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Snow Cub
Posted - 2011.07.15 01:21:00 - [1]

I just reopened my account. I would love to have a corporation (active) to join. I am specced to an Ishkur- all I need is the skill book and the ship. Everything else is high- 4 or 5. I would love to earn my way there with an active corporation!


Posted - 2011.07.15 05:44:00 - [2]

- Black Hole Developments -

Hello Pilot, -BHD- is currently looking for capsuleers new and old. We are a small corp based mostly from the united states. We are mature and fun people, on at odd hours all the time.
What we are looking for,
PVP - Low sec mainly
PVE - Missions

If you have any interest feel free to contact in game by eve mail Cerrophen or Melisa Zeal.

Or by our Public Channel -
BHD Public

Bethor Invictus
New Eden Recon Force
Posted - 2011.07.15 07:07:00 - [3]

New Eden Recon Force
Is looking for all kinds of pilots.
We are an active corp with people from mainly EU and US timezones.
As we are currently rebuilding and regaining our strength there are ample opportunities within our corp for those who want to grow.

We have also educated our fair share of people new to the game, so we should get you started pretty quickly.

Also we have all the usual like:
- TS server
- Forum
- Active (mature) players (so expect your bad jokes in corp chat)
- Regular pvp ops
- Regular pve fleets
- and as soon as we got the miners we'll have the orca supported mining ops again

We have been around for quiet some time now, and we expect to be around for an even longer time.

If you want to go into more detail feel free to contact one of our recruiters, via convo or eve mail

Thank you for your time.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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