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Posted - 2011.07.28 09:55:00 - [1]

I don't understand why it's not possible to use a T1 ship in the game except for mission ?
I mean except BS and BC there is no use of t1 ship is it possible to rebalance bonus of ship or create new role for those ships ?

Second if you look at the 20 best ship in the game why is there any gallente ?
In PVP world at the moment you have four kinds of fleet.
Nano ships (I run more faster than you) (ishtar nano hum no range)
Alpha fleet (hum i have 500 tempest you will die primary) (megathron railgun ... lol dps)
Baddon fleet (No ammo, big DPS, good range, good tank) (megathron blaster lol range, lol tank **** you are more than 500m !)
Cap fleet ( Cool, cyno open ... 5s later station down "bye noob we are too strong for you) (thana, nyx erebus).

So except nyx and erebus where are gallente ships in all of that ??
And moreover where is the balance between all races ? between all kinds of ships ?

Laechyd Eldgorn
Posted - 2011.07.28 13:43:00 - [2]

This belongs to assembly hall because ________ ?

Reaver Glitterstim
Legio Geminatus
Posted - 2011.07.28 23:17:00 - [3]

Edited by: Reaver Glitterstim on 28/07/2011 23:20:22
The problem with the lack of Gallente and Caldari ships is that hybrids are underpowered and non-turret weapons aren't popular in fleet pvp. As far as tech 1 frigates and destroyers not being used, that's usually just because almost any pilot can afford and bring at least a battlecruiser. Tech 2 frigates are about as cheap if not cheaper than the pilots who fly them, so nobody cares much for Joe Cadet and his Atron.

I will say this, however: electronic warfare has a way of making small ships suck. If your opponent is using any kind, it makes you perform disproportionately better in larger ships. I believe therefore that electronic warfare should be revamped such that it doesn't single out small ships as much.

* Make medium and large stasis webifiers, which have slightly reduced effect when used against small ships. They should still be effective against small ships, but it's a bit unfair when your frigate becomes a sitting duck because a guy in a hyperion used 3 webifiers on you (your frigate likely doesn't even HAVE 3 midslots!), and now he can hit you with large railguns. Likewise, small webifiers should be less effective on larger ships, since it's equally unfair when his hyperion can now be hit by dreadnoughts just because you put 3 webifiers on your cheapo rifter. Larger webifiers should also have a slightly longer range. Bhaalgorns shouldn't be the only battleship that can put webs on a slippery target. Big ships can't move much, so their weapons have longer range. EWAR should do the same.

Here's some possible stats:
Small webifier:
- 8km range
Medium webifier:
- 12km range
Large webifier:
- 16km range

Small webifier vs large ship, or large webifier vs small ship - 60% effectiveness
Medium webifier vs small or large ship, or small or large webifier vs medium ship - 80% effectiveness


Webifiers, like target painters, should have a diminishing return when several are used. It should not be possible for opponents to slow you down to 8% speed. A frigate cannot even take cruiser weapon fire very well. It doesn't need to be vulnerable to battleship fire to go down quickly. This change by itself might fix webs, without the above mentioned change.

Just food for thought.


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