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Shalee Lianne
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2011.08.05 05:40:00 - [1]

Lucius Vindictus
East Khanid Trading
Khanid Trade Syndicate
Posted - 2011.08.05 16:10:00 - [2]

Interesting link! Normally I have trouble staying interested in blogs, but the stuff in here is very decent reading material Smile

Ya Nor
Posted - 2011.08.21 06:07:00 - [3]

its a good one. support FW!

minmatar victor? :P

also, to help you out shalee...

Posted - 2011.08.21 09:52:00 - [4]

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Sov wars

Tori Sav
Posted - 2011.08.21 09:52:00 - [5]

+1 for advertising measures

Tori Sav
Posted - 2011.08.21 09:55:00 - [6]

interview Baha

Tri Vetra
Ascetic Virtues
Posted - 2011.09.03 20:55:00 - [7]

This is a good blog and the only one I read every day. The only thing I don't like are the interviews. It feels like you fell into the same trap Sneaky Noob did with his Icyhawt newsletter, trying to be a little too "professional" and unintentionally portraying interviewees as incredibly boring people. It would be cool if you could merge with whoever was ~the mystery man~ behind olde FWReport to spice things up.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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