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Charis Perceptum
Posted - 2011.07.27 10:44:00 - [1]

Ok please forgive me but when I started messing PI it was in its infancy. I would run all of my extractors to a silo and provide the output to the re-processing plants for P1 item generation. With the new extactor setup when I try the same trick I get some random error about "Space truckers union, blah blah blah" (i.e cannot route the material).
Since P1 production time is shorter or less effective then the extraction time/amount, how can I achieve the same result with a silo in between? Or do I have to wait one cycle of the extractor to pass then route it to the silo and so on... Thanks.

Lando Tarsadan
Posted - 2011.07.27 11:18:00 - [2]

if I understand you correct you route the "mined" material to a storage place (silo/spaceport/control center) and then you want to forward it to a factory right ?

You can only start forwarding when you have the material athe storage place so you have to wait an extraction cycle to "start" the factory. You can set up the factory to what it should do when i get materials and so forth. just not set a route for the material from the extractor.

Hope that answers your question

Goat Holdings
Posted - 2011.07.27 11:50:00 - [3]

Maybe you need more bandwidth on your link.

Click the link and upgrade it.

Charis Perceptum
Posted - 2011.07.27 13:01:00 - [4]

No its not a bandwitdh issue (already upgraded the line). But I didn't think to dump the extacted material straight to the spaceport instead. This should surfice for what I'm intending to do. Thanks for the input.

Vintage heavy industries
Posted - 2011.07.28 07:10:00 - [5]

make sure you config your factories first before you start routing your raw materials toward it

Route your extractor to a silo >>>> config your factories and route to spaceport or silo >>>route material from silo to factories

If i don't config my factories first i get the same message like you did and you can(t rout materials from one silo to another silo or spaceport unless you do a transfer


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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