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Posted - 2011.07.31 06:51:00 - [1]


23 year old Aussie guy here seeking a PVE(Incursion) focused corp to move to. Currently I love my corp but they are now primarily 0.0 based and I've been unable to dedicate logistically to it due to work commitments. I try to play every night, though some days I only get an hour again due to work. I play generally -3 downtime and +1 after and most of the days on the weekends.

Ship wise, I have all the skills for a guardian bar the actual Logistics skill which can be ready in just a few days to logi 4. I am currently finishing my t2 fit Sac and will then move onto an Archon carrier in the following months. Tanking wise, I can fit t2 tanks of both types, however my primary DPS come's from drones, so I primarily fly a Rattlesnake or Dominix. I also have a 2nd alt account that is mostly for salvaging/scanning, but it is now working its way towards a Paladin in the next year.

I've had taste's of Vanguard incursions and now want more as I enjoyed group PVE immensely in a roughly 5-10 man gang running sights.

API Details are:

User ID: 2952924
API Key: DWQ4qdi0Yj4VGi2xG7tTLDGXBfMgbgJFvYKlyLO7wpBSaPpsFVCyqJd4nMAwnNHY

Feel free to eve mail or leave a message here. Hope to hear from you soon.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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