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Posted - 2011.07.29 19:13:00 - [1]

Edited by: Gronuth on 29/07/2011 19:18:42
The current rendering of ships looks good but gets old fast and needs more diversity. There are a lot of ships around stations and the zoom is close enough that you can see the rendering on them normally. What I suggest has already suggested by many but with a slightly different method of integrating it into the system.

First, is the addition of decals. I have read what some people have to say about painting their ships and the decal idea is nice for wearing your badge on your sleeve so to speak. Militia, Alliance, Corporation decals, etc. Someone else mentioned that you can use them as a badge of service for being in the militia or for loyalty to a corporation. You can set standing limits for being able to use these decals as a reward for hard work. So long as the list of decals is managably short, I believe that a lot of people would love to wear their colors.

The second is for the people wanting to stand out more, the addition of multiple paint themes for people to choose from. Allowing for custom paint jobs would put too much stress on the server, but if there were only about a dozen or so different themes to choose from for each ship, then I believe that would be much more managable.

Decals and alternate paint themes allow people to have more choices and lets them stand out more in a crowd. The "Paint Shop" as someone else called it, would be in certain stations and anyone has access to it. As a reward the decals should be easier to receive, allowing it to be payed for in isk. But the full ship paint jobs would be more of a luxury and should only be purchased through use of NEX. The current clothing idea might work better when/if the station lounge allows players to see each other but otherwise it is too limited. People see each other in their ships far more than in character so I believe a paintjob would have a lot of appeal to players. If the extra rendering hurts lag time too much in large fleet battles, then there should be an option under graphics to turn off all custom paint/decals.

Business: By allowing choices for ship rendition people have more variety and I believe it would satisfy a lot of people, possibly even bringing back several of the people that left with the addition of NEX. It will further drive the sale of PLEX cards to convert to NEX, increasing sales for CCP, and stabilizing the PLEX market for players through steadier purchases. So long as the resolution of the new paint schemes is the same and is added in both client and server side, then there should only be 1 extra call to the CPU for the render model. That should minimize the need for extra hardware server side to handle the extra renditions.

Thank your for your time and consideration, I have spoken with many people in game and the idea takes like wildfire which leads me to believe it would be a profitable investment.

Kaelie Onren
Posted - 2011.07.29 19:36:00 - [2]

I believe this is already in the works as far as the corp and alliance logos are concerned. Paint jobs are a nice touch too, and I'm sure it will be another thing you will see soon in the NeX store.


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