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Merasa Tro
Posted - 2011.07.12 10:51:00 - [1]

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Just an FYI and another VERY good reason to use smcFan control...And to hope that CCP do release the incarna 1.0.2 patch with its fixes to CPU/GPU very load soon!

Now, I already use smcFan control, but I turn it on and off when running Eve so that I can enjoy the silence of the iMac when I can.

However, I forgot to turn it on when running EvE last night. Now, this was a single client, docked in station, with CQ turned off. Eve, VMware, safari were running, CPU even with those barely moves, memory has plenty free. So..IMHO not a huge load. And its an i7 27inch iMac, so its not old or sluggish either.

After a quick afk bio-break, (and I know it was quick...As the screen burn in told me so). I returned, logged out of Eve, and saw a ghost image of the eve client, i could read the system I had been docked in. The list in local etc. Oh, crap!!! Rebooted, and while the machine is restarting, I can read the menu bar even when its not there. Time elapsed, 7minutes.

So in the 7minutes of being afk, the screen had managed to burn in the eve client and other MacOS items.
The following Apple note describes a fix. Which DOES work.
After doing some googling around, it appears the temperature can effect the response of LCD screens. I imagine that without the smcFan control, the screen/gpu temp had deep soaked the entire machine, and not just the local temp sensor. Which then caused the sluggish response of the pixels to revert to their default state.

Theres no arguement here, Apple clearly havent got the cooling right on the Alu iMacs (and possibly other machines). But, smcFan control does help. But then again, I wouldnt want a noisy machine either, I love that its dead silent the rest of the time.


This thread is older than 90 days and has been locked due to inactivity.


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