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Gordon Harris
Vector 7
Posted - 2011.07.22 18:28:00 - [1]

Vector 7 was formed to specialize in small gang pvp. We are currently active in the US TZs with 5 core members that have flown together for a very long time. We are looking for a few good pilots to begin filling out our ranks.


I. Our Rules of Engagement:

1) Minmatar Republic Sovereinty: Anti-pirate / NHDS (Not Hostile Don't Shoot)
2) High Security Space: Engagement of war targets only; no can flipping, no ninja salvaging, no suicide ganking.
3) Everywhere Else: NBSI but mostly looking for good fights. The members of Vector 7 engage targets that are looking for PVP regardless of neutral standings or security status.
4) Vector 7's members should not participate in arranged 1 v 1 engagements.

We are blue with Anti-Pirate organizations in Minmatar space only.


II. What we look for in pilots:

1) No minimum skillpoints, but we do require that pilots are able to at least T2 fit and competently fly a T2 frigate. Generally, this amounts to about 8 million skillpoints, but consideration will be given to pilots with less skillpoints and well-focused training.
2) Pilots must be self-sufficient.
3) Willing to fight out numbered and engage. Vector 7 does not want pilots that are overly concerned about killboard stats, especially those where their concern affects their combat ability.
4) Be mature but have a sense of humor.
5) No talking in “local” channels unless it is of importance to fleet operations. No smack talking in any in or out of game channels.


III. What we have to offer:

1) Small gang PvP, with fleet sizes from 4-10 daily.
2) Part of a larger community that while eve focused, play many different games together. If you log in to TS3, there is always someone online.
3) Killboard, website, forums, TS3 etc


If interested, stop by channel 'Vector7' and have a talk during US TZs. For specific recruitment questions, please speak with either Woody McDirt or Gordon Harris.

kb link:


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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