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Ranger 1
Ranger Corp
Posted - 2011.07.28 18:41:00 - [31]

Edited by: Ranger 1 on 28/07/2011 18:41:08
Originally by: Esan Vartesa
Originally by: Ranger 1
Originally by: Esan Vartesa
Originally by: stoicfaux


The OP correctly stated that the Quarterly QEN is going away.

However, the OP conveniently neglected to mention that the QEN is moving to a yearly release.

By leaving out the yearly release bit, the OP is deliberately trying to mislead people into assuming that the QEN is going away completely. Akita merely corrected the OP's "oversight."

You do understand that "QEN" stands for Quarterly Economic Newsletter, right?

If whatever replaces it is released yearly, it is de facto not a QEN.

With respect, calling people idiots tends to be an awkward gamble.

You do understand that you completely made and reinforced his point right?

Did I? The good professor never said that the QEN was moving to a yearly release. Instead, he said that they were still discussing the matter, that they were discontinuing the QEN in the meantime, and that things would possibly be moving to a more raw form of data release that might include data on a yearly basis. Which, coincidentally, looks a lot like this.

There will be no YEN. What we'll get for the next couple of months is more 5-minute dev blogs like the recent one, just to appease the masses, and then nothing.

Accusing the OP of axe-grindy deception for having left out something that never actually happened is, itself, just the grinding of another axe.

Again, I considered the QEN to be a marketing tool. But that doesn't change the fact that a lot of people liked it, and it IS being taken away.

Yes, you did.

As the person you quoted pointed out, the OP was correct in that the QEN was going away.

He was also correct that since it was being replaced with something comparable, and the OP purposefully did not mention it, that the OP was misleading.

Your post parroted that the QEN would cease to exist... which is exactly what that person said.

So yes, all you did was reinforce his point.

Posted - 2011.07.28 18:43:00 - [32]

Originally by: CCP Dr.EyjoG
Originally by: Gripen
Is this blog a replacement for the QEN?

We will change the format of the QEN but this devblog and the data that comes along with it is an addition to other economic information available to the players. This is a part of a larger plan to give more data directly to players so that they can do their own analysis. And yes, this will continue in the future.

We have not published QENs for 2010 and will most likely not publish them in the previous format but rather moving the Economic Newsletters to more of an annual report. The frequency of the publication is though still being discussed.

Source for the above.

QEN is going away.
Blogs will publish economic data.
YEN is most likely.
Frequency of the publication is undecided.

And as always, CCP still has a habit of burying useful announcements/information in a random post. *grumble*

Posted - 2011.07.28 20:10:00 - [33]

I bet the Japanese players get really confused and think CCP is going to give them real money once a year.

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