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White Noise.
Posted - 2011.07.16 23:05:00 - [181]

Lots of relevant topics, but all it seems is that CCP want to milk this game as much as possible, and thats their main point. What they can get away with.

If what you say is true, please do rebalance and fix current bugs, and change some game mechanics that make things more enjoyable for all.

Under the banner of 'MOAR FLYING IN SPACE STUFFS PLEASE' I'd love to see faction battlecruisers. Its wrong that sansha BC's are just beefier phantasms, and the same with all other races, and it is a real, touchable seeable feature that does something. And hurricane/harbinger navy issue isnt too much to ask for is it.

Also CCP, the T3 cruiser problem is ******edly out of balance. You have an entire class of ships for doing PvE, marauders... and not many people use them. Why?! because you made this thing called a tengu that can do every single PVE complex you made, and its more agile and harder to catch than a golem. Oh and they can be flown with a handful of skills to boot. Now that's just silly.

Posted - 2011.07.17 16:32:00 - [182]

Originally by: dgastuffz
Edited by: dgastuffz on 12/07/2011 18:24:21
no low sec or Fw in the summit so useless Crying or Very sad ( for me )
all i see addresd is stuff the csm are intersted in nothing else

Yes the useless monkeys in CSM are useless. Nothing new. I mean, i should be happy for wh being mentioned atleast i guess. After all it means they are aware wh exists, well not everyone apparently but anyway.

Oh well, what is there to do. Either play the game the way they want, wich is 0.0. Or dont play the game. We wont see any meaningful improvements to lowsec, WH or FW in a very very long time no matter how much we ask for it.

Oh btw, CSM: you suck donkeyballs.

Alu Utukku
Posted - 2011.07.17 16:35:00 - [183]

CSM 6 - Collaborators, stooges, and willfully ignorant since campaigning began.

You don't have any clue how wormholes work? The expansion is only 2 years old after all.

Gee, the NEX/Aur debacle was laid out before us but it just took so long to write up the minutes for the May meeting that it just didn't make it out before the release of Incarna. Yeah, and I have an unknown section of Jovian space to put up in a trade window, cheap.

Screw your 1-4 ABC's? Gee Mitts, do you even play the game anymore or is it just a reason to name a skype channel with an Eve sounding name?

Asuri Kinnes
Adhocracy Incorporated
Posted - 2011.07.17 21:45:00 - [184]

You know, I am not entirely surprised that the 0.0 CSM members didn't know how wormholes work. I honestly expect the data from CCP to show that miners in WH's aren't *NEARLY* as busy as Bots in 0.0. And that is *not* a "slam" at 0.0, just a statement of fact. LET someone try and bot in WH's...


Because you can't NAP 5 systems deep in any direction, you can't Cyno in reinforcements and you can't hide behind a blue list.

Someone sees you mining and wants you? Your had. I honestly expect the data from CCP to show that whatever minerals *are* being moved out of WH's - isn't a significant fraction of the minerals on the market.

I *do* have to admit, I'm a bit surprised that they didn't know that WH's were 0.0 space.

Vjorn Angannon
Fleet Escort Services
Posted - 2011.07.18 23:24:00 - [185]

for those who may not have seen it, here is a good discussion about 0.0 and w-space

Ignorance is Bliss, A 0.0 Wormhole Comparison

Cassidy Usaro
Posted - 2011.07.21 06:23:00 - [186]


The USL would be capable of allowing end users to buy items from the Eve market without logging in, and a variety of other similar things. If all goes well, CCP hopes to be able deploy the USL soon.

the second CCP allows to interact with the game from outside a game client beyond pure information i will cancel all my accounts. I wont play
player versus script

Lady Hanguko
House of El
Posted - 2011.07.23 08:18:00 - [187]

Hello Folks, fellow capsuleers and CCP !
I read the article, and it was interesting for most part.
Im generaly pleased with EVE, and wouldnt be playing if i wasnt. Two things, however. 0sec, well, i lived there, for a short time, and i didnt like it. There is no room in all that space, for those of us, who are not a Big alliance push over. I dont know how to fix this, but mearly making 0sec dwellers reacher, will not make 0 sec more appealing. As of now, casual players such as me, have only one real benefit of going there, it is to satisfy curiosity. Thats about it. ( U ppl who would say this entire point is fail, couse i make no mention of PVP, yes 0 sec PvP is not something u can do in H-sec & low sec. However, for a casual player, low sec PvP is satisfying enougth, and for the most part, having less strings attached to low sec, low sec PvP is more appealing, to us, the casual player )
Secound thing, is PvE. Not much in that article about PvE. PvE could use some attantion. Missioning is not overly fun, and feels repetative. Archeology and Exploration is flawed so much, and is so boring, that its incredibly boring. Basicly, EvE could use more life in PvE aspect of the game, in missioning ( to make it more engaging)in archeology ( to make it , well into anything lol ) and just in life it self, for while EVE is huge, most of it feel dead and repetative ( as far as enviroment goes that is), another example on that point is, that say flying 20 jumps from point A to point B, as u fly it doesnt feel like something is changing, only the name of ur carrent place and sec numb, otherwise u migth have as well never moved from point A at all. No sence of wonder as u explore the HUGE plain of eve.
Those are the 2 things i wanted to mention. Ship balance, i dont know, feels ok with me for most part. CGM had a point on one thing those, Cover Ops frig, is incredibly useless ship on many levels, and boring. Its only real value is scouting, but, the ship doesnt feel essential or cool to fly....
Anyway, Cheers !

Louis deGuerre
Posted - 2011.07.23 22:12:00 - [188]

Well that was a long read. Nice work on writing it, that must have taken some time.

I'm not super pleased with what I read as most of the interesting stuff (to me) is 'Soon™' or 'Probably Never', or still supervague like the plans for local.

"and there will be new planetary surface command centers (distinct from PI) that players can build and destroy. These installations will produce some as-yet-undetermined materials that will feed into the EVE economy."

So PI will be distinct from DUST ? That's pretty bizarre.

The idea that the PI team is developing the EVE-DUST connection does not exactly inspire confidence as that was (and is) a MAJOR disappointment compared to original plans revealed at fanfest ages ago.

It really comes over that you develop a feature first and then try to forcibly insert it into the game. PI certainly feels like that too.

The anom nerf is still one of the silliest things CCP has ever done. As long as resources are not dynamic, the big boyz will just take over all the best space and 0.0 will be static once again. So you'll have the nerf it AGAIN later on to add fuel to the fires of conflict. That will go down well lol.

Faction war was not mentioned AT ALL.

Well, we'll see what we get this winter.

Ray Parez
Posted - 2011.08.01 22:50:00 - [189]

Originally by: Florestan Bronstein
Originally by: CCP Soundwave
It's actually the other way around. We've been heavily borrowing resources from projects like WoD for EVE.

Which were paid for by EVE in the first place?

Obviously. There isn't a single company in the world, from a coffee shop in small town USA, to mega corporations that have hundreds of billions of dollar in revenue, that doesn't fund new projects from its old ones. Without EVE, CCP would not be a very successful company, would it?

Bancor Mercantile Franchise Incorporated
Posted - 2011.08.11 20:25:00 - [190]

When sony owns this sellout punk you'll be at your local electronic's store buying a PS4 to play it! Better yet the dollar will be put in your rearview and you'll be looking for bread and your lost bottle!

The Babylon5 Consortuim
Posted - 2011.08.14 17:08:00 - [191]

Dust interaction - more detail and economic importance for planetary interaction still needed. Why should I attack a planet on the ground? Why invest lots of cash in it? Planets should promote trade, and trade should promote piracy, and piracy should promote war. Instead the current PI has made things more self-reliant.

Good point on too few career paths actually being profitable...

PS I want longer ship names! Why cant I call my ship Inconsequential Firepower?

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