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Appetite 4 Destruction
Posted - 2011.07.18 20:35:00 - [1]

A little about me:

-47m SP, 99% PVP
-US TZ active(2:00-5:00 usually)
-Minmatar spec'd
-Experienced (BC Stats
-Mature Player

What I am looking for in a corp:

-High/low/0.0 PVP
-US TZ activity
-Mature players
-Small gang's (10 or less)
-Respectable KB stats(no noob corps pls)
-LOTS of targets

What I am NOT looking for in a corp:

-0.0 blob's/cap fights
-Pets or renters
-Copy paste spam in my ad.

Please post here or shoot me a mail/convo to talk!

Imma Killue
Posted - 2011.07.18 21:09:00 - [2]

We See Dead People, est. 2007, has remained a small corp (25-50 members) for the last four years. and are ready to expand. The first two years we lived in low sec, living out of cans as we where very nomadic. The last two years we have lived primarily in null space. We have held our own sov space most of those two years, and was very active with our alliance, doing major campaigns. All members in corp are US players and are on from east coast to Hawaii time zones. (22:00 - 8:00 eve time) Age of members range from 20-50 years old. We want to build a strong US corp, that has a major impact in Eve.

The one problem I see in Eve, is finding enough US players together in one spot. The one complaint I hear over and over again, is the lack of people online to fly with. Most fleet ops, in most alliances seam to be during euro times. Our alliance is also active during our time zones. Took us three tries to find.

If every US player looking for a corp where to join, we would have plenty of people online when you are online. All types and occupations of pilots welcome. We have everything sov space has to offer, ratting, mining, havens, sanctums, plexes, stations, pvp (plenty of targets), etc. Our alliance space is pretty stable, but still get the occasional nuet coming in.

So, what do you think? Give us a shot, what you got to loose. We have nothing against non US players. If they play Eve the same time as us, we would be more then happy to accept their apps. We just want to insure that members well be online during our time zones. Nobody likes playing alone.

For more imfo click link:

Oli Robbo
Posted - 2011.07.19 01:22:00 - [3]

Contact me ingame for a chat.

Varn Guvera
TH3 UnT0uChaBl3S
Imperial 0rder
Posted - 2011.07.19 02:44:00 - [4]

or just stop by the .SS channel and talk to your last CEO ever

max ericshaun
The Suicide Express
Sobriety Test Failures
Posted - 2011.07.19 03:14:00 - [5]

Edited by: max ericshaun on 19/07/2011 03:14:19
Come check us out for some fun pvp.

We're a new corp but old players. Most of us have played eve together for a few years now. Mail me in game if you're interested in details about us.

Appetite 4 Destruction
Posted - 2011.07.19 20:57:00 - [6]

Thanks for the reply's, I will be contacting some of you later..

Appetite 4 Destruction
Posted - 2011.07.20 13:47:00 - [7]

Still looking!

Drama Llamas
Posted - 2011.07.20 15:29:00 - [8]

Edited by: Sodomiss on 20/07/2011 15:29:34
We live in high sec Amarr.
We do alot of small gang pews.
Black ops.
We have 0 blues so everyone is a target.
We try different ship composures

Never see a corp mail about CTA unless its a prank
No pos fueling, No blobing
Run incursions for isk.

Friday nights results -

Saterday nights results -

No rules, No roles, log on do what the **** you want and have fun playing the game you love. fancy joining us on pews to start off? join our public channel drama skool in there you'll find our forum thread recruitment links

Appetite 4 Destruction
Posted - 2011.07.22 18:11:00 - [9]

Talked to some good people.. Not ready to make a decision yet.. Still looking..


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