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Last Star Fighter
Posted - 2011.07.25 05:06:00 - [1]

This proposal is to re-establish security status as a working game mechanic again.

Security status of all characters and accounts from the same IP address share the same security status. If a player plays at home and at work, then the security status will be that of the lowest.

This change will squash those who recycle alts for suicide ganking, help improve the low sec market and help get more players out of high sec.

Stan Smith
Posted - 2011.07.25 06:00:00 - [2]

And make it so if one character's corp/alliance gets wardecced, all characters can be attacked freely!

Or in other words, no

Asta Ddu
Posted - 2011.07.25 09:46:00 - [3]


I dont want someone else that uses the same ISP affecting my EvE experience! I dont have, and cannot get a static IP address, and every few days the IP address I get from my ISP could change.

Also until IP6 is common place, the sharing of IP addresses by end-users is going to increase!

But really this is just another 'I want easy meat' troll!

Katarina Reid
Posted - 2011.07.25 10:18:00 - [4]

Edited by: Katarina reid on 25/07/2011 10:21:02
well what about my dynamic ip? also vpn's are very cheap you can even get a 3 hour trial at some long enough to gank someone. also what happen's if i play at a friends house?

Kaelie Onren
Posted - 2011.07.25 10:30:00 - [5]

Terrible idea. Heart is in the right place though, mind is elsewhere.

Last Star Fighter
Posted - 2011.07.25 15:14:00 - [6]

Need more thumbs up guys.

Posted - 2011.07.25 15:29:00 - [7]

horrible idea.

Ya Huei
Imperial Collective
Posted - 2011.07.25 15:47:00 - [8]

Doing anything based on source IP address is stupid. Come back when u get a clue.

Association of Commonwealth Enterprises
Posted - 2011.07.25 16:07:00 - [9]

Clearly, the OP doesn't understand the meaning of "recycle" when it comes to an alt in Eve. It means to recycle the character slot, not the character, by killing the alt and making a new one to replace it. Just to clear up the confusion.

Darryl Ward
Posted - 2011.07.25 17:50:00 - [10]

I use a laptop.

I have good sec status anyway, just sayin'. My IP isn't fixed.


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