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School of Applied Knowledge
Posted - 2011.07.18 07:41:00 - [1]

Edited by: Zindela on 18/07/2011 07:42:12

Kind of a joint thread,

First. I'm quitting EVE. No, you can't have my stuff. I'll be back.
not quitting for incarna reasons either. It's just all my friends quit, and I don't have time to join a half-decent corp.

Second, and more importantly, can anyone recommend some decent music creation software? I have a laptop(PC), a full size electric piano, and a cheap MIDI interface, and very easy access to top of the line home stereo systems.

I have a decent ear for music( 12 years of piano, 2 of trombone, and 1 of guitar). I've screwed around in the past, and created some decently listenable stuff in Garage Band, but I'm looking for something a little more advanced. I've tried Abelton 8, and FL 10, both are along the lines of what I'm looking for, though I can't figure out Abelton for the life of me.

I'm willing to spend the time to learn the software, I'm just looking for suggestions of what you're using, and why you prefer it?



edit. Spelling is hard.

The Unwanted.
Posted - 2011.07.18 11:09:00 - [2]

I think you've hit the nail on the head there - you need to find something that works for you.

Personally, I went with Propellerhead Reason.

Coming from a motion graphics/video editing school of timelines and keyframes, coupled with layers and nested compositions, I found Reason to be a very close match as the approach was very similar.

I bought a cheap full-sized midi keyboard and can get the essence of track down in Reason very quickly.

It also has a big community feel about it with lots of sites and forums out there with people submitting Reason Patches (similar to VST's) for all branches of music, but would say its club music in all forms is where the biggest draw is. The Prodigy wrote their latest album using it, for example.

Thumbs up from me, but you need to find something that works the way you work.


Capdown Jakuard
Posted - 2011.07.18 14:54:00 - [3]

Personally I find Reason just to be a fun tool to get some nice sounds on.. You can use it like a giant VST, with VSTs in it :)
And it's good fun, like the above poster said, just got to go with what suits you.. I fouind it a to be a little awkward when recording live audio and generally just sequencing, it's not really Reasons strong point IMO. But as a heads up, if you have a apple mac and don't mind spending a good bit of money, get Logic Pro... is it Logic 8 or 9 now??? I don't know.. but It was called Logic Pro 7 when I used it and is the best sequencer I've used for doing just anything and everything... You can (or could) get 7 to work on windows by emulating mac OS on windows if you're interested enough...

Rashmika Sky
R. Sky Escorts
Posted - 2011.07.18 23:05:00 - [4]
Is nicely priced, has plenty of features and a full featured demo version. Last I knew, though, it didn't have great support for notation, think it was necessary to use some 3rd party software for that; given you play piano and trombone, I assume you might care about that more than some would.
Anyway, like I said, the demo is very generous, so it may be worth giving it a try and seeing if it's for you.

Something Random
The Barrow Boys
Posted - 2011.07.19 17:36:00 - [5]

Edited by: Something Random on 19/07/2011 17:39:36
Come back soon - shame your just going cause your friends are, go make new ones instead !!!

Music wise. I spent a lot of time years ago trying every pirated copy of everything i could get my hands on, which happened to be almost everything available.

I always ended up with Cubase as the main composition centrepiece that everything else that could got fed through. I know its expensive, but it just is exactly what you need. Like you i never could get my head around Abletons method BUT a lot of musicians swear by its on the fly, improvisational editing, abilities.

So basically i had Cubase VSt (at the time) with Reason rewired (turning it into a huge modular synthesizer, sampler and general instrument machine) and almost every VST/DirectX plugin available.

Easy to say when your not paying but now im a more ethical to the programmers type of guy i have saved and am saving still for the same type of setup. Albeit more fussy about the VST plugins.

Bet you didnt think anyone was ever gonna say THAT huh ? Very Happy

Couldnt think of the word improvisational....
ALSO.... Calling Alienhand to this thread !!!!


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