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Kaver Linkovir
Posted - 2011.08.05 11:51:00 - [1]

This piece is written largely to highlight points of interest where progress can be made in the view of the OP.

The failing corporation and incentives to counteract such failings.

We all know quite a few of these. Corporations with about fifty casual players of which only a few log on daily and more then half went inactive along the road. The player loyalty to a corporation means they will often wither along with the dying corporation and eventually stop playing EVE due to this degradation of the quality of their online time due to having less people around to play with.

But how could we place punishments or incentives to counteract this natural development of a good portion of corporations?
Possible punishments might be:
  • Loss of corporate functionality as less and less players log regularly. Tying in corporate functionality with the count of active players in that corp. This would be a harsh measure that would punish corporations for growing stale.

  • Increased cost to operate from zero isk for fifty active members to a heavy fee as you dip below fifty active members.

Incentives (an option the writer would prefer, because these add functionality instead of taking it):
  • A corporate hangout tied in with incarna. As you have more active members functionality gets added to this hangout.

  • In game killboard and in game forum per corporation until the active membercount drops below fifty, at which point functionality begins to decrease until non functional at around five members and below. If these are implemented without incarna tie in at first this would not require any art resources.

  • Creation of a middle ground between POS and Outpost of which the defences and functionality are directly tied to active corporation membership. This would be an extra isk sink that would add functionality to the corporate entity by providing an added level of service for a dual investment by the corporation. One needs invest isk or resources as well as have an active memberbase. The suggested base functionality is docking with module switch-over, repair, defences and social incarna features (hangout with your mates) being tied in with the number of active members. It is preferably located in a deadspace pocket accessible by lockable (but probable) acceleration gate and only permissible in lowsec, 0.0 and wormhole space. This will also serve as an in-between point for corporations looking to venture out and could be tied in with Dust 154 (sweep the complex clean, please). The lockable acceleration gate would provide a campable point as well as a betrayable access point (gate permits that are destructible and dropable objects, maybe only used to allow people not in corporation entry).

  • Integrating active corporation members in base costs for running a POS. At the moment this is done indirectly via the planetary interaction. But, come a redesign of the POS systems, it could be fully integrated in the basics of the POS. The more active players a corporation has, the less fuel it takes to run (based on the assumption that the active member contributes by just being there for corp).

A short little bit on destructible Outposts.

On this matter I think a testing phase where Outposts become unusable for three or six months is in order. This to check beforehand if this mechanism will not be used by power blocks to simply burn EVERYTHING by shifting alliances repeatedly as well as reduce the chance that smaller entities get a decent foothold somewhere without having to answer to a bigger block immediately. Also, Outposts represent a huge investment, simply destroying this would be a massive isk sink that would have hard to predict effects on the lay of the land in 0.0. Also, just reducing the Outpost's functionality would not require any new artwork and could thus be tested before actually committing art resources that could be spent anywhere else.

Kaver Linkovir
Posted - 2011.08.05 11:53:00 - [2]

Engaging the playerbase, stepping it up.

At this moment everything is largely optional with the exclusion of a declaration of war that has not been mutually agreed upon. By engaging the playerbase in a less optional fashion immersion is increased as well as opportunities created for communication in game.

One such option would be that the Nex CEO could publicise a flight itinerary for his promotional tour and then attempt to follow this route.

Along similar lines a Sansha attack on 0.0 power-blocks / Factional Warfare fleet engagements / highsec station-hugging griefers and their prey looking to fight one another would be juicy and provide tears as well as jubilation. Especially since it can be assumed that any resources committed to these things are resources that might have been lost in the engagement everybody was seeking before the new enemy rolled in. It would introduce a dynamic to any engagement that would give a new meaning to “CCP bashing” and “CCP fanboi”.

A big plus to such engaging of the playerbase would be a rotational schedule for it where all layers of developers within CCP would be slated for one such event every two months or so with event lasting two hours and upward. This would ensure both CCP and the playerbase of moments of communication that aren't non-constructive shouting matches, but rather playing together, furthering storylines and working towards mutual understanding by shooting at each other, racing each other, hide and seeking each other and all other manner of silliness people will come up with if left to mess around.


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