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Intaki Liberation Front
Intaki Prosperity Initiative
Posted - 2011.08.17 18:49:00 - [31]

Edited by: Bataav on 17/08/2011 18:55:14
Mr Blackstone might have a point.

It's often said that the secessionist movement in Intaki is a minority compared with wide spread Intaki satisfaction throughout the Federation. It's a mistake though, for the pro-Federation camp to take their support for granted as there's more disquiet than they realise.

An ILF security operative in the field is currently working with the Aliastra corporation and was surprised to witness the following exchange between some of the other capsuleers:
Originally by: Aliastra Corporate Channel
Channel Name: Corp
Listener: [Redacted]
Session started: 113.08.16 20:59:55

[113.08.16 21:03:23] *Curious Intaki Pilot* > so only Intaki ever get dumped in A?
[113.08.16 21:03:33] *Disenfranchised Intaki Pilot 1* > its discrimination!
[113.08.16 21:03:54] *Disenfranchised Intaki Pilot 2* > it really is
[113.08.16 21:03:58] *Disenfranchised Intaki Pilot 2* > the Gallente hate us
[113.08.16 21:04:00] *Curious Intaki Pilot* > but do all Intaki get dumped in A?
[113.08.16 21:04:06] *Disenfranchised Intaki Pilot 2* > I don't even know why we stay in the federation
[113.08.16 21:04:15] *Disenfranchised Intaki Pilot 3* > We have no where else to go
[113.08.16 21:04:19] *Disenfranchised Intaki Pilot 1* > we should have our own faction :)
[113.08.16 21:04:20] *Disenfranchised Intaki Pilot 2* > we should totally pull a Caldari and defect
[113.08.16 21:05:12] *Disenfranchised Intaki Pilot 2* > we should get together with our brothers in the Syndicate and found a new empire faction

Of course the identities of the pilots involved have been protected for their own security, but it's clear that there is no effort to disguise their disgruntlement or to hide open talk of secession or defection to the State as a people.

But secessionist groups such as the Intaki Liberation Front do not seek to remove all people of Intaki decent from the Federation. There are many examples of Intaki men and women who have prospered across the Federation and there is no reason for their successes to be interfered with. Instead our focus is on the populations, regardless of heritage, of the Intaki system and Viriette. The people who live and work here.

But our movement is known for it's tolerance and acceptance for a wide range of political opinion. There are those among us who might find themselves more sympathetic to the State, others are comfortable in the Federation but would see improvements in the system when it comes to Placid. Others still look to our exiled cousins in the Syndicate, but I don't conform to any of these particular groups so cannot speak for them. I can only speak for myself.

The ILF speaks of an "Intaki Sovereignty" and so setting aside my official ILF diplomat badge for a moment my own personal preference would be a truely independent "Confederation of Intaki Colonies" with the Intaki Assembly at it's head.

Intaki colonies across Placid would be able to join together, not only from Viriette but as far as Reschard if they so desired. With the lacklustre Federation response to the YC108 Reschard V disaster and the Reschard Senator Jolie Maurice's denouncement of the Presidential voting rights denial bill, it is my opinion that outside the Intaki home system, Reschard stands as a beacon to the secessionist movement.

As for the final parting comment from Mr Blackstone. Regardless of what happens within the Federation, I don't see any value in holding any homeworlds hostage. The Federation has learned through experience that no matter how long occupation might last, in the end something as emotive as an entire people's homeworld is very likely to be reclaimed one day. I imagine the reverse would be true if they were to find their fortunes reversed.

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Andreus Ixiris
Mixed Metaphor
Posted - 2011.08.17 19:24:00 - [32]

Originally by: Lucius Blackstone
and now the Intaki are poised to secede as well.

This utterly incorrect assumption makes the rest of your statement utterly irrelevant.

Oh, kind of like you!

Alain Octirant
Federal Nationalist Party
Posted - 2011.08.17 22:45:00 - [33]

Originally by: Nakal Ashera
Mister Octirant, you seem somewhat determined to pettily bully captain Ixiris, there. While I am not overly familar with your politics, I should hope that you conduct then in a manner somewhat more professionally then this, for the sake of your own platform.

Madame, you've clearly not watched a session of Parliamentary Question Time if you think our sparring is out of sync with modern political debate.

And the good General is right to mock me for my poverty. I am only a humble professor of History and spokesman for my party, a party that seeks to restore a sense of pride in Villore and oust some of the wasteful villains who have squandered our tax money. In my spare time I grow grapes and make wines on my estate. I may not be a wealthy capsuleer demigod like General Ixiris is, this much is true. I am a simple man, a man of the people.

Lastly, two Federal figures arguing is not a sign of disunity, but a sign of the robust nature of our democracy. We do not have to bend the knee to a single wordview; we are not Provists here.

Nakal Ashera
Posted - 2011.08.18 00:11:00 - [34]

Originally by: Alain Octirant

Lastly, two Federal figures arguing is not a sign of disunity, but a sign of the robust nature of our democracy. We do not have to bend the knee to a single wordview; we are not Provists here.

You misunderstand me, Mister Octirant. My issue wasn't with the fact that you weren't united in opinions, or something - It is healthy that you are not, as you said. Rather, the source of my concern came from the fact that you were arguing over what I can only percieve to be essentially nothing, more or less out of nowhere. Which isn't much of a testament to freedom of speech as a... Well, somewhat of a pity.

My apologies for my misuse of wording, Captain Ixiris.

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