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Miss Madison
Posted - 2011.08.05 05:36:00 - [1]

Hi guys so I just started playing this month ago, and I would like to know, WHAT IS ALL THE QQ ABOUT?

I got past the hellacious learning curve. It is truly steep like they said it was, but its bearable. I got into a fantastic corp that answers my questions any time I have one. I even flew some solo pvp tonight for the first time and got me 2 rifter kills in a rifter, and a cruiser kill later when a corpmate flew in to help. Really, I see loads and loads of threads about people quitting because they spend months at this game without finding a good corp or one good pvp fight in lowsec, and Ive accomplished all in a matter of weeks.

Luck, or mad?

Posted - 2011.08.05 05:54:00 - [2]

Eve, you're doing it right.

Btw that learning curve you experianced is just the boulder at the base of the mountain but with that outlook it should be a fun climb. Eve is a game where after playing for a year you look back and realize you still have a lot to learn.

15 Minute Outliers
Posted - 2011.08.05 08:59:00 - [3]

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Basically a bunch of bittervets (read: Carebears) have been bored with the game for sometime and can't let go because they've spent the last 3-8 years training their character and they don't want to unsub. So they're all emotionally invested in a game they don't like anymore. So now anytime anything changes the game they whine and complain and threaten to quit. There's three things they hate. Anything that alters gameplay. Anything that doesn't alter gameplay. Anything that makes their ****ty laptops run poorly because they refuse to upgrade (note they often complain they don't have money for upgrades but then admit to running anywhere from 3-7 accounts - bu bu we pay for it with plex - because that wasn't a game altering microtransaction Rolling Eyes).

Enter Incarna. All those bittervets knew well in advance that it would bring microtransactions and walking-in-stations. They grumbled and grumbled and then it was released. **** hit the fan.

1. Those "space barbies" that all the bittervets supposedly didn't care about are hard on their ****ty laptops. They ragequit or went to Jita to shoot a statue.
2. The micro-transaction store that all the bittervets knew about in advance and supposedly didn't care about had items that were out of their (multiple account) price range. They ragequit or went to Jita to shoot a statue.
3. Ship-spinning in hangers, something completely pointless to gameplay was removed. Bittervets who insist they never care about features that don't affect gameplay cried huge tears. They then ragequit or went to Jita to shoot a statue.
4. An internal newsletter named Fearless was leaked that had an article sarcastically titled "Greed is Good" that explored the option of game-altering microtransactions in EVE. Bittervets immediately assumed this was company policy and ragequit or went to Jita to shoot a statue.
5. An email by CCP Hilmar was leaked that basically said "Incarna is here to stay, we don't care about people whining on the forums, if they really don't like it they can quit" Bittervets were devastated to find out that CCP isn't their best friend and just looks at them like customers. They ragequit or went to Jita to shoot a statue.
6. Another CCP post addresses the price of monocles and says that there are people in the world who own pairs of blue jeans from Japan that cost a 1000 dollars. Bittervets claim CCP is out of touch with their playerbase and completely misses the point (the point being that some people in the world can own nice things and EVE is no different, there are haves and have-nots and EVE has always been like this and if you don't like it play a traditional mmo - of course the bittervets hate this because they're all carebears). They then ragequit or go to Jita to shoot a statue.
7. CCP finally releases a statement saying they will have no plans to have game-altering microtransactions in game. Many bittervets silently return to the game, others continue to ragequit but the statue shooting in Jita ceases.
8. CCP launches a site where people share their in-game moments to unlock free Aurum to promote the NEX store. Bittervets once again have found something to complain about and say it's all a huge marketing scam to tempt us with the NEX store. A few ragequit but the popular thing now to do is to petition CCP to get your free Aurum removed then brag about in on the forums like you're some kind of hero. Many others simply claim they'll never spend their Aurum because it would make the store look like a financial success. In reality they're just complaining now because it's the cool thing to do and are holding out for when all the aurum is released, will buy something from the NEX store and hide it in their portrait/sell it on the market for ISK to buy that next hulk that they lost to those mean old pirates.

Posted - 2011.08.05 09:18:00 - [4]

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^U mad?

E man Industries
Posted - 2011.08.05 15:00:00 - [5]

Originally by: Miss Madison
I got into a fantastic corp that answers my questions any time I have one.

This is what set you apart. To many try to go it alone and bleive you need 90milion skill points and supper cap to play...a rifter can tackle and you still can help PvE..

as for the basically comes down to the impression the CCP has not made a signifigant update to the space portion of eve on line. Many of these changes are to areas of the game despritly needing attention. Players resent attention focused on Incarna, nex, website as taking dev time away from EvE.


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