Solar Engineering be a literal meaning for engineering a sun?” Certainly, engineering a sun would have far-reaching implications for solar events such as the Seylin incident or ensuring that a star did what you wanted it to, such as burn brighter, longer or anything else you could think of. When I consider Solar Engineering, I am reminded of the shuttle in the Geztic system and what it could be doing with the magnetic field of the Geztic star.

Falcon Advanced Industries
Posted - 2011.08.05 18:57:00 - [5]

Research Enclave - BioGenetics

1.0-3.2 Animal Cryogenic Research Laboratories
3.3-3.8 Holding Pens
4.0-6.0 De-animation Genealogy Research Library
7.0-8.0 Student Classrooms
9.0 Human Cryogenetic Applications

The titles of this enclave’s departments (and the next enclave’s) leads me to believe that the Sleepers knew what action had to be taken to defeat their plague: The first action would be to use their knowledge of cryonics to preserve their physical selves, while the second action would be to use virtual reality as a way of finding a cure for the plague.
Here I feel I must interject with a brief glossary. Cryogenics is the science of studying the effects of extremely cold temperatures on tissue and materials, while cryonics is the science of preserving whole living entities via de-animation using extremely cold temperatures.

The animal cryogenic research laboratories, and the space given to them means that research was being undertaken into the effects of cryogenic temperatures on animals, possibly with a view toward cryonic storage of whole animals. This presents us with two theories. The first is that the Sleepers were studying how to use cryogenics as a form of cryonic storage on animals with a view toward using the knowledge gleaned from such an endeavour to produce a human cryonic technology. The second idea is that animals were essential to Sleeper survival (possibly as a source of food and clothing) and as such, research had to be conducted into keeping them safely in cryonic storage for revival at a later date when Sleeper society was ready to resume. A ready supply of animals had to be kept available (hence the holding pens) for specimens to live within, but the interesting part comes in the form of the de-animation genealogy library. A library (and a sizeable one at that, spanning sections 4.0 – 6.0) implies that a lot of research had been conducted on the subject.

Genealogy refers to a sort of genetic history, while de-animation is a term applied to taking a living creature beyond a given point of death, so that it can be re-animated at a later date (either by oxygen deprivation or, in this case, cryogenic temperatures). While I am tempted to think that animals were de-animated, tested upon or modified and then re-animated so that results from experiments could be recorded, I am also presented with a new theory – that certain animals were resistant to the plague and whatever genetic traits made them resistant or immune had to be isolated (possibly extracted?) in order to be incorporated into human genetic makeup. Said experimentation was only catalogued at The Mirror, so that its applications could be studied for human cryogenetic research (sections 7.0 – 9.0). Cryogenetic research, it must be pointed out, is the preservation of genes, not whole humans. Cryogenetic research opens up two interesting avenues.

The first is that it could mean preservation of specific gene sequences. This would be important for a race that was considering changing its genetic composition as it provides a ‘backup copy’ of gene sequences prior to modification, so that if a gene was modified for an experiment which subsequently failed, a backup copy was available for further experimentation.

Falcon Advanced Industries
Posted - 2011.08.05 18:59:00 - [6]

The second would mean cryogenically deanimating a person and then changing their genetic composition during their suspension, so that the person who was deanimated was genetically different upon reanimation. As de-animation is a science that involves the subject still retaining a tiny portion of life, the alteration process of the cells having their genetic makeup changed would be incredibly slow. The implications of which are that a race could alter themselves genetically to become resistant to an illness over a period of millennia.

A third possibility, though unlikely in my opinion, is that cryogenetics could be the science of genetic code that cools the body to allow for self de-animation.

Whatever the case, the vast amount of importance placed upon genetics throughout The Mirror leads me to believe that whatever prompted the sleepers to hibernate, genetics was a key part of it. At this time I am strongly inclined to think that any plague (transmitted digitally or physically) the Sleepers encountered had the effect of rewriting a victim’s genetic code.

Research Enclave - Theoretical Genetics

1.0 Interdigital Neural Activity Laboratories
2.0 Multiple-Ancestry Research
3.0 Statistical Proliferation Archive
4.0 Datagenesis Procedures
5.0-8.0 Backup Servers
9.0 Mixed Intelligence Displays

Even the name of the Interdigital Neural Activity Laboratory seems a little obvious. Though why this department is housed within the theoretical genetics department is beyond me. I can only surmise that the interaction between a living brain and an external digital entity (say, a computer) was of interest to Sleeper geneticists. Perhaps technology could only go so far, and enabling a human to interact with a digital framework required the body to be modified to accept such technology? I find this odd, as our own pod technology allows an otherwise ordinary person (albeit an incredibly gifted one) the ability to interface with advanced technology. Perhaps it is a cure to a problem of our time: That the ordinary man-on-the-street cannot become a capsuleer, and so a baseline human must be modified on some level in order to be able to handle the exceptional mental stresses placed upon us during capsule operation. By studying neural activity in people interfacing with technology, research could yield ways for various parts of the brain to be targeted for enhancement (and perhaps enhanced on a genetic level) to better cope with such interfacing.

Multiple ancestry research: Different genes from different backgrounds make for a more varied species, some of which may be immune to a plague or display interesting genetic traits. Other than this, I can think of no reason why research would be conducted in this field, and it is an even larger mystery to me why statistics of proliferation with regards to multiple ancestry would merit scientific attention.

The idea of Datagenesis leads me to establish two meanings into the literal interpretation of such a word. The first is the beginning of data in terms of the self-procreating emergent AI, but why would such a field merit study in a Theoretical Genetics enclave? The same could be asked of other possible meanings, such as the creation of a vast virtual environment
The fact that it is termed as a procedure indicates that whatever datagenesis was and whatever link it shared with virtual genetics, it was not a field under research, but the implementation of an already-established practice. I can only assume that datagenesis is the act of reading a subject’s genetic profile and converting it into data that can be worked with within the Theoretical Genetics enclave.

The large amount of space granted to the backup servers for this enclave suggest that a huge amount of data had been gathered on the subject, and that it was of great importance to the Sleepers.
At this time, I have no idea as to the meaning of the mixed intelligence displays.

Falcon Advanced Industries
Posted - 2011.08.05 19:02:00 - [7]

Research Enclave - Virtual Genetics

1.0 Neurodegenerative Case Studies
2.0 Non-natural Teleology
3.0-4.7 Test Clinics
4.8 Bioinformatics Archive
4.9 Virtual Mutation
5.0-9.8 Emergent Systems

Case studies of neurodegeneration implies that whatever was being worked on within The Mirror had a significant link to brain damage. Whether this degeneration refers to any possible brain damage incurred during deanimation, a possible plague, cure, genetic manipulation, genetic damage, reanimation, interaction with technology or research conducted at The Mirror is unknown at this stage, and narrowing down possible topics is difficult at best. However neurodegeneration in a genetics lab leads me to believe that genetic alteration had taken place on some level (I’m guessing virtual), and the results of which caused neurodegeneration within subjects or simulations. I am at a loss as to why non-natural teleology was being studied, though it could be a possible avenue into the ultimate purpose of something that wasn’t natural. Perhaps it was an attempt to simulate what would happen when a plague victim didn’t die and any present plague was allowed to continue using a living host to rewrite genetic code, with data on the subject being stored in the bioinformatics archive, and possible ways to predict the mutation of a plague spore was studied in the virtual mutation department.

Emergent systems could mean new ways of conducting study into this field, or further implementation / research into AI. Either way, nearly half of this enclave is preoccupied with this field, and so whatever happened aboard the Virtual Genetics enclave saw this field as vital to the continuation of the field, but not important enough to devote an entire enclave to it.

Security Enclave

1.0 Virtual Kinetic Research
2.0 Artificial Intelligence Perpetuation Technology
3.0-5.0 Interstellar Surveillance Task Force
6.0 Anti-Thermocryogenesis Research and Implementation
7.0 Modulation Navigation Network

At this time I am due for a visit to Amarr for research materials beginning in a few days, so I have many other duties to attend to, but I will take a small period of time to speculate on the Interstellar Surveillance Task Force. The Sleepers were clearly looking for something across different star systems. Who, what, where, how or why is unclear, but if the eyes of the task force were cast toward other systems, then the facility either had to be pretty secretive, or there was a physical threat to the entire Sleeper nation, or the Sleepers were actively searching for something of great importance.

This concludes my conjecture. I welcome any and all comments, so long as they are geared toward delving into the mysteries of the sleepers to establish facts and unquestionable scientific truth. I myself will be available for conversation very infrequently over the next week or so, so please do not be surprised if it seems that I have abandoned this discussion, as I can assure you that I have not.



Utremi Fasolasi
La Dolce Vita
Posted - 2011.08.06 15:51:00 - [8]

This is all pretty awesome. One small reaction to a piece: the phrase "Proliferation News" strikes me as a euphemism for propaganda.

Falcon Advanced Industries
Posted - 2011.08.07 10:38:00 - [9]

Originally by: Utremi Fasolasi
This is all pretty awesome. One small reaction to a piece: the phrase "Proliferation News" strikes me as a euphemism for propaganda.

If that is so, then Proliferation News at The Mirror was attempting to keep the population (either local or more widespread) under control of some sort, either to calm panic or report false news to the Sleepers. Either that, or to broadcast propaganda to an enemy to demoralise them or to force them into capitulation through an uprising.


Utremi Fasolasi
La Dolce Vita
Posted - 2011.08.07 16:03:00 - [10]

Originally by: Nukleanis
Originally by: Utremi Fasolasi
This is all pretty awesome. One small reaction to a piece: the phrase "Proliferation News" strikes me as a euphemism for propaganda.

If that is so, then Proliferation News at The Mirror was attempting to keep the population (either local or more widespread) under control of some sort, either to calm panic or report false news to the Sleepers. Either that, or to broadcast propaganda to an enemy to demoralise them or to force them into capitulation through an uprising.


Or it could be a tortured translation for "broadcast" on second reflection.


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