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Einar Nils
Posted - 2011.07.20 20:46:00 - [1]

Originally by: "Translation of a Jovian poem"
Once we were mighty,
Stars bent to our will,
Our reach was infinite,
Our power incontestable,
With outstretched hands we tried,
To touch the face of perfection,
But we came too close,
To that which is not due mortals,
And our punishment is our curse,
Our endless sorrow.
The First Jovian Empire created a virus. It was a tool, another technology used by them for genetic modification. It was significantly beyond any tool they had made before, perhaps ultimately tasked to provide immortality or ascension beyond humanity.

The First Empire fell after standing for millennia, possibly due to internal conflict over the use of the virus, the virusís effects, or a slave uprising. They had pushed too far, too fast, or too hard. The survivors were scattered. When they finally reformed as the Second Empire they found their old home in the Heaven constellation and learned of their heritage. They followed the paths of their ancestors, learned of them, and recovered a great deal of useful information.

At some point the Second Empire encountered the virus, which had mutated during the intervening centuries into an airborne, or otherwise contagious, form. Perhaps the virus had remained with them all along and a new strain mutated within them there. In either case research into a cure commenced. Those suspected of infection were quarantined and confirmed infected were placed in stasis. Despite these measures the virus spread. It had become retro-viral and passed from stem cell to clone, parent to child. The Second Empire created an Emergent AI to search for a cure and established a lasting power supply and defences trying to ensure it, and their people in stasis, could survive long enough for one to be found. They even used cryogenetics to store uninfected genetic material. Possibly for use in the search for a cure or simply for safekeeping given how important their DNA is to them.

Sooner than they would have liked the Second Empire had to evacuate the entire area where the best preserved artefacts of their ancestors had rested. They brought the virus back with them. The infection became an epidemic and devastated the Second Empire. Facing the threat of their society once more disintegrating the Second Empire constructed the three fabled Jovian Motherships and left their home, leaving those showing any sign of infection behind.

Yet the virus could not be escaped. Methods to suppress it existed but all Jovians were affected. The "cure" they found seems almost worse than the disease. It eventually led to the death of the subject. Inducing either clinical depression or, in much rarer cases, chronic psychosis. Yet they continued to take it, fearing either the form of death the virus would inflict or the changes involved in its original design purpose.

During their interactions with the Caldari this Third Empire of Jovians, vulnerable and trusting due to the side-effects of their "cure", gave samples of the virus, perhaps hoping a look from another perspective might find the answer. The Caldari did more than that. Possibly using knowledge gained from Kynoke, they re-engineered the virus to affect non-Jovians. Vitoxin in this state doesn't perform its original function, relatively mundane human DNA simply can't accommodate it. It simply kills unless an antidote to its current form is administered. Having established a new product for an old market the Caldari promptly sold the virus to the Amarrians as a method of slave control.

Always apt to spot a profit opportunity the Caldari set to work developing a real cure, which they hoped to later sell for an even greater profit. It appears they succeeded and now the cluster has Insorum.

Einar Nils
Posted - 2011.07.20 20:48:00 - [2]

This is not the end of the tale however. Insorum is "a universal and permanent cure to all forms of Vitoxin infection." and it is unlikely the Jovians have been unable to obtain it by now. The version of events above assumes the Second Jovian Empire were what we now call the Sleepers, a commonly held belief well supported by evidence. It also assumes the First Jovian Empire were what we now call the Talocan, which has more subtle supporting evidence but sufficient to be worth consideration.

Suppose this tale is true, or mostly so. That all the theories which make it up, based upon the many small pieces of evidence available filtered through my own flawed perceptions, add up to the essence of truth even if the details miss the mark.

The Talocan were not a nice people. Their facilities seem to evidence the extensive use of slaves and they are suspected to have brought down the Yan Jung in a hugely destructive conflict. There is an undeniable meanace to their design of structures and vessels. They were 'incontestable', and the only way one proves that is through contest. The Amarrian faithful beleive that all people in the universe were once part of the same empire, and that the Amarr Empire is the direct heir to that legacy. The owners of that legacy were the Talocan but the Amarr are more likely pawns than heirs. Especially since their scriptures were written in the time of the First Jovian Empire after a mysterious visitation by masked "angels" known as Sefrim described in those same writings.

Contrastingly the Jove we "know" have been exceptionally humanitarian. They were pivotal in the foundation of CONCORD, which for all its failings kept the empires from open war for over a century and continues to keep our peoples from enduring the horrors of total war. They gifted the capsule to the Caldari, saving them from defeat at the hands of the Federation and prompting the dawn of the Empyrean Age. Their battle against the Amarr at Atioth was key in the success of the Minmatar Rebellion and their rescue of Maleatu Shakor is especially notable to many Minmatar. Returning two years later a changed man, a beacon for the Minmatar nation and herald for the return of the Elders. That Shakor was taken by the Jovians and paved the way for the Elders when he returned may even suggest that the Jovians sheltered or aided the Elders over the hundreds of years since they last guided the tribes.

The Jovians as we know them appear to possess fine traits that have led to noble acts, but the briefest review of the symptoms of Vitoc shows these traits to be amongst them. Should the Jovians now be free of Vitoc they will be free of these symptoms. They will no longer feel artificially loyal and affectionate, they will no longer lack in aggression or fear. Freed from emotional slavery how will they act?

Given the forbodeing silence from J7HZ-F I feel that even as a hobbyist the story I have seen emerge is worth presenting. What you don't know can kill you and it is past time we (as a community with unprecedented access to information, resources, and travel) started uncovering New Edens shrouded history. Before it comes around to bite us all in ass.

Recomended reading: The Vitoc Problem, Jowen Went to Whiskey Space, The Haakkainen Musings.

Note: For the sake of berevity this is the bare-bones of a single topic. I am willing to discuss my reasonings, expand on details, and provide sources as time allows.

Sarz'na Khumatari
Posted - 2011.07.20 21:29:00 - [3]

Interesting theories, and I'll concede that they flow well together. You might be on to something in the broad strokes.

It is my personal belief that the Jove granted the Capsuleer tech to the Caldari in part to maintain an equilibrium or power but perhaps mainly to extend the range of their research into the Jovian Disease that apparently blights them. It seems likely that similar technologies were used by themselves or still are and may have played a role in the advancement of their affliction.

I think that they either hope to learn something by studying us, a larger and growing population, or that they wish to establish a legacy that will outlive their third and perhaps final empire. Many of us have in our hangars the Apotheosis shuttles that bear the inscription;

"For you, children, on your fifth birthday. May your next five years be as full of promise and hope, and may you one day walk with us as equals among the stars."

Idmei Sver, Society of Conscious Thought, on the fifth anniversary of the Capsuleer Era.

I do not believe that Insorum however is a candidate cure for the Jovian Disease. The Jovian Disease is, by accounts I am familiar with, the onset a deep and fatal depression where the subject simply gives up on staying alive. That is not the case with Vitoxin. Vitoxin is a viral agent, not a gentic disease. Its symptoms are acutely painful and as far as the body is concerned, violent. Depression is not a symptom, the victim is in far too much pain and agony for that.

They are quite different cases, if there is any translational research between the two then I think it would be in quite an abstract sense.

Einar Nils
Posted - 2011.07.20 22:14:00 - [4]

It may be the case that we have been looking at the "disease" the wrong way, confusing symptoms of the cure with those of the infection.
Originally by: The Vitoc Problem
Over the long term, Vitoc has been shown to have neurotoxic properties that cause a lasting decrease in the brain's serotonin uptake sites, causing clinical depression. In 0.2% of cases, there is also damage to the amygdala, resulting chronic psychosis in the patient. To date, these effects have proven unresponsive to therapy.

Admiral Ouria may well have been an example of that 0.2%. Explaining why the Jovians announced he was suffering from the Jovian Disease despite his apparent lack of depression.

To address your point on genetics it has been discovered that Vitoxin can exist as a genetic condition.
Originally by: The Vitoc Problem
During the Republic's studies into Vitoxin, such mutations have been deliberately induced, with potentially catastrophic consequences. In at least one case, the virus has become contagious and air-borne, infecting researchers, while in other, more controlled experiments, it has become retro-viral, changed the sites of its attack within the body or become more rapidly deadly in effect.

A retro-viral form of Vitoxin is a prospect of particular concern. Not only is there a risk it could enable infection to be passed from parent to child, it could also affect all clones of an individual where the stem cells necessary to seed the clone with the owner's DNA are taken after infection has occurred.

Sarz'na Khumatari
Posted - 2011.07.21 16:37:00 - [5]

Ahh I see, the Vitoxin has been shown to sometimes cause genetic damage in those treated with it, the mutations of which are then passed on. I follow your logic.

It is an interesting thought on the Jovian Disease, given how little we know of Jovian physiology and how little direct contact there has been I'd say its quite likely that we have made false assumptions. I was thinking today that it could be half a decade now since the last reported direct contact with the Jovians. Our few sources of information are increasingly becoming old sources.

Victoria Valadeus
Knighthood of the Merciful Crown
Posted - 2011.07.21 21:21:00 - [6]

The use of the Vitoc Method has always been a subject close to my heart, and though I have no worthwhile speculations or new facts to help you Mr. Nils, I will continue to hope and pray for your success at learning more about this virus, as well as those others that have posted here.

Thank you,
V. Valadeus

Borza Slavak
Mirkur Draug'Tyr
Posted - 2011.07.22 13:28:00 - [7]

An interesting theory pilot. It may even be correct. At least, I am not currently aware of anything that would contradict it.

Gunn Charante
Posted - 2011.07.24 14:19:00 - [8]

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Kyo Haku
Electus Matari
Posted - 2011.07.24 14:21:00 - [9]

And following this line of thought the Jove's mysterious enemies could be the individuals who were left behind and survived the disease and rebuilt. They would still have been occupying those stations that survived from the 1st empire- and had access to all the technology left behind, whereas the other Jove would have to rediscover that knowledge.


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