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Blane Xero
The Firestorm Cartel
Posted - 2011.07.28 11:43:00 - [31]

Originally by: Mok Leh'kai
Edited by: Mok Leh''kai on 27/07/2011 18:28:25
Quite possibly the greatest song in the world.

On a side note, I wanted to see how screwed up my sig is.

Edit- Yay, my sig is fabulous now.
You are original.

Bane Necran
Posted - 2011.07.28 13:14:00 - [32]

Major Lazer - Hold the line

Asteroids Galaxy Tour - The Golden Age

Quite a shift from the harder stuff i normally listen to. I fear i'm getting soft in my mid age. But more likely all this time without a computer of my own is causing my brain to atrophy, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Blue Binary
Posted - 2011.07.29 21:04:00 - [33]

A sample of my playlist right now...

Posted - 2011.07.29 21:14:00 - [34]

still don't get what all the fuss is with deadmaufive.

but like, heres something. edIT

Eternal Frontier
Posted - 2011.07.30 17:17:00 - [35]

J Kunjeh
Posted - 2011.07.30 19:24:00 - [36]

Edited by: J Kunjeh on 30/07/2011 19:25:14
Originally by: Blue Binary

  • Marco Demark feat Casey Barnes - Tiny Dancer (Deadmau5 Vocal Mix)
    Deadmau5 mix of a cover of Elton John's Tiny Dancer

  • Damn, hadn't heard that one yet. I'm not a huge fan of Deadmau5, but I do enjoy some of his stuff. I have to say though, this remix makes it obvious he's been hanging around Kaskade in the studio (and that's a good thing).

    Nubian Sundance
    Posted - 2011.07.30 21:15:00 - [37]

    Soul, Country, Arabic, Disco...a bit of everything really ugh

    Shadow of xXDEATHXx
    Posted - 2011.08.04 04:55:00 - [38]

    Edited by: Headerman on 04/08/2011 04:59:36

    Shadow of xXDEATHXx
    Posted - 2011.08.04 04:59:00 - [39]

    One of my current favourites: Pumped up kicks

    Posted - 2011.08.04 05:03:00 - [40]

    Saw this while touring Asia.

    That **** is ridiculous.

    Something Random
    The Barrow Boys
    Posted - 2011.08.04 20:59:00 - [41]

    Just Pure Class

    of course.

    the united
    Negative Ten.
    Posted - 2011.08.04 21:24:00 - [42]

    Roger waters. The pros and cons of hitch hiking. First bought this on Vinyl in 84.

    Followed by Radio K.A.O.S. in 87 and then Amused to Death in 92. (I was living in the USA when that was released and listened to an interview at the time.)

    Great talent.

    David Estarra
    Starside Lost
    Posted - 2011.08.05 08:58:00 - [43]

    I'm currently having an 80's week, so lots of Bananarama, early Kylie, Five Star, Duran Duran.. you get the idea Very Happy

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