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Zenith Intaki
Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2011.07.22 15:11:00 - [1]

I just started EVE again last night. New character, new winds blowing. I choosed amarr ships. I plan to fly PVP as much as possible.

I remapped my skills to int+mem so I am first spending 2-3 weeks to take support skills up. I have busy period in real life, so this fits well into this situation.

But what after that? Should I focus on amarr frigs and cruisers, maybe even bc? I was thinking about skipping drone skills for future, but is there point on flying BC without drones in gang? I think I might want to train t2 frigs and t2 cruisers, maybe even this new ship, t3 legion. All those can't use drones, so I don't need drone skills?

What support skills I should train now when I am int+mem specced?

Now I had targeting stuff in electronics, shield and armor tank, navigation, biology, overheatskill, what else??

Caliph Muhammed
Caldari Naval Criminal Investigative Service
Posted - 2011.07.22 16:45:00 - [2]

Cybernetics 5 and +5 implants.

Posted - 2011.07.22 18:59:00 - [3]

The 3 Subsystem skills that you are remapped for (defensive, Electronic, Engineering).
Lots of Capacitor skills, Scannings skills, nanite repair skills

Can We Haz Your Stuff
Posted - 2011.07.23 19:56:00 - [4]

I started as pure Amarr. Some of the most important skills will be Energy Mgmt and Energy Sys Op as lasers of course are very cap intensive. You'll also end up using a shield harby at some point, so I would recommend Shield Mgmt and Shield Op and even Shield Upgrades 5 while you are spec'd for it.

Mech/Hull Upgrades/Repair Systems 5 of course.

Tactical Shield Manipulation, specific armor compensations, and even the specific shield comps to at least 4 (kind of handy to have your invulns doing 12% resist @ l4 wen you get neuted to the point your bits start shutting off).

Cyber5 just so down the road you can use any damn implant you want is also good skill. Be able to use at least T2 drones and ECM drones (I did drone interfacing 5 and combat drone 5 and most other drone skills at 4 since Amarr gets some good drone bonused boats).

Energy Emissions 4 so you can use T2 neuts but more importantly, you get 20% less cap use on any neut, again, especially handy in an amarr boat that uses cap-intensive weapons.

Long Range Targeting 5 for obvious reasons, as well as a pre-req for Logi. Sig Analysis 5 for faster locking as well as pre-req for Recons. Targeting 5 and multitasking 3 or 4 just because down the road you might fly a logi and it is good to be able to lock up 8+ gangmates so you can put reps on them immediately instead of having to wait for them to lock up (and possibly having to unlock someone else because you are at your target lock limit).

Subs for T3's (eng/elec/def) and they are only 1x (and even the off/prop subs being 1x don' take much more time to get to 5).

Rigging like armor/shield to 4 so you can install T2 rigs down the road (doesn't seem like the reduction of rig penalty is all that greatly effected by L4 so mostly for T2 rigs).

If you do plan on doing logi, remote armor rep to 5 for sure, shield emissions to 5 if you plan eventually to do shield rr but that's probably a ways down the road for you.

If you going to do any ewar stuff, you'll want the main skill to 4 and the 'spec' skill to 4 (like Weapon Disruption 4 + Turret Destab 4 if you going to fly things like Arbitrator/Pilgrim/Curse). EWar4 just because you need it for ECM drones.

If you want to do scanning, get your astrometrics bits up to 4 while you INT/MEM.

I set my attributes to INT/PER heavy at first because most basic skills require one or the other as a primary, and of course Nav skills are INT/PER (don't forget about these, very important for slow amarr ships, get them to at least 4, Warp Drive Op to 5 since it is 1x and the more cap you save during warp = more cap available when you land and begin fighting). Once I got into BC's and T2 med guns and got my navs up, I switched over to INT/MEM like you and have spent almost a year doing them (I tend to do things for the long-term, you might not be this patient). Once I'm done fairly soon, I'll switch over to PER/WIL but I'll have basically perfect tanking skills in shield and armor, perfect energy skills, proper ewar skills and such that I don't have to ever go back to INT/MEM to take care of later.

Oh, and don't forget Elec Upgrades 5 because you need it for cov ops cloaks, and Energy Grid Upgrades at least to 4 so you can use things like T2 power diags (but you'll need this at 5 for reactor control II's).

Anyway, prob too many skills I listed, but again, depends on how patient you are or if you just want to get basics and then focus on weapons/ships.

Zenith Intaki
Federal Defence Union
Posted - 2011.08.08 13:34:00 - [5]

Still training int+mem...haven't stepped outside of station... Well real life will be pretty busy for next few weeks.. I might switch soon for per+will and get those lasers and start playing... Laughing This is pretty stupid really Very Happy

Engineering and Electronics V atleast, then maybe Hull Upgrades V...but that will have to do it.

T2 armor tank would be nice....

Anyway, thanks for replying.


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