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Louis Stevenson
Posted - 2011.08.03 14:35:00 - [1]

Read WHOLE post Please :)
Do not judge it by subject - "Oh noes, not this system scan c**p again..."

Reintroduction of this array would require some changes in its mechanics - now it would work semi-automatic and whole process of using it should look like this :

1. Select Signal Strength
- low strength = scans only 100% anomalies etc. and shows how many signatures are there in system)
- 3 mid-levels that will scan some harder sigs
- high strength = scans all signatures in system to 100%

2. Depending on witch strength you choose scan cost and delay would change :
- low strength = consumes less fuel and has shortest delay like 30mins or 1hr
- 3 mid-levels = increased delay and fuel consumption
- high strength = consumes most fuel and scan delay is 24 hrs

3. You could acces SSA menu from any point in system (or just any POS in system)

4. Consumed fuel - Heavy Water (SSA would have fuel bay for this - whole bay = 2 days of scanning)

5. Limit of ONE SSA per system

6. No requirments of Soverginity means that it could be used in W-Space, Low-Secs and High-Secs

7. Sheluded scans - you could set SSA to scan system every x hours (this could work like skill queue)

Why? It would be VERY useful in W-Space - it will let you know what time some bonus wormhle oppened (and thus - when it will collapse) or some new site spawned etc.

It shouldnt be overpowered - after all its just scan of your own system, plus - its not free

Tower of Ravens
The Laughing Men
Posted - 2011.08.03 17:27:00 - [2]

Redundant and useless idea. No one is going to wait 24h to resolve all a systems sigs when they can spend 15-20m in a cov-op and achieve the same result, without any fuel cost.

I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a rather cool idea, I just don't see why it would need to be implemented over what is in use now.

As to it's wspace use. I see it as more a tool to reward the lazy and unprepared. If you can't be arsed to keep an eye on your home system for new sigs, then you deserve to get poded tbh. Don't automate what should be required intel gathering activities.

Louis Stevenson
Posted - 2011.08.03 18:46:00 - [3]

Well, all times and fuel costs are just examples, fuel could be also just used from CT via PG and CPU costs.

And sheluded scanning would be nice for nights when there is no one who could scan system and chceck for new sigs :)

Marcus Gideon
Federal Defense Operations
Posted - 2011.08.03 21:51:00 - [4]

I agree, using a POS mod to replace a simple T1 frig with probes fitted, is a terrible idea.


To go along with all the "Oh noes, there's an AFK Cloaker in system" rants...

Why not let the System Scanner find what grid the cloaker is on?

That's not to say you'd land right on top of them, or anywhere near them in fact.

But you'd be in the ballpark, and then you could wander about with drones or smarties running until you find them.

And before anyone says "Oh, push one button and find cloaks!?"

Make it use the scanning interface. You have to activate the POS mod, then adjust the focus, basically like moving scan probes around until you get a hit.

Depending on skills and such, you could find a Proto cloak a lot easier than a CovOps.


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