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PIE Inc.
Posted - 2011.07.18 05:10:00 - [1]

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For the last several months I have found myself frustrated. The demands of service to Amarr and God at times seemed overwhelming and I felt in my old age that the firm hand that guides the tiller of my boat along the river of life became heavy and weak. While my resolve to serve God and Empire is as strong as ever for the first time I began to question whether or not I was physically able to do all that was necessary. In eight years of service to God and Empire I have never strayed from the path... but the path is long... the path is eternal.

That's when I realized what was happening. That's when I was able to comprehend the reality of what I was going thru.

Life is a Tapestry. A marvelous cascade of colors and design fashioned by God for all the faithful. In my case while a few threads around the borders may've frayed my Tapestry was intact. As I've grown old and my physical abilities have weakened my intellectual abilities have increased with age. Perhaps this is something we all will go thru as loyal Amarrian servants of God. Obligations take more time, health fails, and we aren't as able to do what we feel we must. In the end though if we all do our best, what we can, that is enough. God expects no less.

I look at the faces of the massive multitude of the faithful and I see in each a tapestry of color as vibrant as my own. The knowledge that so many loyalists have the same devotion to God and Empire as my own truly warms my heart. This leads me to an even greater realization of my place in God's universe. Perhaps my life is not a tapestry? When I spoke of the threads being pulled away I realized the truth that I am but one thread in the glorious tapestry that is the Amarr Empire. All who serve, who give what they can, who pay their utmost level of devotion, all are threads in this glorious tapestry.

A tapestry takes all the pieces of thread and weaves them together, each supporting and aiding the next. Thus while one may not be able to do what one once could another is there to help them along, to reinforce them, to give their strength and their effort. In the end despite what barriers may present to one they do not affect the whole. This made me understand there was no need for my frustration. In age comes understanding.

As we all age, as we all become less able to do what we once could in our youth, we all become likewise wiser and more experienced. The tapestry of our lives is the tapestry of Amarr. We are all interconnected and we all build on the foundation provided us by God. Together we weave a future of service and obedience that is absolute. The threads of the tapestry of Amarr are strong, are steadfast, and are eternal. Each of us is here not for ourselves but for the whole... for Amarr... for God.


Thgil Goldcore
Posted - 2011.07.18 06:25:00 - [2]

Awe inspiring as always Archbishop.

Is there an specific prayer to help reflect on this with? Or should the standard hymns be more appropriate?


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