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Tear Anasarsy
Kigurosaka Corporation
Posted - 2011.08.02 17:02:00 - [31]

@ Vortex

Any news on this? You say you have isolated it and people have confirmed your question. I too have this issue including the cavilian salvager and strip miner I's.

I have cleared cache as others have, I even verified my data on steam, un-installed and re-installed eve.
I can produce a log if required but you have enough here and you say you have it isolated so is there a fix being worked on?

I know it's a small thing in your eyes but it is annoying having a container full of un-renderable items. And makes my module UI look horrible in space!

CCP Sputnik

C C P Alliance
Posted - 2011.08.03 11:07:00 - [32]

Originally by: Gelt Thorne
Repackaging works but only temprarily.

Once I log off and back in, the problem persists as long as a Civilian Salvager is in my inventory.

It seems that anything that has an Icon is infected as long as I have one in my possession, even if it's just in my Items Hangar.

This indeed the case, I checked through the bug report and the problem is caused by the Civilian Salvager no having the proper icon assigned to it, the fix is already in place however I don't know the time schedule for its deployment.

For now it seems best to just not have a Civilian Salvager or to store it somewhere special so the icon for it doesn't try to render.

Aroky Mabata
Posted - 2011.08.04 13:02:00 - [33]

I posted a duplicate topic for this earlier this morning, but I'm glad I found this thread.

I too can confirm that the Civilian Salvager seems to be the cause of my issues. I was actually killed last night, and thankfully the ship that was destroyed had the dreaded salvager fitted. So thanks ganker, you fixed my issue!

Tear Anasarsy
Kigurosaka Corporation
Posted - 2011.08.06 21:33:00 - [34]

I have noticed that this is also causing a issue with Rats icons not rendering.

I am currently mining and targeting a Gurista Infiltrator is also showing up as a black box.

This is the same client i have re-installed and cleared cache on.

Posted - 2011.08.09 20:33:00 - [35]

After today's patch I receive similar sympthoms of "black box" with exclamation mark on random items, stations and ships. I cleared cache, repaired client and tryed different computers with different video cards - no improvement.

Posted - 2011.08.14 12:12:00 - [36]

Same issue on my imac since several days


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This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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