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Malak Alraheem
Posted - 2011.07.13 15:49:00 - [31]

I have no problem with a game evolving... then I remember the platypus.

Callic Veratar
Posted - 2011.07.13 16:34:00 - [32]

Originally by: Mnengli Noiliffe
Originally by: Sai Nunnie
Every major patch there is a "The Sky Is Falling" crowd. This one seems to have lets say a louder tone to it, but this too shall pass. Can anyone say warp to 0 Wink

maybe because there is no actual content in this expansion, first time in the whole eve history...

There's a major flaw in that argument. CCP has changed their development from monolithic releases to staged updates, meaning that the next content patch will not be coming out at Christmas. We will be getting 5 or 6 small patches between now and then with another new name at Christmas.

Look at how Incursion was released. If you remember, the actual day 1 Incursion patch was pretty damn tiny, we just knew what else was coming. At the moment, we have no idea what else they have planned in Incarna. What they've released so far feels very much like a framework for lots of things, not like nothing.

Posted - 2011.07.14 02:54:00 - [33]

At this point I'd rather have far fewer, much larger patches, so the inevitable buggy mess that follows for weeks or even months afterwards, only happens a couple times a year, instead every couple bloody months - meaning it never ever ends.

I have to go back three expansions to find a time when I played Eve for a couple months straight without something ****ing up my gameplay. That's shocking.

And don't try and blame my Mac or my PC (I use both). They're not the newest machines, but they both run WoW (I know, I know - I used to play, and still pop in after every expansion and on free weekends just to see how far it's fallen since vanilla WoW days), EQ1, EQ2, Ryzom, AC, and other MMOs just fine (obviously using WINE or Boot Camp to play PC only titles on my Mac). Not to mention a legion of 3D games from other genres.

Ban Doga
Posted - 2011.07.14 06:38:00 - [34]

Originally by: RAW23
Originally by: Jackson Millenius

I just want to get a sense of perspective in the history of the game. I personally don't care about the Aur and CQ. I think CCP has some big plans and they are trying to go about achieving those goals.

The majority of the people who are whining and complaining are only doing it because they are sheep.

You ask for info but have already decided your position. Why bother?

Because most of the time people ask for advice they are actually looking for confirmation of their already formed opinion.

The Offerer
Posted - 2011.07.14 07:31:00 - [35]

Originally by: Jackson Millenius
How can eve evolve into something new and different, when people want it to stay the way it is?

A couple of good reasons.

CCP has proven that new and different isn't in most of the cases even remotely close to good.
Players want it to stay like it is because of the previous experiences (PI deployment and POS modules reprocessing, 0.0 nerf,...)

But, it still can evolve exactly because of player's feedback, be it a positive or negative.

Posted - 2011.07.14 08:57:00 - [36]

Originally by: Discrodia
At least in my time of playing EVE, I know there was a lot of *****ing and moaning on the forums around expansions, which I shall recall in numerical order...

1. Trinity, for Boot.ini.
2. Empyrean Age, for FW being not very good. Still hasn't been fixed.
3. QR, for the nano nerf, *****ing and moaning by both sides of the argument.
4. Almost no whining, actually. Except about T3 prices, but that hardly counts.
5. Domino, for all the sov ****ing around and generally being lacklustre. About the starting point of the 'decline of EVE' that made me unsub.
6. Tyrannis, *****ing about being cheap, almost useless, boring, grindy.
7. Incursion, *****ing about learning skills and insane difficulty of Sansha sites.
8. Incarnage, only thing I haven't really heard whining about are the new gun an maller models.

But, insofar as I've seen, this is the only time that ~3k players and ~6k accounts have unsubbed.

I hate the new turrents, EVE looking all cool and stuff. And the Maller, what about the DOMI!!!
(Sarcasm off)

I think, at least for myself. I play eve cause it is a space ship game. Dose not matter if it were 16 bit graphics. The mechanics are there to work this Universe into one hell of a sim. But what we got at this point in time is promised excellence, and very terrible CQ that fries GPU's-and has almost no use to any existing player, new or old. Regardless of what the peons at CCP say about it.

Back when I started playing on my main account (sorry it has already lapsed) Expantions, expanded the EVE universe. If it was for the best or worst, really was decided by ones play style. But now we are force fed some incredible junk that like any other MMO is not excepted. CCP has crossed that line, and I bid all farewell.

The recent CSM has also done a fair bit of damage to the current state of the game. Sad to see such individualistic ideas placed into a game, and allowed by a uniformed Dev team. The extent of the abuse allowed is very saddening, but not unexpected. WH's being a prime exampleSad

Posted - 2011.07.14 09:21:00 - [37]

Originally by: Jackson Millenius
I have noticed so much whining, and complaining.

How can eve evolve into something new and different, when people want it to stay the way it is?

Is eve better now then it was 3 years ago? I ask because I wasn't playing the game then and I'm wondering if the expansions and patches that came then received the same level of drama.

Well good start would be fix current EvE first, fix bugs and broken came mechanics. After all that is done, start thinking what else can we add that players would be wiling to fight over.

Seriously, theres even option to set pos lab to public, but it dosent work. Come on ccp, fix the damn game.

Mara Rinn
Posted - 2011.07.14 10:09:00 - [38]

Originally by: Smoking Blunts
everything seamed to work well, large fleets wernt as laggy as now and the fewest bugs that i remeber

Large fleets weren't as large, is why large fleet fights weren't as laggy. The fewest bugs you remember is possibly due to your memory being faulty.

EVE as it is now is significantly less buggy than the EVE I started playing, which was back in the Revelations days. The most awesome expansion ever was obviously Apocrypha, since they actually expanded the universe, added T3, and a bunch of smaller stuff was tweaked. It was like we were playing a new game.

In the meantime, remember that fleet fights are laggy because people keep turning up until it lags. Sometimes this is the entire strategy: "we're not going to win, so just turn up in system with a rookie ship and lag the server out".

Remember, back then "large" fleet fights were 300 a side. These days 300 is a small roaming gang, assuming only half of them are flying supercaps or caps.

Ava Baby
Paxton Industries
-Mostly Harmless-
Posted - 2011.07.14 11:40:00 - [39]

Edited by: Ava Baby on 14/07/2011 11:42:04
Edited by: Ava Baby on 14/07/2011 11:40:51
Every patch/expansion CCP releases means you get to play the "How Long Will DT Actually Be" & the "How Many (Server) Resets Will There Be" feature of the game.

TBH I've been pretty happy with the expansions up until the current one. Although I do like watching the T3 ships flying backwards Very Happy

Andreus Ixiris
Mixed Metaphor
Posted - 2011.07.14 11:42:00 - [40]

CCP aren't infallible.

Posted - 2011.07.14 11:56:00 - [41]

As time marches on, players in real life too get older and tastes change.

Some of the less bugly ones even hook up with a real partner and go off and get married, have kids (or puppies if kids arent on the cards). They buy houses and suddenly, lawns need cutting, taxes need paying and poop needs picking up. You cant escape death, taxes or poop patrol.

Free time (or at least those blocks of it) shortern and play styles change to fit in around the new old players.

Stuff that can't be accomplished in a couple of hours is content of not much entertainment to such people.

If someone that is actually a major in sociology can step up and explain the process better, please do. But there us definately an air of CCP moving onto new ideas before polishing up existing ones having a negative affect on play.

/me runs off to pick up poop and take the planetary interaction wagon over to the repair shop, then pay down some taxes

Abelard Nightbringer
New Foundation
Posted - 2011.07.14 12:32:00 - [42]

So many of the people whining and complaining are only doing so because they really cant comprehend another option. EVE is exactly what you make of it, and it cant really be simplified too much more.

So lets start to list "problems"

1. If you find some stupidly easy way to finance billions in income with incredibly relative ease, and then overexpand yourself by having 4 alt accounts... Dont complain when it goes away. It obviously isnt meant to be that easy. Easy mode has elfs and orcs, go there. you never should have had it in the first place, and making your stupidly easy PLEX funding harder is how it should have been from the start. you were just lucky. till now. Its obvious it was broken if you so easily had 4 accounts running off of it. HTFU

\\^^^THIS ecompasses SO many things people complain about for the longest time, its absurd//

2. "Too little new content" - Are you serious, have you done ANY part of the game that already exists? Its nearly impossible for someone to NOT realize how expansive this game is to begin with. Ive done stupidly large amounts of it.

-CEO of a corp
-spent 3 solid months in a wormhole, mined, gas harvested, ran anoms, jacked radar/mag sites, pew'd
-spent 3,4 solid months scanning highsec, making untold billions, all race-regions, categorized, documented everything and turned it into an artform.
-did 2 factions of COSMOS missions, working on more
-SoE arc twice
-spent countless hours helping noobs lrn2EVE in help channel.
-got muted for arguing FOR CCP's side.
-brought gallente faction standing from -8.4 to 0.91, now all empire faction positive.
-TRAVELLED, took screenshots of nifty stuff (but yea, this got broken when they did a copy/paste of all the "special sites" a patch or two back. went from what, 46 to 600. pointless now :-/
-I produce all t1 ships shuttle-battleship, only reason i dont do t2 is that entirely SOLO, i dont have enough resources to keep a good "stock". but hey, i invent stuff anyway.
played thru to level 4 missions in 3 factions, too lazy to do a L4 epic arc tho...
-Spent about 2 months in FW, lost a full set of +5s afk in a hauler lol.
-been in Bruce,Sylph(LOL),BDeal, -retracted-, POS bashed, Popped sov structures, ratted for hours, roamed, camped,
-ninja salvaged just to be stupid
-helped 4 random people get out of a wormhole alive
-got out of a wormhole alive after 34 days.
-filled up the 1000 character limit for contract blocks
-Ganked a mackinaw during the last Hulkageddon
-killed the same guy TWICE in 90 minutes using a t1 frig, who was baitcanning a noob system in a destroyer
-accidentally put a 55,000,000 bounty on a guy who was only in game for 2 weeks.
-went cloaked in a raven at 14.4 m/s for 46 minutes to evade a 8 man lowsec gatecamp.
-made it thru a 15 man triple dictor quad bubble gatecamp in a MWD falcon, only to warp wrong and die at the next gate.
-horded 4000+ unique item collection
-fly all ships sub-cap, all race (minus 3-race t2 industrials/freighter, hulk in 8 days) \

tl;dr STOP complaining about life. DO something. Noone forces you to sit out in your carebear nullsec region where u feel useless. HTFU. again, Easy mode is over there---->

3. "I hate EVE, i quit, CCP is ruining my game" -

Then stop posting on the forums for the next 3 months, noone cares. oh wait, u didnt unsub. and its not your game, never was. CCP isnt a democracy, things WILL change, and if you arent smart enough to understand why they do the things they do, then dont even get involved.

4. "no really, im mad, and im quitting"

-We STILL dont care, nor admire you for your weak-hearted attempt to gain attention.

so much more i can type about, but i ran out of letters.

/ok, i guess ill get back to work now, maybe ill post more again later.

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