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Joan Avon
We See Dead People
Posted - 2011.08.15 17:12:00 - [91]

Originally by: Magnus Orin
Edited by: Magnus Orin on 04/08/2011 20:28:30
Originally by: Joan Avon
Originally by: Mspaine
Originally by: Teodin Val

Did you read the topic??

I did take the 11% tax, and I am not complaining, I am actually pointing out a flawed game mechanic on my own time. Because I like the game. Doing the math at least 50% of my paid game time has been in a wardec; non-consentual pvp. I can fly a BC, against the T2 ships I'll have to go against. And there are game exploits that I could use, I have done some research, to avoid the wardecs. Really why feed this, to respond to an exploit with an exploit seems futile. But my whole point of posting this was have a community try to help with the regulation of what appears to me a flawed game mechanic, that is hi-sec pvp.

Ne cede malis.

Yes it is lame. No there is no real way to counter it, other than "exploting" yourself and jumping into another corporation the second you are wardecced.

It's actual common practice for alot of corps to have 2-3 alts holding corps open. Get wardecced? The second you get the mail you remove you're roles. By the time the wardec kicks in you're safe in another corp.

Nothing you can realy do to hurt the Greifers other than Greif them yourself by making them pay 50mil to wardec an empty corp. Then another 50mil wasted if they wardec your'e new corp, and so on.

This is another effective strategy for dealing with High sec Griefer war dec corps because it once again renders them irreievent and punishishes them financially for their behavior.

It all comes down to the simple rule for dealing with this issue:

Do Not Play Thier Game.

Fighting them regardless whether it's in T1 Frigates or Titans and Super carriers is playing their game. They want fights. even if they lose the first fight odds are if anything you've strengthened their resolve/ambition to continue attacking you. Just use the game mechanics to render them and their war dec meaningless and deny them of any and all fights and communication from you and they will wimper away before you know it.

when considering a forming a solution to a High sec Griefer War Dec Corp just remember that inflicting boredom upon them and the game mechanics are you best weapons against them.

This is funny, and I hear this all the time.

"Just dock up and don't fight them! That's what they want! Don't play their game!"

Eve is a game. You play it to asplode people. Do people seriously not play Eve to pvp? That's so ****ed in my opinion. Why would you play this terrible game if you only PVE? Play a ****ing game that is focused on pve if you want pve.

Thats like playing Chess with someone and every time you have a piece threatened you throw your hands up, and say "OH I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO! IM NOT GONNA PLAY YOUR GAME!"

If you get wardecced, man the **** up, grab some T1 ships, fit them up and pvp. Even if you lose a **** ton, you may learn something, and improve your game, and who the **** knows, you might ACTUALLY HAVE FUN IN THIS GAME!

Eve online is a sandbox game thus it is "focused" on whatever one chooses. There for I and everyone else will play the game how they see fit and enjoy it exactly how it was meant to be played.

You and your "opinion" of said game play is irrelevant and nothing more then an obvious attempt to use goad perspective prey into engaging you via their ego.

Mfume Apocal
Black Legion.
Posted - 2011.08.15 17:22:00 - [92]

Originally by: Magnus Orin
This is funny, and I hear this all the time.

"Just dock up and don't fight them! That's what they want! Don't play their game!"

Eve is a game. You play it to asplode people. Do people seriously not play Eve to pvp? That's so ****ed in my opinion. Why would you play this terrible game if you only PVE? Play a ****ing game that is focused on pve if you want pve.

Thats like playing Chess with someone and every time you have a piece threatened you throw your hands up, and say "OH I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO! IM NOT GONNA PLAY YOUR GAME!"

If you get wardecced, man the **** up, grab some T1 ships, fit them up and pvp. Even if you lose a **** ton, you may learn something, and improve your game, and who the **** knows, you might ACTUALLY HAVE FUN IN THIS GAME!

lol lookit this dude implying highsec wardec is real pvp


Ladie Scarlet
Goonswarm Federation
Posted - 2011.08.16 01:38:00 - [93]

Originally by: Mfume Apocal
lol lookit this dude implying highsec wardec is real pvp

Dhaaka Vincatar
Posted - 2011.08.16 05:48:00 - [94]

Despite the ongoing bravado and misplaced pride regarding how 'tough' or 'unforgiving' or 'hardcore' EVE is, that attitude is detrimental to the game itself.

EVE has never been new player friendly. Everything from the clunky, aged interface to the overview to the skill system to the attitudes of the players themelves rewards players who stick around for a long, long time.

At first glance, a great system for an MMO, of course. The longer you play, the more money CCP gets. I credit the survival of EVE Online for so long in its current form mostly to the spacefaring theme and single-shard universe, which currently has no equals in the MMO market, but the 'harshness' and difficulty of the game surely has something to do with it. It's feasible that EVE would have been killed off long ago otherwise.

However, we are presented with a new problem: players who play for long enough, and can get wealthy enough, now get to play for free, via PLEX.

Phenomenal incentive for longstanding players, but, I think, a bad business move. The last thing EVE needs, in a world where their players play for life, or not at all, is for the lifers to stop paying. I am not surprised to see a vanity store and a branch out to other genres and platforms via DUST 514...One could argue this is a natural expansion following current trends, of course....

Ultimately, in a MMO, the players keep each other playing. How is a new player to form connections and online friendships with other players when restricted to the massive, faceless new player corporations, or instead forced to risk their paltry accumulated wealth in a bad wardec? Join an existing corp, perhaps, when not two days ago I watched several players confirm in Deep Core Mining chat that the 'good' corps require 20 million SP minimums to join? You must play for a year straight or more before joined a player corp? I started my account in 2006, and quit, and started, and quit again, several times, and have yet to break 15 million SP. Most players just quit the once.

New players have it hard enough already trying to simply understand a game that is visually modern but ergonomically almost the same as it was in 2006. It is a continual amazement to me that, instead of an overhaul of their UI and overview system, CCP chose to implement a tutorial system almost as complex as the game itself to EXPLAIN their aged interface and game mechanics.

I guess most of this was a tangent, but the point is that wardecs of the fashion described by the OP scare off new players, and the fact that there are half a dozen KNOWN exploits available, both for roflstomping the victim corp even harder via non-corp remote reppers, scouts, etc, AND for completely AVOIDING wardecs via alt characters, switching corps, and so forth, means the system is broken and needs to be fixed.

I see some hope for a change luckily. I actually came BACK to EVE because of the turret graphics overhaul, which was unnecessary as the old system was functional if clunky (like the rest of EVE), but was redone anyways, and lo and behold a forum upgrade advertisement (for forums which are as primitive as the game UI) is visible above this very post....

Yet I still can't see my missile launchers on my ship, the overview settings still look like they came fresh out of a developer's toolbox, and so-called PVP-focus of EVE still consists of one-sided slaughters, station games, gate camps, and (from what I hear of 0.0 PVP), exercises in counting ammo for POS attacks and knowing your alphabet when primary is called in fleet fights. Fun, fun, fun.

Overhaul. Needed. Wardecs is just one of many parts.

Feng Schui
Cruor Evertum Dominicus
Posted - 2011.08.16 06:08:00 - [95]

Edited by: Feng Schui on 16/08/2011 06:44:41
Originally by: Nayakan Meijer
If a 'pvp' corp wardecs you, and you think they only did it because your an easy target, wait till after downtime and run to amamake. Sit in the stations there, and wait. Do this especially on saturday or friday night, leave it on. Now they are in a low sec system, famous for kills. Every loss they suffer from that point on, you can take credit for as you lured them there.

Afterwards, post a battlereport showing their losses (should be a few) and your loses (should be none) just to rub salt in the wound.

damnit, i've been roaming around null sec for the past 4 days, looking for something to kill... i completely forgot about amamake ><

big edit here, i suppose...

Did you ever take the time to convo one of them, tell them that you were new to the game, and ask them for advice? Or how to fight? A decent frigate setup? Did you ever ask them about the basics of fighting in Eve? Did you?

Do you really think its fun to shoot at someone that doesn't do anything, and only complains? Ok, well, sometimes it is YARRRR!!.. but usually (in my experience), even the worst people out there will give you some advice.

Now, let me tell you of my story:
Once upon a time, in a solar system that wasn't too far away, I became a pod pilot. I had my dreams and ambitions riding on becoming a miner. The ISK that you could make was outstanding! All for just pointing the lasers at the rocks, and drinking my rum. As my ambitions drove me further and further into the depths of space, I met someone that would change my life, forever. The name of this god awful person was Awox.

I was peacefully mining one day, and he warped in on my asteroid belt... can you believe it? MY ASTEROID BELT!.. but, this pilot was not in a Scythe, like me... no, he was in a Wolf. He started to shoot, and all I could do was sit there dumbfounded. Not only did he destroy my ship, he proceeded to destroy my clone. This irritated me, but I did not worry too much, as I had enough ISK to purchase another Scythe, and read the forums.

During my research into this, I found out that he was a pirate. What do pirates like? Pirates like ISK. Surely, ISK > some T1 miners, right?

I go into the system that had my asteroid belt. Awox was there, of course. So I politely asked of him if he could spare me for a day. 10 million ISK.. I gave to him 10 million ISK so that I could mine for the day. He agreed to this, and all was good, or so I thought. He went planet side for a little while, and after 10 or so hours (yes, I was mining for that long).. he came back, undocked from the station, and then he, once again, destroyed my ship, and my pod.

I had it.. I was utterly ****ed. Not only did he go back on his word, he destroyed all of my ISK, he shattered my dreams, this !@#%$%^%... So, I did all I could. I went to GALNET, and proceeded to declare war upon him. I explained to all of Eve that he could not be trusted. A pirate that dishonored ransoms is just a !@#%$... I then proceeded to research the ways of revenge, and of being a soldier for the innocent. What I found out, was that I had developed all the wrong skills. And so, I began the long trek of training a many of skills so that I could destroy Awox. I had nothing but tunnelvision of my goal. Awox will become a corpse in my closet, and I will face-r@pe that corpse with every minute that I can spare. All I could see was Awox's death at my hands.

One of the things I found out, was that people that flew ships that had no other skills, were just in the habit of loosing their ISK. And so I trained, for a very long time. Not for ships, but for the support skills. I also realized that I would need ISK, more ISK than I could mine for. So I trained myself to fly a hefty Raven battleship so that I could get bounties from the Republic via missions. After this part of the plan was completed, I continued training.. first, Drones. Then Electronics, Engineering...


Feng Schui
Cruor Evertum Dominicus
Posted - 2011.08.16 06:49:00 - [96]

Edited by: Feng Schui on 16/08/2011 06:53:23
.... cont...

etc; until at last, I could train for the ship of my choice. The ship that would become the killer of Awox. The Pilgrim. As I trained for the Amarr cruiser, I knew that I would need practice; so I flew the Arbitrator, with the same setup, or close to, that I would use for the Pilgrim. I flew into Eifer and killed many pirates. I flew to null sec, and killed many more. With every kill though, I would loose 2 cruisers. Eventually though, I stopped loosing cruisers. Eventually, I became void to the racing of the heartbeat. Eventually, I became a cold-blooded killer myself.

However, I still chased a ghost, a ghost named Awox. I finally had trained Force Recon to level 5. And so I began my hunt.. which continues until this day.

edit: True story, research it; happened around the winter of 2006. And btw.. there was a miscommunication with awox, he indeed killed me the day after (for him).. lulz.. oh well.

WTB Awox corpse... he doesn't play anymore afaik Crying or Very sad

Ben Dourion
Posted - 2011.08.18 10:10:00 - [97]

Originally by: Mfume Apocal

lol lookit this dude implying highsec wardec is real pvp


last time i checked i did not see too much pvp in eve onlline, gankfest yes pvp no/

Flynn Fetladral
Royal Order of Security Specialists
Posted - 2011.08.18 13:46:00 - [98]

The first corp I joined when I came into EVE Online got decced once the whole time we was in High-Sec, for anyone who was really new they setup a new corp so these players could avoid the war, while the more experienced players had a chance to fight or go to providence. Sometimes your corp might get unlucky to attract a wardec. A lot of the time I find high-sec corps get decced due to their activity or one of its players doing something to attract such a wardec. Anyway, this is part of EVE Online, CCP is not going this to make life hard and let 2 year old players make your life hell. There is plenty of 2 year old players in this game who most likely have less sense than yourself. Try to rise to the challenge or adapt.

Posted - 2011.08.18 13:48:00 - [99]

Here is some advice for corps that don't want to fight.

First and foremost your corporation leaders have to have a plan for how to deal with war decs. Corporation that don't want to fight should use the annoy and evade tactic. Another words during a war deck, make sure the enemies see's zero combat oppertuntiies and recieves zero contact. Don't reply to emails, don't engage in local, never undock. Make the war dec completetly useless to them. That is one tactic and it works very very well to evade enemies.

Number 2, don't make yourself a target by living in remote, quiet systems out of the way. The less you are seen in busy places the better. Travel in Cloaked ships anytime except when running ops and always remain cloaked.

Number 3. Post your war strategy in detail on your corp information area. Let them know that their will be no contact, we will stay docked and we never pay bounties ever!

Number 4 Make sure your corp mates know the rules and follow them. Create a secondary, Third and Fourth corporation for war times and if the war persists move everyone to the secondary corp (preferably one that is part of its own alliance). Force them to war dec the corp., Then move again.. so on and so forth forcing them to shell out cash on war decs and again always using the evade strategy.

This works its proven. Corps just looking for a fight that don't get one and get no easy targets doing nothing but spending their time "waiting" in game will get bored and leave you alone.

Ya its a nusance but as a player that spends a great deal of time I can tell you their is nothing more boring than war decing a corp that refuses to fight back and frankly its simply not worth having nothing to do in game and knowing in advance that under no circumstance will anyone in this corp ever engage me, especially if they have the "we never undock policy" writen right on their bloody corporation description.

Wildly Inappropriate
Posted - 2011.08.19 08:55:00 - [100]

One way to get round things like this, is speak to The Pitboss, any corp joining the orphanage will transfer the wardec and the rather large cost of said wardec to the orphanages band of scurvy dogs, and for your average bully corp thats rather too much to handle :)
Pitboss gets a free wardec and you get friends to learn pvp with

Speaking from experience ;) YARRRR!!

Posted - 2011.08.23 07:31:00 - [101]

Don't quit, turn the tables. I was in an industrial alliace that got dekd, we all got into whatver we can fly to take them on. We learned allot and they withdrew the war dekk. Camping them in station while they whined in local wasVery Happy

One CoolCat
Posted - 2011.09.02 02:47:00 - [102]

Originally by: DigitalCommunist
you are not entitled to anything.

Ah this boils down to the point.
there are two camps
people who are in for relaxation of a kind - those who achieve in real life or dont want to achieve at all
and those who *want* to achieve but are too afraid to do it in real life. I aint saying that in game achievers are nolifers on benefits, quite the contrary - there was at least one aluminium tycoon who set out to win the game. So if you're fixed on in game achievements maybe its time to take a look at your life and face what you're afraid of ?

Posted - 2011.09.05 13:02:00 - [103]

Has no one thought of the obvious

new player starts new corp begins recruiting. As new player is surrounded by new players they usually do really well recruiting. Problem is new player is a noob and cant develop pilots and 3 months later another corp goes into hibernation and another 20 pilots lost to eve.

War dec new player corp, eliminate the astounding amount of incompetent noob ceos, lessen recruitment competition and minimize the damage caused by the blind leading the blind syndrome.

The point is (Note Caps) IN EVE WE COMPETE FOR EVERY RESOURCE including pilots.
and it comes up every day "why did they war dec us?"

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