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Twitch Nakrar
Posted - 2011.07.14 15:04:00 - [1]

I have only been playing a little over 2 months. But I have read tons of guides, posts and some rather rude suggestions as to where to start when it comes to manufacturing. I tried making some ammo, (IF crystals, and EMC projectile) but they just didnít sell and I finally hauled them to a station that gave me the best price. I then tried to make some Tormentors and they didnít sell, so I did the same thing. I set my prices about 1K below the lowest selling price that is on the market in Ammar, (closest Hub to me).
Where do you start, what do you start with, am I doing something wrong in pricing or choice of goods. Any polite advice is more than welcome.

Space Llama Industries
Posted - 2011.07.14 15:11:00 - [2]

A few thoughts:

I set my prices about 1K below the lowest selling price

There's no need to cut into your margin like that. As long as your price is the lowest, yours will sell first. Unless the price is currently at a level that is actually deterring potential purchasers (which, for tormentors, is really never going to be the case), just put your price at .01 isk lower than the lowest guy.

That said...

am I doing something wrong in pricing or choice of goods.

Choice of goods, for sure. Tormentor, in particular, is not a big hit.

It sounds like you're pretty new to the Eve market system in general - I would spend some time getting familiar with that. Check out the "Price history" chart for some items, and pay attention to the volume bars - that should give you an idea of what's in demand.

Ammo is a decent starting point, but personally, I wouldn't start with laser crystals. T1 laser crystals never break, so they're really only "consumed" when they get destroyed with a ship (or when used in T2 production).

I would check out other ammo types, as well as rigs.

Twitch Nakrar
Posted - 2011.07.14 15:16:00 - [3]

WooHoo! A starting point. I'll check this all out tonight after work.

Thank you for a direction Very Happy

Gurgeh Murat
Blue Republic
Posted - 2011.07.14 16:58:00 - [4]

A good way to assess what to make and where to sell it is

"if I was in X system, doing Y activity, what would I be buying"

Make use of one of the many programs out there to check your actually going to be able to make/sell your item at a profit. Even just a basic spreadsheet would do it (I use the EveHq BP calculator in the prism module personally)

Train production Efficiency to V

Research your BPO's. If your having difficulty finding free research slots in hisec (and who isnt?) Try nipping a couple of jumps into losec...queues are much shorter there, sometimes literally just a couple of days.

Good luck dude.

Prophets Of Fortune Ind.
Posted - 2011.07.14 18:46:00 - [5]

I like to check the price history of the items I want to make. If something is showing a low volume, I either make a little or none at all. Different regions have different needs, so check the area you're in to see what sells.

Posted - 2011.07.14 22:46:00 - [6]

Get used to your market. Look through every item listed.
A good place to start is rigs, they don't require mins they require salvaged parts so unless you are salvaging you have to rely on the market but if you do your research you can find them for the cost you want and the cost you want is one that makes you a profit.
Rigs are non-reusable so there is always a demand, of course the demand for some is greater than others but that is for you to find. I have found on rigs that almost all of them can be manufactured for a profit and a decent profit at that and if you are smart about it you could truck them to jita and sell them all granted not for max profit but still a decent profit and a fast turn around.
Another thing you can do of course is refine if your skills are good enough a lot of items can be bought for less than their manufacture cost then re manufactured for an even greater profit. I.e. Check out ammos in your region especially ones picked up by mission runners in 100unit batches look at the buyers and set a buy order on one that has none or few other buyers but set it for cheap such as a 5isk buy on 100k of lead l ammo, then refine it and you have minerals for manufacturing that were cheaper than even mining yourself (Put a damn value on your time mins arent free, if you are paying for your account they cost you pennies and hour that is still a cost)
The market fluctuates but there is always somebody willing to pay more to not have to travel, so yes diversify and if you can find something that sells and instead of selling 1000 units at one station sell 100 units at ten stations. be creative and you will find a way to succeed. I rambled a bit but i hope i helped. im not like other players, I will tell my secrets and when you start using them and it effects me i wont complain i will get more creative and find other ways to succeed, competition is a good thing.

Twitch Nakrar
Posted - 2011.07.14 23:19:00 - [7]

Edited by: Twitch Nakrar on 14/07/2011 23:21:42
I do Mining, refining, and my drones allow for plenty of salvage. I have only timidly ventured beyond 0.5 space, and then only in a mining Frigate, because I don't want to lose a good ship yet. And that keeps anything lost to a minimum. And speed isn't an issue since I plan to be here for awhile and it takes what it takes.

Edit: It looks like reading the market is where I need to learn and improve. And the big cost for me are the BPC's some of them sell for more than the item you make and a good many of them are single run! so getting BPC's at an affordable price is My big holdup so far.

Prince Kobol
Posted - 2011.07.15 11:08:00 - [8]

When I first started I found it difficult to begin with, however after spending sometime studying the local markets I decided to start with certain type of ammo and a couple of T1 mods and just went on from there.

I was happy to start small and slowly work myself up.

zoni Ishikela
Posted - 2011.07.15 11:30:00 - [9]

I've been in Eve a bit longer than you and just started dabbling with manufacturing. I spent some time at various trade hubs to find out not only what sells - there are a number of web sites with that information but also the type of buyer out there. That was hopeless because there's so much stuff moving around it's hard to make heads or tails of it. There are folks who purchase in bulk for trade profit, there's also a slew of PVE or PVP oriented players out there who have no interest in manufacturing and just look for ammo, modules and parts. There is also one problem with trade hubs is that you're going against folks who do this as their main profession and they are skilled up so they can easily edge you out.

I suggest you start small, with lower risk, and yes, lower profit, but for items that you know will move and that you can manufacture without losing your monocle (=>). Do your homework, and be very patient as patterns emerge over time. Find an intermediate hub in a region that you know. Also think about what are interested in buying yourself, as that's probably a good indication that others are looking for the same stuff. Do you buy a tormentor?

The thing that has really worked for me has been to find what folks want, which is based on what they are doing, and for the moment, staying clear of the main trade hubs and making something that folks find convenient. At the same time, knowing that I can't build ships effectively right now because I don't have the margins to make it profitable.

I came up with a very simple spreadsheet that computes all my costs, I get to plug in average sell prices (using the highest sell price you find is not a good idea because it's not realistic). Plug in what you need to buy, BPOs, your slot rental costs, taxes, broker fees, profit per unit and it will become apparent what you need to do. Once you know what you can make reasonably simply for your level, match that to what sells in your neck of the woods and you'll be good to go. Works for me.

juju Beldrulf
Posted - 2011.07.15 11:44:00 - [10]

HY 1 ither way to do wat you are talking about is at the station u r trying to sel lat is to modify the prises that at that station r if that dosent do it watch the market and go to that patic station if not to far away.Hope u understand wat i mean (lol)Razz

Celluloid Gurus
Posted - 2011.07.15 13:11:00 - [11]

Originally by: juju Beldrulf
HY 1 ither way to do wat you are talking about is at the station u r trying to sel lat is to modify the prises that at that station r if that dosent do it watch the market and go to that patic station if not to far away.Hope u understand wat i mean (lol)Razz

Actually, we don't understand w0t you mean.

Tear Anasarsy
Kigurosaka Corporation
Posted - 2011.07.15 14:12:00 - [12]

My alt just started manufacturing just to get a feel of it, and the easiest thing is Ammo.

The best advice I can give you is, look at your region, particularly the mission hubs with alot of agents, look at the volumnes of the ammo there, missiles are usually a good start, make a load of missiles that sell well in the mission hub and dabble in the margin wars.

Ammo is relativly low risk compared to most things as it is always in demand so start there and have a play around. But as I say, mission hubs are your best selling spot.

Geormike Deninard
Posted - 2011.07.15 22:18:00 - [13]

Hello, i am also pretty new, about 3 months in EVE, and i do have to say, manufacturing is a very tough job to get used to, so here are a few tips that helped me selling ammo and ships. :)

1) In order to sell ammo, dont aim for trade hubs. Aim for missioning stations. If you are manufacturing small ammo, find a place that has a lot of level 1 agents. If you make Medium ammo, find a station with L2 or L3 agents, and if you make Large ammo find a station with L4 agents. The people doing missions there will be delighted by the ease of having ammo there and will buy it even if its bigger price than normal.

2) In order to be able to execute such trips, you need a hauling ship. I suppose you already have one, but if you dont, the Caldari Badger or the Minmatar Mammoth would be the best choices for you. This will help you move goods with ease, but be careful not to pass through populated systems, since suicide ganking is always a threat (they would not kill just for ammo though).

3) Do Research. Sit in a station and watch what ships or ammo sells out the quickest. Selling wanted items is they key to success as a Manufactorer/Trader.

That is how far goes for tips, now onto links and tools. -- Very nice site, tells you what ore you will find wherever. -- How ores refine into different minerals. -- EVErything you need to know for mining.

I hope i helped a fellow miner, GMD

L0pht Heavy Industries
Shadow Cartel
Posted - 2011.07.17 06:55:00 - [14]


Wow, what a night on the quaffe. Righto, so you are unstuck on the sales. Sounds normal. I would suggest you find your local trade hubs, for me that would be Motsu/Jita/DoDixie and at a MINIMUM of once a week export the trade data of your chosen items and pop it into a little spreadsheet program so you can track pricing.

Never ever ever sell your items for less than what you want for them. If something isnt selling, there is a reason for it. I manufacture an asounting amount of ammo in the form of light/heavy missiles and projectile ammo. All the missles go into caldari trade hubs, all the projectile goes into gallente hubs.

I would also suggest watching the buy orders. They are always rather low ( i have a few set up ) and fullfilling those will not give you the same return as seling direct over three months. Occassionally though, someone will put up a good buy order so if you spot it, fill it quick for fast and easy isk.

Hope this helps. Convo me in game if you stuck or want the latest prices from my hubs.




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