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Ranis Garr
New Eden Trade Union
Genesis Invictus
Posted - 2011.07.16 22:48:00 - [1]

Edited by: Ranis Garr on 18/07/2011 20:33:23
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[New Eden Trade Union]


Contact: Ranis Garr or Lyntt (EVEMail or Interlink Conversation)


Corporation With Experienced Leadership Seeking Capsuleers From All Professions

2011.07.16 -- New Eden Trade Union [ESE:NETU] sends out a call to arms to any interested capsuleers seeking a goal-oriented corporation. We are currently seeking the following capsuleers to fill out our ranks:

  • PvP/PvE Capsuleers

  • 2 Million SP Minimum

  • Clean Employment History

We require:

  • 2M Skillpoints

  • Players who will play in 0.0

  • That you download/use the Ventrilo Client

  • Limited API key upon application

  • Activity (More than your typical weekend warriors)

  • Ambition

  • Humor

  • NRDS Rules of Engagement

Any capsuleers who are able to meet the above requirements are welcome and can expect the following from our Corporation:

  • Experienced Leadership led under a new leadership style which promotes teamwork and interconnection

  • A corporation that is highly invested in developing its members, both with experience and finance

  • 0.0 Sovereignty & the willingness to expand

  • NRDS with over 350 RED Entities and Growing

  • Experienced Fleet Commanders

  • Miners - Earn a Free Retreiver, Train the Skills and the Ship is Yours

  • Orca Supported Mining Ops

  • Opportunities for Advancement - Seeking high-drive individuals looking to fill roles within the Corporation

  • Privately Traded Corporation with Dividend Payouts - Have a voice in the corporation and share in its prosperity

  • Ventrilo Voice Server - Use Required, Microphone is Not

  • A corporation that has fun, while still managing to meet its goals

  • US/EU/AU Time Zones Covered

  • Ultimately, we here at New Eden Trade Union are working towards making our corporation one that invests in itself, it's members, and the space that we hold. We know that you have many options when it comes to Capsuleer employment, and we know you will be satisfied with what NETU has to offer you.

    If we look like a corporation that will fit your needs feel free to contact Lyntt or Ranis Garr for more information and applications.

    Direct applications need to go to prior to being interviewed. Due to the large amounts of applications we've seen in the past, please evemail Ranis Garr or Lyntt if you don't hear back within 24 hours of putting in your application.


    Ranis Garr
    On behalf of:
    The New Eden Trade Union Team

    Ranis Garr
    New Eden Trade Union
    Genesis Invictus
    Posted - 2011.07.22 04:35:00 - [2]

    Recruitment still open - come find out what we're all about.

    Posted - 2011.07.30 01:36:00 - [3]


    Recruitment is still open. We are always looking for new players!!

    Ranis Garr
    New Eden Trade Union
    Genesis Invictus
    Posted - 2011.08.16 07:49:00 - [4]

    Recruitment still open. New and old players welcome


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