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Aicar Leuscirh
The Scope
Posted - 2011.08.05 14:34:00 - [1]


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Vlillirier - The Amevync District Parliament has convened on the constellation's capital of Vlillirier VI in Jootan to discuss the recent incursion by State Protectorate forces into the area. Most notably, the Parliament has voted to restrict all Wiyrkomi operations in the constellation, as well as contract security forces from Roden Shipyards to oversee any enforceable sanctions and protect local business interests from the Caldari, should State occupation return to the system. Under the blind auction of 111, three systems in the Amevync district were purchased by Wiyrkomi, including Vlillirier, Oicx and Alsavoinon, while the remainder of the constellation was purchased by Lai Dai, despite pre-existing Wiyrkomi activities in these systems.

"These measures have been taken in order to best protect the local economy of Amevync under the current circumstances" said Representative Jeanne en Bolle, chairwoman of the select committee overseeing the matter in parliament, "While we recognize the right of the Wiyrkomi Corporation to operate in the area, and appreciate their significant contribution to the welfare of our citizens, we do not recognize any activities that go beyond and violate original agreements between the local authority and Wiyrkomi. All Wiyrkomi operations that are not covered by pre-existing contracts will be resisted by the government of Amevync, inside or outside of Caldari military occupation"

A spokesperson for Roden Shipyards in Vlillirier stated that their corporation "will comply with the legal authority of local Governors and the Amevync District Parliament as far as Federal Law permits". Meanwhile, the Wiyrkomi Corporation has expressed their disgruntlement with the recent move, and there are signs of tension within the ranks of Wiyrkomi Peace Corps who are legally present in the area. Local Amevyncians who are employed by the widely respected Caldari firm have been decidedly muted about the situation.

Historically, the Wiyrkomi Corporation in Amevync has served as a "middle man" between Ducia Foundry mining operations, and FedMart production/retail services in the constellation, which has a remarkably multinational corporate presence. Though low security space and mostly colonial, Amevync has a sizable population and notable infrastructure, particularly in the industrialized system of Vlillirier. FedMart's distribution of Wiyrkomi-manufactured goods has handed the local spaceside colonies a relatively high level of development. Roden Shipyards has supplied FedMart, Ducia and Wiyrkomi alike with all manners of mining, transportation and other industrial vessels. However, since the election of President Jacus Roden, relations between the two corporations in the area have declined somewhat.

With the State Protectorate beginning to make gradual inroads into sovereign Federation space, various local governments and corporations are beginning to take the precautions and make the preparations necessary to resist Caldari occupation without the presence of friendly military forces.

Dex Nederland
Lai Dai Infinity Systems
Posted - 2011.08.06 14:45:00 - [2]

Wiyrkomi's presence in the area likely dates back to before the Gallente-Caldari War, before Roden Shipyards was even a concept. The Wiyrkomi Corporation and its employees are the locals.

It appears that the Roden administration is abusing its position in the government to strengthen Roden Shipyards' business. The only recourse left to Wiyrkomi appears to be an appeal to the State Protectorate to focus its efforts in Amevync and protect the interest of local corporations and local population from an interfering, distant, and self-serving Federal government.


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