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Posted - 2011.07.27 16:44:00 - [1]

I started making a spreadsheet last week to show profit/Loss from items I'd want to produce , it shows cost of buy and build, profit/loss from filling buy orders and profit/loss if setting up sell orders.

I was fine filling out the various prices, buy and sell orders but it has got to the point where I am spending a good 20mins filling out all the information, I looked up after seeing someone's spreadsheet about importing data from eve-central, while it took me more than a few attempts I have got to the point now where I think I have got what I need using this method.

I can see the tree on the right and picked out parts of what I wanted - minimum sell prices ect - the only thing I am wanting to know now is , when I turn my comp back open and fire up the spreadsheet will those prices be updated automatically? Also when I looked the minimum price for say trit showed as 3.48 but being in system I could see it wasn't , is this because the information is reliant on others uploading their prices to eve-central ? 2 questions then, I hope I made it clear if not will try more later


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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