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Posted - 2011.07.16 23:59:00 - [1]

Edited by: Mikkaras on 16/07/2011 23:59:42
With the process of selling goods now going through a form which remembers whether it was in simple or advanced mode, and the advanced form able to remember the last chosen duration, a new problem has appeared. If you frequently use the advanced form in order to place buy or sell orders, when you wish to immediately sell an item via someone else's buy order you end up getting charged brokers' fees on the instant sale, because the advanced form is not advanced enough to realize that you did not edit the price from the default order-matched value, and thus your item will be sold immediately no matter what the "duration" selector is set to.

If an item is being sold immediately, it should never be handed over to a broker, and so you should never be charged broker's fees (since somebody else already paid a broker to handle their purchase).

In keeping with this ideal, several possible changes could realize it.

The most transparent to the player would be simply to not charge broker's fees if the sale goes through immediately, whether or not they were listed on the form.

Another option is to have the form start out set to "immediate" if there are buy orders at the default price, but change to the "last saved setting" if you edit the price and increase it.

To make what's happening more apparent, the "immediate" option could be relocated from the duration menu (where it is slightly out of place anyway) to a checkmark option above it. When you initially choose to sell an item and there are buy orders available, in addition to filling out the price with the best available buy order's bid, it would have the "immediate" box checked. Any editing of the price to a value higher than that would automatically uncheck the "immediate" option, as would selecting a different duration from the list (implying a desire to place an order).

Alternatively, the sell button could be split in two for faster usage: "Sell Now" and "Place Order". The former would attempt an immediate sale and fail if this was not possible at the listed price. The latter would simply invoke the current functoinality. (Speaking of the buttons, why are Sell and Cancel right next to each other? Give them some space between them to help prevent mis-clicks!) While the exact pricing total presented on the form might be less precise due to always accounting for the broker's fees, that just means you'd earn more than listed with an immediate sale, and I doubt many people would consider that a problem. The wallet journal would always show the actual results if specifics were needed for accounting, after all.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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