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Harlon Nyial
Caldari Provisions
Posted - 2011.08.03 11:00:00 - [1]

Name: Harlon Nyial
Bloodline: Caldari-Civire-Merc
Age: 35
Time as Capsuleer; Just over one year
Skill Pts: 1.16 mil

(Hello my fellow Rp'ers, I tried looking for a RP corp in the corp recruting page but didnt get much interest so I decided to post it here where more of us post and read. If you are in a RP corp or know of one please feel free to post here or EVE mail me. Thanks!)

Looking for a Corp to join. Looking for a Corp that is

A RP corp

Preferably running out of Caldari Space. Not really a big deal though.

Friendly to new players, (I made Harlon a long time ago but have been away from the game for a while and have just come back so Im still learning)

Mission running. Id be up for just about anything, mission running, doing security for other members mineing, anything that was more group oriented. (Running endless solo missions for Caldari Navy Security to grind out LP's and standing is killing me).

Im just a few days away from moving up to useing battleCruisers and I have also just started running Lv 2 missions for the Caldari Navy, Have most my Novice Certs and am close on most of my Basic certs as far as what I need to follow the Caldari Soldier carrier path. If your Corp is interested in new players and your a RP corp operating out of Caldari Space please message me here or find me in game.


Harlon comes from a long line of Civire bounty hunters. He grew up on a Lai Di station on the western fringe of Caldari space close to a hotspot of Gurista pirate activity. His family was moderatly weathly as most are who can afford to live mid level on one of the massive stations that dot New Eden. His famliys business revolved around hunting rat scum off station when the pay was right and working as a PI or private security for the up spire population when the bounty business was slow. When Harlon turned 18 he left with his uncle Lucius and spent 16 years off station hunting scum. He hunted everywhere, from the hot, humid undergrowth of jungle worlds to the frozen glacier selfs of ice planets to the crowded squallor of down stack space stations all over Calari space. Durring this time he worked for dozens of corporations and traveled far and wide through Caldari space. Due to his bloodline and background he was allowed almost free travel thoughout the reigon. His uncle taughting him everything he had learned from a lifetime in the bounty game, how to track both by following traces left in the dirt of some backwater planet and by useing a terminal to call up streams of data and how to sift through it to find the ticket the mark perchased takeing a ship off station. How to pilot, how to fight, shoot, drink, lie, cheat, steal and work the odds. Lucius was a man who had spent 6 decades in the bounty trade and was a man so hardbitten that teeth broke on him and he spent 16 years teaching and grooming Harlon.

*A dirty bar somewhere*

"The two most important things Harlon are this. One, never go against the State, your Caldari never forget it. Loyalty is to the State first last and always."

"Ya ya I know that unlce, always been that way. We do what we do for money but you never go against the State."

"And second always work the odds, never take a bad deal, never get caught with your pants down. Do that just once in this game and that it. End of story"

"End of story?"

"Ya Harlon end of story....."

Long and short of it. After over 15 years in the bounty game Harlon had saved a LOT of money and decided to take his shot at capsuleer training. He graduated just over a year ago and so far is having a hard time adjusting to his new life.

CCP Zymurgist

Posted - 2011.08.03 15:24:00 - [2]

Moved from Intergalactic Summit.


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