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Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2011.07.30 15:03:00 - [1]

29mil pve main: T2 fit BS pilot for l4's (currently flying a Mach,Mael or Domi)
T2 fit Hulk pilot (T2 Ice + T2 ORE mining)
T2 fit Noctis pilot (inc T2 Salvagers)
T2 fit Prowler pilot
Can fly Minmy freighter (but DO NOT own one)
99.5% net yield from reprocessing/refining in Brutor/RF stations (9+ standings)

13mil alt: T2 fit Minmy BS pilot (T1 guns)
T2 fit Covops pilot/scanner/pvp'er wannabe
Currently training for Bombers (8 days) then finishing T2 HAML/HML for Drakes (38 days)

What I am looking for:

A corp based in or around Minmatar space (but I would be willing to move further for the right corp).
A corp with at least 10-15 players active in UK evenings and weekends.
A corp based on pve and industry but with the option of pvp.
A corp that does ops together as often as possible, wether pve or pvp ops.

I am looking for a large active corp in the UK/EU timezone. I am currently based in Gulfonodi and Frarn and I run l4s alone as my main source of income though I can mine really effectively should I want/need to. I am fully self sufficient so dont need to borrow or rely on ship replacement progs etc. I will be bringing both my accounts and the numerous alts thereon, though I will only want/need the 2 mains on each account in the corp (all my toons are in noob corps).
I would like to learn pvp and so would like a corp that has regular pvp ops that are pewpew newb friendly (or at least sympathetic and helpful for the clueless lol)
I would also like to learn about complexes and the scanning therof (i have scanning skills trained but I aint very fast/good).

If you have the corp that fits the bill plz drop me a line here or mail/msg me ingame.


Ardrox Cool

Sebiestor Tribe
Posted - 2011.07.30 17:25:00 - [2]

Bump Embarassed

Carrelle Rouppon
Intrepid Crossing
Posted - 2011.07.30 18:04:00 - [3]

This may be a bit of a jump for you, but we're a UK Corporation with 45 online at peek time.


Sounds like you could fit in.

Omnimodus Operandi
Posted - 2011.07.31 13:47:00 - [4]


I would like to let you know that we Omnimodus are looking for those that wants to learn the ropes of EVE! We mostly do this in training groups so everyone can learn from one another, besides that we also do alot of PVE, Mining ( Industry ) and Wormhole Explorations. We are also having good connections with low sec alliance/corp for all the PVP needs, we closely operate with them to hold ground ( border patrol ) so we can work there too!

Check us out by clicking on the following link:


If you want to know more about us mail us/me and we will let you know by inviting you over for a talk with some beer

Game on,

ariana ailith
Posted - 2011.07.31 15:46:00 - [5]

Not really into PVP but maybe we're what you're looking for:

Parabellum Diligentia
Posted - 2011.07.31 16:18:00 - [6]

Hey! We'd love to have ya! check us out! If you like what you see hop in our recruitment channel and chat! :D

Check us out =D


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