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Azelor Delaria
We Are So Troubled Everyone Runs Screaming
Posted - 2011.07.30 11:11:00 - [1]

United Terran Federation forces have confirmed Sansha forces appearing in CONCORD-controlled space. The following is a transcript from initial contact to engagement.


Archangel: Command, this is Archangel. I have multiple contacts on radar, bearing zero-niner-niner-five.

UTFS Talakon II: Archangel, this is Admiral Perry. Be advised Epsilon battlefleet is en route to your position. FTL is still going to require several minutes. Keep on your toes.

Archangel: Copy that, sir. Confirming ship configurations match known Sansha Nation forces. The birds are armed.

Command: Archangel, keep an eye on them. Numbers?

Archangel: Unknown, but not a lot. Possibly a small scouting party?

Command: Roger that. This is High Command to all active forces with-in Home Territory - be advised that Sansha forces are in CONCORD space. Do not aggress unless you have numerical advantage.

UTFS Talakon II: Command, we are holding orbit above Kires V's natural satellite. Epislon battlefleet is in position to engage.

Command: CONCORD is not getting involved. They are deploying intelligence assets, but no logistics support or combat troops. You're on your own.

Archangel: <censored>, I've been spotted. I am engaged, repeat, Archangel has been engaged!

UTFS Talakon II: All strike craft move to assist UTFS Archangel. You are weapons free.

Bravo Wing Commander: Confirming "weapons free" directive. Bravo moving to engage.

Delta Wing Commander: Delta moving to intercept lone Nightmare-class battleship.


Intelligence gathered suggests a possible incursion into CONCORD-held space with-in the foreseeable future. Delta Wing was unable to secure the Nightmare, as it transitioned into warp space like a standard capital ship. Terran forces have cleaned up the surrounding battlefield, and CONCORD and Empire intelligence is assessing the severity of the threat.

As of this moment, United Terran Federation ships remain on patrol routes, modified to ensure minimum damage from incursions.

Senior Colonel Aiden Vorlan, Commandant of Epsilon battlefleet's Marine contingents, has declared a sate of emergency around Kires V. Marine Expeditionary Units have been dispatched to aide naval forces in patrols, as well as special operations forces prepared to board and commandeer any hostile Sansha ship. It is advised that any pilots flying Succubus-class frigates, Phantasm-class cruisers, or Nightmare-class battleships remain out of CONCORD space until such time as it is deemed "safe". Failure to do so may result in misidentification and engagement.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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