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Nicoletta Mithra
Ordo Novus Mul-Zatah
Posted - 2011.07.29 19:27:00 - [1]

Edited by: Nicoletta Mithra on 29/07/2011 19:48:43
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Greetings Captains!

After the shortly-announced, but none the less successful opening of the Temple of the Four Corners on the 22th of this month we'd now like to invite you to another event!

While last time I tried to give a quick and rather broad overview of the aims of Amarrian mysticism and spirituality, this time I'd like to get slowly towards what this means, practically. After some time of deliberation I decided that it would be best to give a seminary on one specific topic:

The threefold Way of the Mystic
on Friday the 5th August
21:00 EST
in the
Temple of the Four Corners

What does await you if you join us on that Friday evening?
The seminary will touch such subjects as the spiritual meaning of love, knowledge, submission and will raise questions such as:
How does the reclaiming fit in? And how so does slavery?
Who are the Amarr people, the chosen of God?
How to achieve happiness or human flourishing?
Are we all sick or in some other way 'defective'?
How can the mystics path be understood as a healing of the human?

It will certainly also aim to give answers to these questions!
We recommend to prepare yourself to the seminary by reading the opening speech to the Temple (which you will find in the next post) - no other background knowledge is necessary.

I'm looking forward to see you in the Temple!
N. Mithra

Nicoletta Mithra
Ordo Novus Mul-Zatah
Posted - 2011.07.29 19:40:00 - [2]

What follows is a transcript of the opening speech held at the opening of the Temple of the Four Corners by Nicoletta Mithra:

Capsuleers. Ladies and gentlemen...
Dear congregation!

I could say a lot of things about what it means to me, that you all are here. I could also get into the deep spiritual meaning and the mystery conveyed by the fact that we are here together, now. But for now I won't. For now it is too precious to experience this directly to mar it with reflective analysis. Instead I'd like to talk a bit about the greater perspective, give you a road-map of Amarrian spirituality and mysticism.

The unbroken circle symbolizes first man. God become man. It points at our divine origin. Now... Amarrian tradition teaches that this isn't how it remained... The Fall occured and the Long Dark followed. Man, until the Fall upheld by God, descended into barbarism and unenlightenment, now totally seperate from God.

Now... this is where we humans start. All of us - and especially we Amarr need to remember this. In this state we lack something according to Amarrian tradition. Thus the mystic tries to heal these spiritual wound.

Here you see the symbol that has been adopted by the Empire as its own: Man and God reunited together again, albeit and I'd like to stress that imperfectly. United but not conjoined is the terminus technicus.

Now, why am I bothering you with this lesson in symbology and history?
Well... it shows us the beginning and the aim of Amarrian mysticism. We all are seperated from the divine. But we can heal the rift between ourselves and the divine. The Amarrian mystic might be still here. He might even be on the stage before. But the goal is one and the same.

The goal of the mystic is to heal the rift entirely, to give himself to God and be uplifted again.

If you're interested in this journey of the human soul, a journey that according to the mystical tradition I represent here everyone has to make for himself, but still all of us together, and how it is conceptualized by Amarrian tradition, then you're in the right spot.

And if not you're still welcome! Be welcome!


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