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Posted - 2011.07.22 15:16:00 - [1]

The group of 30 people were following the young scientist in absolute silence. The temperature was very low as always in this part of the facilities. The young scientist took a right and passed through a door with a label saying: Cryopreservation Sector, while the group was following him.
The scientist's brain couldnt stop thinking about what was about to happen. The group was consistent of doctors like himself, engineers some CONCORD officials and 3 people from the Senate. He thought of a possible pirate release as this was the typical group which would authorise such a release but there were no military personnel and that was making him more curious by the minute.
With all these thoughts going through the mind of the scientist they got to sector Omega. This sector had the most high wanted criminals in the Universe, drug traffickers, pirates, murderers and the list can go forever. Why no military personnel? was the thought that wouldnt get out of his head. He wasnt afraid so much of the person when it would be released but he was afraid that one of these dreadful people would have been found innocent after their it couldnt be he thought.
The group stoped and the scientist asked the CONCORD official which part of Sector Omega was the cell that they were to release as this decision was so sudden that even he wasnt informed of the person they were to release. The CONCORD official handed him with a card which had carved the following word: Jove.
The heart of the scientist was now racing as he was walking towards that particular part of the Sector. While in total silence they reached the part they had to and the head of delegation from the Senate said loudly: Cell 154B-98.
That cell is the only one that the scientist never knew what was holding. When they got there he looked at the cell and saw a human, as human as everyone on that group. The scientist pressed the button commencing the procedure to release the subject out of the cell. The machines started making noises as the engineers were starting their work on the cell and the doctors getting ready for the person insde the cell.
The scientist was worried, went to the CONCORD official and said in a serious tone:
"Why there are is no military personnel during this awakening captain? Are you sure releasing an Allien subject or even worse a pirate from this sector without escorting him to any of the jails?
"This is neither an allien subject or a pirate Mr Aldalai, this is a capsuleer and an ex Diplomat of the Federation."responded the captain.
"We are releasing a capsuleer?why he was put in Sector Omega? in fact why would a capsuleer get into Cryopreservation facilities? and what of his implants?" the scientist stressed with a nervous voice.
"For reasons i am not authorised to reveal..and..he doesnt have any implants, makes him less humane he once said.."
Once the captain said those words, a holographic box came alive with a message: "The code of this box is 99A4C"
By that time the capsuleer was out of the cell shaking and coughing, doctors rushed in to stabilise the weak body of the person.
The scientist actually was seeing a capsuleer from close, he only has heard of them and saw their ships, not even in stations he has seen them. Then he suddenly remembered o immediate air decontaminations happening in this Sector and nobody justified as to why..
"My friend Sebiros, welcome back, we have done everything that you asked us before you went into Cryopreservation. The Corporation is still in your hands and your personal items are at your hangars." The head of the Senators said.
"What of the message? has it been published?" The capsuleer asked in a very weak voice as a doctor was trying to do her job.
"I am happy to see you as well my friend" said the Senator with an irony in his voice while paused.
"Mr Aldalai take the box and open it, publish the message inside to everyone possible."The Senator was saying these words while Sebiros was taken away.

Posted - 2011.07.22 15:19:00 - [2]

"This recorded message is a message declaring a new beginning.
After being a Diplomat of the Intergalactic Mining Organization for some time, i had found myself being appointed as the CEO of the Organization due to internal crisis happening in the Corporation and the Alliance the Corporation was in.
Although to the best of my capabilities i tried to bring peace once again in the Corporation, many of the members wanted with force to take everything which lead to a 'civil war inside the Corporation.
Of course the outcome of this civil war was the same as most of them as history teaches us: no side being a winner.
After saving as many things as possible i went to a Cryopreservation facility until the storm would pass as many people wanted me dead. Now the date which were set to be my releasing date has come and i am back actively in the World of New Eden.
As i am back making a new beginning it would be an honor meeting anyone out there, making new allies and friend while catching up with the new facts of this World. I greet everyone out there reading this message and wish prosperity to everyone.

Fly safe and be Safe




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